Stella Brin one kick *ss CNA

Working as a CNA for an agency, taking care of a stroke patient , she spent time with and always looking for things that would improve the quality of life. Stella suggested that he gargle , might be helpful, this was done with those who are licensed ok, the man got better and was able to speak better eat and enjoyed having her and looked forward to her visits. This man had a much younger wife who seemed jealous how much he liked Stella , who had her heart in it . He was improving and laughing with Stella thriving well, when the wife cut the contract .

The agency did not want to pay . Stella is smart she learned how to file on her own, and did CV 2011-05835 , AZ is connected judges are crooks , politicians with robes . Sad prosecutor Amy Friske , didn’t care if she did anything wrong or not . Neither did the AZ BON.

Stella a rare CNA who was only looking for things for the patient to do better under her care was a serious nurse’s aide and did her job well. AZ BON screwed her over , those who were in on it , do not deserve a CNA or any caregiver who gave it their all on the job . Stella a rare gem tried her hardest to make the corrupt nursing agency stop siding with the nursing agency (surely connected !) and do the right thing . She worked very hard to make them follow the law. So shameful that Joke Ridenour is allowed to keep doing this nasty work, this case is older but Stella Brin remembers it all too clearly , she is still who she is and Joke Ridenour and staff are who they are , and still doing their dirty work.

Oh yes I kept the records .

I remember the days well , when my career was stolen from me by a bad bon in AZ . Have a question for that dir of the nursing agency, who I wished the worst to for many years, I remember you well. Hope that you remember this is what you did to me .

My Constitutional Rights have been violated, and I was victimized.

I stepped on a Rat’s Nest, and discovered a Corrupted Judicial System in Phoenix, AZ.

I am writing to you . I need to know what to do.

My income is zero. I presently receive $16.00 per month in Food Stamps.

I am homeless, destitute, and 58 in years. 

My education consists of a GED, and though an American, my English is self taught.

(Someone presently still lets me use his address and phone for local calls only, until I rectify all this.)

I have been victimized and my rights violated. 

I am quite depressed at this entire situation. But, I should not be inconsequential…

I feel a need to expose, rectify, seek Remedy, and criminally prosecute.

I have Good Cause, and irrefutable evidence. Stella Brin .


This one really did her share of dirty work while at the az bon . Look at Amanda’s case and many more .

Trick ALERT : Nikki Austin pulled the ‘cherry pick ‘ statements , from those who were known liars , had records, and were in no way associated with a nursing matter . The so called ‘investigator’ , will take anything she can dig that is said, true or not against a nurse and have a chat with the psych (remember AZ uses their list of dirty docs to write up opinions to enable the corrupt board to vote for counseling ) . Basically it is those like NIKKI AUSTIN who steer the matter into something it is not. This is intentional act on her part . Taking statements from those who are just helping another drug addict friend . But the telling part is when it goes further this person’s name never shows up . Because NIKKI AUSTIN the liar , knows that they would be torn to shreds , but acts like they are credible .

All of this orchestrated by the head snake JOKE RIDENOUR .

Lying by omission NIKKI RAE AUSTIN is still LYING . LYING LOW LIFE who can’t keep a job , not by a any law firm with a good reputation !

JOKEY RIDENOUR will be next .

Northern Arizona Healthcare placed interim CEO Josh Tinkle on administrative leave weeks before he was scheduled to hand the reins over to the hospital’s permanent CEO, according to KAFF News.

The hospital told KAFF Mr. Tinkle was placed on leave amid a “personnel investigation.”

If anyone did a personnel investigation and see how she is running the noble profession of nursing to the ground !

Jokey Ridenour has a big title and has never lived up to it . She cannot run an agency like this without her corruption . Always looking for who she knows in certain areas and what ‘connections ‘ we have here and there .

Her biggest mistake is thinking she is not responsible for her employees . Blame shift.

JOKEY RIDENOUR will soon find out that people know way more about her and her operation and they will all be turn coats at once she won’t know what happened .

Can I get some help out there?

I’m in AZ and went out on leave in Feb 2020 due to a major bout of depression, anxiety, burnout and passively suicidal – and it was no problem with my licensure. I remember when I went in to my primary doc’s office to ask them to complete my FMLA paperwork, I broke down, and they had a sitter come stay in the room with me until a social worker could come in to assess me. The sitter was an LPN and I remember crying to her, scared that my situation was somehow going to affect my license – she provided some reassurance at that moment. But now that I look back on it in my own mind, I wonder what was I worried about? That my doctor would report me to the board for seeking the help I needed at the time hindsight tells me it was just an irrational fear I had amidst so much mental distress – but it felt like a real concern at the time.

Get all the help you need to be able to cope with what you’ve been through. Put you first. And P.S. IV ketamine treatments really made a huge difference for me personally. I have no idea what the board would have to say about that – I wasn’t working at the time when I went through the treatment – all I know is my psychiatrist recommended it, and it positively changed my trajectory very quickly. Hugs

Nurse steals DR RX pad

writes for 15,000 opiods . It is documented while in CANDO that she never notified any supervisor of the probation . The lying BON , said it is designed the nurse report to the mgr , the BON doesn’t. WTH? Oh what liars like the probation person does not get a signed cop of the mgr being AWARE ???? and don’t CANDO contact the supr and ask how it’s going , weekly reports ????

