15 year old in nursing school .

Sounds like her father was behind this , let her do thyroid scan on patient when she was 7 , so sad , like kids want to do this .

Abc called BON and they said she can work at 15 . Guess if she messes up with medications or other wise , she will be tried as an adult.

The worst part is Ducey giving Edson College money for grants and they use it on a OUT OF STATE Minor . They only want high grades so they will pass in a 12 month program. Pass the test. and show them how they can do it. Anyone who is a nurse for any length of time knows it takes a LONG time to put it all together . Pick up on things , because you have experience.

How many AZ residents got turned down so this adolescent can take nursing in AZ . And is she going to stay ?? Most likely not. IF she was smart. But then is she was smart she would not get into something like nursing ! not in today’s mess they call ‘professional” nursing . Just dump on the nurse !

Most nurses would never recommend nursing to anyone they care about. Shameful that the grant money , millions given to ONE College was wasted , as far as helping the shortage of nurses. SAD !


DANG !! Got rid of this smelly rotten to the core dirty bitch , now she is on the agenda for 9/ 22 9/ 23 , but only two cases . (certainly she cannot with a straight face even for one minute hand this mess off to another atty !!! )

Yes many victim nurses of this incompetent , legal night mare , are jumping for joy to get rid of the bitch. Check out the discussion pending at the bd meeting to replace her. You could get any sociopath , grab someone from a prison, a dirty player , who knows how to play turn the tables it takes a real con. ! And if anyone at the BON says they are sorry to see her go they are lying or are so stupid they haven’t a clue what’s going on and are so two faced they can lie and not crack a smile.

Think Greg Harris will hire her at Beus . ? funny to see BETHY CAMPBELL turned down for volunteer work ! she did not do her job she disgraced the legal profession and the nursing profession. A real doggy style that one is for sure , whored herself out.

Next AG would be very smart to give her the boot as the first thing they do in office . We know of many nurses who won’t have any pity for this silly looking shanky one !


Sucui, (pronounced SUCKY ) filed a completely falsified complaint . Failed to check out what he was suppose to submit for the almighty buck . Failed to search at all to see if he was filing a true and accurate statement . He knows what he did , and made no attempt to withdraw his false accusation . Legal malpractice , nothing happens. IF a nurse did this what would happen . ? Well we know for sure . Of course being on governor committee the AZ BAR (who is not a state agency , does not follow fair and impartial decisions, but appears to base ‘decisions on who it is about “. The BAR is not the final decider , Sucui will answer some day for his unethical , unprofessional ways. I hope he spent the almighty buck wisely , and it was worth it . I’d be available to discuss with anyone . My advise , he cannot be trusted and couldn’t go much lower. I’ve met some real dirt bags as atty’s and some that have respect for the law and have some integrity and won’t do what Sucui did . Always pronounced by me as SUCKY . TO be clear he was ‘hired ‘ by YRMC ! of Yuma.Southern Cali knows what ‘s up , someone does . Maybe one of those farmers from Winter Haven . rating is 1 star lowest you can get. Legal Aide had the scoop on this office as well. The old birds of a feather routine.

Better be careful cause drinking away your problems can lead to W E , wenicke’s . A recent atty in her 50s , wears diapers , lost her license, and can’t remember sh*t . One can only hope the Korsakoff syn kick in as well . You can room together with Phillip Lett , and change each others diapers . You won’t even remember a urinal . Who’s going to be your caretaker ? Hope you saved some of that whore money , you two boys , cause ain’t no relative going pay the price for your mistakes. Maybe they will allow co ed rooms and Emma Mamaluy and Elizabeth Campbell can share , a 4 some. Good luck getting them to do any care taking . All they know is the TAKING part.

Reflecting back on dirty deeds when your old and things catching up with you. Good Times . !


Here’s a ‘case’ , funny that the ‘prosecutor ” put his name but Markie Brno never puts on news release ,”nurse prosecuted by Elizabeth A Campbell “. Careful nurses who think records are expunged. and mark ‘no’ . Maybe on job applications but this Corrupt Nursing agency does not think ANY one can change, or that any amount of time will make a difference . They have a black or white mind set and no in between . You could be spending 1/1/2 years in prison in AZ. So the investors in private prisoners can make money off you. With the AG help . The funniest part of the whole thing is to think their is an ‘integrity unit ‘ at the AG office !

