AZBON inconsistent and unfair !

Remembered a neighbor who had Krista M Sauter for a nurse , he had male surgery , no catheter , she pushed on his bladder , sat on his leg, forced an over sized catheter . he complained she went to his room after shut the door locked it , icu, he repeated did not want her for a nurse. Dr Daly said he may be impotent. her defense , no npa violation ! he was difficult from pacu aloc not speaking voided on self, Dr requested foley (no order?) and she had a ‘witness ‘ present . obvious at bon meeting they wanted to dismiss did everything to speak positive . talked of her work reviews. . then queer randy motion to dismiss evidence (even though another sx was needed) not strong , no witness, for him and anesthesia was on board. ”

How stupid quinn, measure the evidence , like he knows anything about real evidence , all bon members know they can screw a nurse over with hearsay .

oh and u of a still kept her on staff,and ‘they did their own investigation” since when does the BON allow the hospital investigation to be any evidence at all ?? (oh yes, just when the hospital is retaliating against the nurse that’s when !!

Randy Quinn sited at an anesthesia gathering .

“appeared to be staggering ! Those who attended and really hate that “know it all blabber mouth”. yes on 3/15 a meeting of the protected nurses in az , had a gathering . If they weren’t swapping wives they were flirting with the new hires who haven’t a clue ! yup these terminal virgins , didn’t get to shop around, ‘try on the shoe ‘ see if it’s a fit before taking that vow, so now in their mid life they want what they missed out on. Twisting truth and interpretation to say , as long as both are married it ‘s ok . The woman are not satisfied so they go along with it , unknowing that mormon males are the absolute worst in bed . Just a quicky to get themselves off and hopefully the sperm will get the female pregnant , that is their purpose. Of course those ‘special underwear’ is like wearing a condom . quinn only has anyone talking to him , just in case the others have a license complaint . A lip reader could see quinn mouthing, yea my wife is a nurse too but she’s just a floor nurse , banner put her in er and she’s struggling , I try to help her when things get over her head .

AZBON thinks they are protecting nurses personal business by having a ATD program .

Nothing can be further from the truth ! Jokey Ridenour and her minions who are dumb enough to go along with her childish ploys are just as bad. Shame on all of them.

Which one wants to be singled out and treated the same way . Which one ? will it be YOU ? Does your husband know the games your playing with the little immature girly playground games. Never grew up . Joke Ridenour’s mother must have been one mean wicked nasty bitch .

Amazing how insecure Joke Ridenour is !

First she miss manages an agency, she makes many mistakes , refuses to be honest and admit her mistakes . Then goes to great lengths to spread lies and rumors to get others against the victimized nurses . This only proves that JOKE ELIZABETH RIDENOUR is not mature enough to handle any office or herself. Jokey is OUT OF CONTROL . Crazy to the max. Jokey’s ‘get even” is really lunatic . She already did enough . Innocent people do not go public telling their side , they do not stop until justice is served .

Imagine . Ducey, Mark Kelly , K. Mayes, going to the lengths to ‘get even’ with those who have been wronged by him or her and let him know what an A HOLE he is . . NO they take a dir position and know they aren’t going to be liked by all . But immature , persecution complex , is creating an enviroment that is hostile. She is so worried that she will get booted off her thrown . She got emma mamaluy lying through her teeth .

Operating the nursing agency like the mormon cult. Once you disagree with their believes you are trampled by all. IT is illegal , and lots of proof she is doing this . And those who chime in, YOU are just as guilty . What kind of a slum nursing board agency . Jokey you are leaving a loser a big loser face it you got caught . !

Kathryn Busby lawyer misfit

Busby was on the AZ BON for 8 years ALL 8 yrs after being cited by the AZ BAR ! A nurse cannot be on the BON if they have sanctions but a lawyer can (and one w/o a nursing degree of any kind) . yea yea public member but she is obviously not credible . A payback . The kind Jokey Ridenour loves.

This is also the misfit selina bliss is a puppet for .

Was a ethics evaluation done on busby? uh no , but they order them on others . Added bonus who can find the # of dui’s too.

Attorney Kathryn Busby of Phoenix; ethical misfit

The state of Arizona provided Kathryn L. Busby with a law license in 1982 after she graduated from Arizona State University Law School.

The Arizona State Bar found Kathy guilty of the following misconduct.

In one matter, Kathy became a frequent customer of a Phoenix restaurant and later socialized with the owner and then provided him with legal and business advice. Shortly thereafter, Kathy filed a dissolution action on behalf of the owner and when he remarried; his new wife helped managing several restaurants.

Kathy received a 1% ownership interest in the restaurants as payment for her legal work. However, she failed to make the client aware of any of the legal ramifications of a business transaction with a client. The terms of the business transaction were also not fully disclosed in writing as required by the Ethics Rules, a fact well known to Kathy.

Several years later, Kathy drafted a will for the restaurant owner and his wife, but failed to failed to obtain their informed consent in writing for the joint representation.