JOKEY lied on this one and also the bon biggest liar , Emma Mamaluy , she was following her probation nothing we could do . SUCH LIARS . When a report comes in a Dr furious she is using his DEA number RX pads , name , and the BON is flippant . !


Why is it when a CRNA goes before the AZ BON that Fountain is the ‘decider ” and judge and jury . She’s not that smart , in fact by being on the BON she has shown how really dumb she is . Generally most people will learn , at least how to make a motion, like all you have to do is READ THE PAPER .

A case before the AZ BON , they just turned it right over to Fountain, NOT ONE BD MEMBER asked any questions . Incompetents . Wait until your named as a bd in a suit , you’ll be relying on ANGELA FOUNTAIN so called expertise !??? We all know what a clown Randy Quinn is and showed his true self when on the BON. He will only impress those too stupid to think or see what he was really doing !

It was not that long ago no CRNA ‘s were on the bon , and is no improvement. IT was the political bishoprick BEUS jerk who got it passed to Quinn could be on the bon.

Not to mention , the NP the RN ‘s The LPN ‘s all have input from all the BON , but when it comes to CRNA ‘ s let the ms incompetent decide for the group. No questions asked . shameful how this bon operates. If a student were there for the first them they wouldn’t have a clue what was going on , just like Fountain.

Pretty much sums it up how mgt really does things .

All the best DONs quit or retired during the pandemic.. Now from what Ive seen , they’ve all been replaced by these young ambitious kids fresh out of graduate school whose rarely have relevant experience. Coorporate loves these new generation of DONs because they will happily act as a puppet for the Finance Department and are too inexperienced in how to actually run a hospital to know that they’re allowed to push back on Corporate for the benefit of the patients and staff aka the long term benefit of the hospital itself and the community it serves. These days, Short Term Profits and minimal corporate legal exposure are the only two guidelines. Don’t train the staff, just have them sign reem’s of attestations and waivers. Don’t discipline or dismiss bad staff when you can just lean on your good staff until they’re so worn out they make a mistake you can fire them for. Never cap a census while you still can bribe trick or force your staff into working longer hours.

Bend the knee to corporate until the knee in your scrubs is worn through even when they dictate you put staff and patients into harm’s way, even when they tell you to do something you know is illegal, make those young greedy new grads chase their dream salary while the community at large picks up the bill for it.


A BON meeting was attended by the class , they were told they had to ask questions or not be dismissed for lunch (over the top pompous *ss randy quinn . Who loved to get the girls jumping to his inflated command. Saying ‘ok we need one from every school up in these 4 chairs RIGHT NOW , MOVE IT ! And they would jump to their feet.

One asked the goon Quinn, How did you get picked for the bon ? with that mr thinks he is so great said “we descended from heaven “. And the stupid females on the bon laughed , giggled , like a bon meeting is a place for stupid humor, but Quinn most likely does believe this . Sick minded , brain washed by the cult he follows .

Then statements like “we try to help nurses ” NOW you know your dealing with an extremely inflated egotistical crazy person. and then “We want to help nurses- get safe” What a sick mother f’r , to think that he has any answers to anything and implying that they are not safe . He is a safety problem just in his thought process !

Then he goes on to tell them all to join azna ! ‘because they advocate for nurses” . wow this guy? is so delusional , You had to pull your pants up to your knees to wade out of their through the bull crap that was knee deep .

As if that doesn’t make you want to barf your cookies up , quinn the weirdest one , went on ‘ we do a fair investigation” . and always follow due process.

This lying , absolute POS is out there . Saying “most nurses agree with us”. Only if they are totally ignorant and believe nonsense because some lunatic said it !

The crap is waist deep now . Only someone who sits and listens to lies over the years can sit and take this in and not tell them they are so FOS, and get real . So much lying so much story telling , guess it comes natural to this brain washed stupid trash talker .

Nothing ‘normal ” about this type of behavior , NOTHING . They are used to lying to followers who don’t question . They have no business being on boards or judging others . They take their lead from Bishops who lie their hears off , distract from the real issues , and blame shift everything. It is a way of life , and females are looked at as second class citizens , homosexuals are excommunicated (and nurses that are homosexuals are revoked ) . Nothing bothers these kind , it is they way they were conditioned their entire life . They can shun, destroy , another human being without any remorse at all .

Too bad the students don’t see the big picture , that this is so odd and so not how a bon should be . Of course attending is suppose to start the ‘scare tactics”.

Advise to those students , do not go into nursing start another career field and if you think it won’t happen to you, move to another state , your chances are better .

You are not dumb not knowing the real truth behind the corrupt az bon, some of the bon members haven’t a clue what is really going on, but are voting ! scary !!