FLORENCE – Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced that Roberto Garcia of San Tan Valley, age 35, was sentenced on September 12 by a Pinal County Superior Court judge to 1.5 years in the Arizona Department of Corrections for illegally casting a vote in the 2020 General Election while he was not eligible to do so. Garcia had entered a guilty plea in July to one felony count of Illegal Voting, after being indicted in March of 2022.

The indictment alleged that Garcia falsely completed a voter registration form indicating that he had not been convicted of a felony or that his rights had been restored. Garcia, however, had previously been convicted of two felony offenses and had not had his rights restored since his second conviction in 2006. As a part of his guilty plea, Garcia admitted that he knew he was not entitled to vote when he cast his ballot on November 3, 2020.

Garcia’s ineligibility was unknown to Pinal County Election Officials at the time the defendant registered in January of 2020, and his vote was counted in the 2020 General Election. At the time of sentencing, Judge Holmberg entered an order cancelling Garcia’s voter registration. Garcia will be eligible to register to vote again only after applying for rights restoration after his sentence is complete.

Garcia is currently serving a sentence for an unrelated matter in the Arizona Department of Corrections and the 1.5 years sentence imposed this week will be served concurrently with his other prison sentence.

Assistant Attorney General Todd Lawson prosecuted the case.

“BETH” Campbell cloned herself

Talk about petty prosecutors ! DANA NESSEL, MI. Attacking nurses , an lpn . As if enough nurses aren’t dumping a sucky profession that is getting worse by the day . Now that Nessel and Campbell are older now, they still have that tatte tale mentality . Let’s lock this one up in prison , charge her with a felony and ‘celebrate’. Nessel acts like AZ BON and the Dir there , some real sick cows out there need to be put to pasture. ! Admit and report and the outcome is the same , no one who is on the punishment side has any brains to think for a minute this is wrong so this is what you get .

LANSING – A nurse has been charged with causing serious physical and mental harm to a vulnerable adult, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced today.

Beverly Ann Bratcher, 56, of Newaygo was charged in the 61st District Court in Kent County, with one count of second degree vulnerable adult abuse, a four-year felony.

The Department of Attorney General alleges that in December 2020, Bratcher was performing her duties as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans and became aware that two incorrect medication doses were administered to a member of the home.  Bratcher had a duty to report the error to a supervisor or physician in a timely manner but failed to do so.   

“Caring for vulnerable adults is a significant responsibility that requires special care,” said Nessel.  “Failure to fulfill that responsibility can have dire and even criminal consequences and my department will not hesitate to act.”

Bratcher is scheduled to be arraigned via Zoom on September 14.

The Attorney General’s Health Care Fraud Division (HCFD) handled this case for the Department.  The HCFD is the federally certified Medicaid Fraud Control Unit for Michigan and it receives 75% of its funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under a grant award totaling $4,846,440 for the fiscal year 2022. The remaining 25% percent, totaling $1,615,478, is funded by the State of Michigan. (BANNER IN AZ DELIBERATELY DID UPCODING , BUT THEY WILL TURN A NURSE IN FOR MEDICAID FRAUD TOO. THE ONLY ‘FRAUDS’ ARE THE ONES WITH NURSING LICENSES PRETENDING THEY ARE ACTIVELY WORKING , BESIDES RUNNING THEIR MOUTHS ABOUT THEORIES.)

Office of admin law Phx CORRUPT !

Where OAH may be a court for minor disputes, HOA , etc it is not a place when peoples livelihood/reputation at stake. It’s guilty without the possibility of a defense. Yet the corrupt partner in crime (AZ BD OF NURSING AGENCY , will swear it is due process. ).

Lawyers need to step up to the plate and tell clients , you will not get a fair deal ! Board members know it . They are not worried that the nurse will get a different answer from this kangaroo court. They know it is a corrupted “set up . ” Like a poorly written play.

Judges who preside over cases at this sham court , are the lowest form of any kind of animal creature . SCUM of the earth . (that includes Elizabeth Campbell who’s husband. is an ALJ. different gov agency , but they know what side of their bread is buttered. HOW SAD !

Whore themselves out and say the nurse had a chance to ‘he heard” . But only the comments against the nurse are posted . That is where the BON corrupted lawyer comes in , wording the document then sends people to that when questioning. Why is this nurse saying these things. ? Because the nurse speaks the truth , something the ALJ’s have a real hard time with . ! If you have a case at OAH , contact writers of truth .