As a consequence of her misconduct, the cheerleaders of Attorney Misfits sitting on the Arizona Supreme Court punished Kathy by gifting her with a complimentary admonition.

As we speak (ca. July 2015), Kathy practices at 2601 East Edgemont in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Listed is the most money hungry greedy group in the state of AZ.

A panel for how money is spent , we’re talking 75 million. WTH is JOKEY doing on this panel ? ruins everything she is in charge of ! And McCormies , we’ll $$$$$$ , is her thing. get as much $$$$$$$$$$$$$for the school she is at BYU bring em young ! And another board member that ducey snuck in Schultz and hard core mama. Then look at the titles of the ‘selected’ hospitals and schools. Like WTF is a NP exe . STFU ! , stop with the titles , all morons who don’t want to ever go in a patients room . Thanks for the list , wouldn’t trust one of them. Oh and pretty man is not a typo. You heard of Save the schools, well in AZ we need —————– Save the patients ! !!!

Heidi SanbornArizona Nurses Association
Vicki BuchdaArizona Hospital Association
Jeff BarrettArizona Health Care Association (LTC)
Tomi St. MarsAHCCCS – DHS
Britteny KaufmannHealth System Alliance of Arizona
Joey RidenourArizona State Board of Nursing
Carolyn McCormiesArizona State Board of Nursing
Kathy Kenny (ASU)Arizona Nursing Deans and Directors
Margi Schultz (Maricopa CC)Arizona Nursing Deans and Directors
Julie Bowman (Abrazo)Nurse Practice Executives/CNEs
Robin Shepard (Dignity)Nurse Practice Executives/CNEs
Nancy Zismann (Banner)Nurse Practice Executives/CNEs
Rhonda Thompson (Phx Childrens)Nurse Practice Executives/CNEs
TBDGovernor’s Office Liaison (Health Policy Advisor for the Governor)
Allen Prettyman (UA)Advanced Practice Nursing
Biji AnilkumarPreceptor and Practicing RN

Where is miss incompetent now

posting for another former nurse , still scratching their head how messed up az bd is . this man edward ray quarles had a situation, with a girl friend years later him and his room mate threw punches. An atty said you will lost your license, go work . He did for 3-4 years , contacted another nurse ‘does the bon lose the paper work’ . ? (no , they are just UNORGANIZED and are not interested in protect public they were just focusing on others. His investigator Kathleen Harrington, looks like she cut lose too . Edward actually wanted out of nursing, so ,much petty bs, went to truck drivers school and finally called them . With others they attack fast and swift like a snake tongue in and out. This is Eliz Campbell’s idea of surprise attack . Did it to a RN from VA , she better get on those knees and hope the hell confession will allow her in . shameful bitch that she is . Campbell wants to be at the bon , and not have to do anything , just spread rumors with the immature girls . Really SUCKING UP MAJOR , big time. Shows you how insecure and stupid she is , she can fool the ones at the bon the medical board thru her butt out . (oh and she wants EM job ) . don’t tell anyone , only Carrie knows.


Between JANAE SHAMP, EVA BURTON, SELINA BLISS , the puppets of Jokey Ridenour, they will dance to her tune, do what she wants , Jokey pulls the strings with emma mamaluy whispering in her ear what to tell the ‘puppets’ to do . At the Capitol, they do what ever KATHY BUSBY tells them to do . They will even go and tell their chair the message Busby told them to say. Sheep. Baaaaaa . OBEDIENT , they know the Kartel Kreeps Keeper king pin Jokey Ridenour , will get the green stuff rolling their way . Go ahead puppets , do what a good nurse would say is UNTHINKABLE! They know how many nurses were treated so badly by a corrupt board , they know and did nothing then for real nurses.

Turncoats R US , part of the clique who will go against another nurse . Whores of the board of nursing . Soul sellers . No moral compass , NONE of them . Dirt bag politicians . The only ones they can be with are those with like minds in azna . Beware REAL nurses, those who Jokey congratulates on sponsoring a bill in the AZ Nurse magazine , is a dirty nurse . Oh yes, in JOKE’s eyes , ‘if your a good girl , you’ll get a cookie ” good girls do what the DICtator wants from you , she knows how to play dirty politics ,Busby too .


The assignments -staff travel- what you have to know the testing every time, the disrespect then this is what is handed to the nurses !

just did my interview for the 2 units. I was told ratios of 1:5-7 depending on day and nights and you titrate drips including nitro, labetolol, cardizem, and insulin, amino running .

And it’s team nursing with up to 9?

Such high acuity on regular med surg floors !

Getting out big mistake getting into this circus . A death trap for patients and a prison sentence awaits any nurse who mess’s up . And the board of nursing is protecting crna’s , who have ONE patient , professors who have NONE, nurses get hired at the bon to recommend harsh punishment for nurses . Every one of those who think they can judge others need to run the floors once a week . Jokey hasn’t been a nurse ever , dictator don , dir , and hasn’t a clue wth to do relies on staff , that are incompetent .

Union hospital’s rock !