Ducey’s answer to nurse shortage

As if the Gov , hasn’t made a number of mistakes. !! He ignores the corrupt board of nursing and everything they do legal or not and now he gives on school millions to spit out new grads in 12 months bsn 15 month. NUTS !!!

PHOENIX — A 15-year-old California native is on track to become the youngest person to ever graduate with a nursing degree from Arizona State University.

Elliana Tenenbaum is enrolled in an accelerated program at ASU’s Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation.

“From a very young age, I’ve been very passionate about medicine and helping people,” she told KTAR News 92.3 FM.


Her dad is a general practitioner and introduced her to the medical field. Under his supervision, she was only 4 when she administered her first shot and 8 when she did her first thyroid ultrasound.


Tenenbaum took her first college class at 11 and did dual enrollment in high school. Last year, she met all the requirements to be admitted to Edson College and started taking nursing classes in May, which meant moving away from home in California.

“I really can’t say I’ve encountered any adversity,” she said. “Everyone has been super accepting of my age and just treats me like another member of the group.”

In addition to taking classes, Tenenbaum has begun clinicals at Justa Center and John C. Lincoln Memorial Hospital in Phoenix. She’s also enrolled in a driver’s education course and hopes to get her driver’s license once she turns 16 in November.


Erica Lee is a program director for Edson College and one of Tenenbaum’s professor. She described the teen as “a dedicated student.”

“As a student, I find her to be very engaged and very eager to learn,” she said. “She asks really thoughtful questions. She’s clearly very prepared and has done her homework.”

Lee added she has not seen Tenenbaum struggle to keep up with the workload that comes with the accelerated nursing program.

“It’s about a 15-month program to the BSN,” Lee said. “There are really short breaks in between semesters – sometimes just a few days. But I really see her holding up well.”


Tenenbaum will graduate in August. She’ll be 16 and plans to go for a master’s and a doctorate in nursing. She ultimately wants to be a family nurse practitioner and follow her dad’s footsteps.

“It’s definitely a factor that influenced my passion for helping others,” Tenenbaum said, speaking about the influence her dad had on her decision to pursue a career in nursing.

“I think growing up and seeing these interventions and taking time to talk with patients just helps them so much, and they come out of the office feeling so great,” she added. “It’s something that I wanted to do.”


So the AZ GOV gave these ‘friends of his” millions of your taxpayer dollars , to spit out nurses in 12 months time. A 15 yr old from California was accepted in the program. IS this California teeny bopper going to work in AZ to ease the shortage of nursing ? hardly .

Comment by experienced nurses on this matter. “

Aaaaand she won’t know how to start an IV or perform many of the hands on stuff an RN is supposed to be able to do.

THAT is what “new grad” RN’s from ASU are infamous for – being book smart with a fancy diploma and not much else (of course she’ll have ALL of her “CRT” credits up to date though).

I wouldn’t let this little child near me (or any of my loved ones) if I was “circling the drain” and “ready to walk towards the light” – regardless of whether or not her daddy let her do a lobotomy or open heart surgery at the age of 4 (under his supervision of course)….. SHEESH !!!” NOTE her father is a ‘practitioner who allowed her to do many things at age 4 . disgusting to say the least .


When my case comes up this is what it will be . Heard too much about this crazy agency. In the garden at the Capitol , all I hear is “when are we going to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS CORRUPT CRAZY NURSING BOARD ??”

It will be interesting , dealt with childish ‘girls’ call themselves women before. Lots of gossiping , back room talk , a normal director who was not ‘in ‘ on it would put an end to but she is right their with them . Dirty Director , using her political Bullshit . Any problems come up , she will blame shift and fire them as if she had no idea that this was going on and was appalled by it . It was the dirty dir who instigated it all and smiles approvingly to anyone who carries out her wicked deeds.

Doubt any of it ? Really Think Elizabeth “puke prosecutor” Campbell wanted to leave her easy job? Lose in Superior Ct , you’ll be replaced.

AZBN snoopdogs

That is the word for the ones who are spending their day looking to see what is posted . Basically it is the ‘relief society ‘ which is an organized gossip group of low IQ women to keep them busy . They all have SECRET names, sacred ordinances, SECRET hand shakes, SECRET costumes , and SECRET meetings . It pretty much is one big carnival show. By the cult of hatred , bigotry, patriarchal control.

When they are a marked member with an asterisk * it sticks until you die, for life, no due process, a sentence for life. Doesn’t this sound like the bd of nursing ? But only those who are not ‘connected’ . Make sure that you make the data bank, for life, scarred , affecting your entire career for life.