paul francis bushey alcoholic narcisstic blowhard . Biker gang leader drug using , gun toting liar. AKA lampshade (oh yea the ‘life’ of the party .

unemployed trouble maker (this describes him to a T) just add bully, gets others to fight for him , while he is playing ‘victim’.

If you turn the tables on a narcissist and start treating him the same way he treated you—like a snotty used tissue—he will panic. He could make it all go away in an instant by constructively resolving the conflict like an adult; i.e., by admitting his mistakes and making amends. This seems like “conceding defeat” to him, and in his NPD-riddled mind would make him into an utterly worthless human. Instead, he will become enraged to the point of incoherence and continue on his campaign of self-destruction, calling that “winning.”

The narcissist will immediately convene a meeting of all of his most loyal flying monkeys, detailing and embellishing the “abuse” you subjected him to, conveniently omitting what he did to cause you to behave this way. For example, he may have called you any number of slanderous names to place the fault on you for his own problems and behavior—such as “homewrecker,” “husband-snatcher,” and “whore”— but if you in return call him a “thief,” then YOU are an abuser! He will paint himself as a poor little lamb, picked out at random by an insane person (you) for torment. His loyal monkeys will up the ante trying to insult and intimidate you, making themselves look like the crazy ones for publicly bullying and shaming a fellow human who everyone else knows to be perfectly nice. The narcissist, meanwhile, will run and hide. He is too cowardly to personally face the person he intentionally hurt, and too embarrassed to interact with her now that she sees behind his mask.

Hopefully, this experience of actual pain and humiliation will ultimately lead the narcissist to seriously consider outcomes before intentionally destroying lives in the future. Narcissists’ personal interests are ALL that matter to them, so making it really hit home that abuse can backfire is our best chance of disabling these very sick predators.


Do not sign consent agreements, go to court !



ANYONE who signs a plea deal NOT ONLY signs away any claim of innocence BUT ALSO signs away his precious name and integrity.

Second, while a lot of persons would commend you charitable “forgiveness” of the person who ruined your life, I urge you to consider the following:

1. Jewish law, set down in Deuteronomy, clearly states that those who make false allegations must be punished here on Earth. Moreover, the punishment is clear: an eye for an eye, etc.

2. Jesus ALSO said to render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s and unto God what is God’s. This clearly indicates that while God’s law is supreme, we are also subject to the laws of the land. The person who made the false allegations against you is guilty of breaking the Sixth Commandment and will receive her rewards in due course. HOWEVER, she also broke the law of the land, and therefore she should be punished according to those laws.

3. It is immaterial WHY she did what she did, and it serves no purpose to excuse her actions in any way. BECAUSE, for all you know, she could have devastated other people’s lives also. And that is why we have laws and rules, here on Earth and in Heaven. This is NOT about revenge. It is about stopping this person, who is essentially a terrorist, from harming others.

Finally, I am so sorry that this happened to you.

Nurses who think it can’t happen to them

OR those who didn’t think it happen to others .

One thing I think we have to be aware of is a feeling that we somehow need to be quiet, that maybe we did something wrong or shameful. I have learned in the past few years to tell my story freely and if people say that can’t be true I say that’s just what I believed before it happened to me. If they persist I tell them it is that attitude that allows these boards to continue abusing innocent professionals who don’t get a jury, public defender or real judge to hear their case and even if they were judged innocent the board can ignore that ruling to continue their harassment. Someday someone will hear one of us…


Nikki Rae Austin’s “WITNESS”

Nikki Rae AUSTIN , spent so much time on a “matter ‘ that turned out to be nothing but , well BULLSHIT . Looks like the , faux investigator cost her a job too.  Investigator , well Shurlock Holmes she is not.

A nurse she has listed on her “witness ‘ list from the Yuma hell hole medical center , contained KELLY Marie ELY.   Ms ELY wrote a letter at Paul Bushey’s request. He went around to everyone in the housing units to ask them to write a letter to help him .  Remember this is employee housing, but Bushey never worked !   He was living off a woman .  And had lots of time of his hands .    Now , I got this handful of ‘letters ” supposedly written to benefit Bushey,  all handed in to the off site mgr who was selling drugs , her husband supplied her with .    The majority of the ‘writers ” I had not idea who  they were.     I looked up to see if Ely was a nurse or what .       More than  one of the liars and  nut jobs who wrote stuff , that was wild imagination to say the least.

Kelly wrote , that I was talking to her , (HMMM I do not remember this) so I looked her up , who is this person. I still have no clue .  She wrote that I was talked to her and that I kept ‘looking around her , and peering over her shoulder then saying “HERE THEY COME !! ” .  Wow.   Almost as weird as Ann Totsch lies she told the BON.    It was quit a story she made up , the date would have put me gone for over a month, and the story was to make someone look crazy or hallucinating.    Well , I found out what this ‘investigator FAILURE did not use KELLY ELY for a ‘witness” . She was on probation !   For stealing drugs ! Who was hallucinating !    good catch Nikki Austin, or did someone else have to tell you, ! we can’t use her . Austin, (witch hunter who will take anyone’s statement ) .  Ely stole morphine from County Hospital, and one other place, then Yuma the low life scum suckers they are , put her in OB !! When she failed to have someone watch her wastes !! Imagine that . Now remember Cindy Bushey worked OB, post partum and they kicked her out , told her she didnt know anything and ‘go work med surg “.   So did Ely and Cindy Bushey meet and decide to screw over another nurse?  That way Paul the trouble maker would not get kicked out and Cindy could some back . I mean what other hospital hires, and keeps incompetent and drugs users ?    Stay tuned for “THE WITNESS” list .



If you report an unsafe situation, they will turn on you. They have nothing to do with public safety. A nurse is part of the public being abused , they do not care they will put salt in the wound .

If you point out abuse you will be abused. If you don’t go along with the status quo you will be eliminated. There is always going to be some fool who will come along and say they are a ‘witness” > AKA LIARS. And  anything you tell them to ‘see” they can make a false report on. .  As long as there are those who will “step up” to take the abuse and insanity Nursing and the public will be at risk .  Nothing will change, those who sign lies to make the corrupt AZBON go away and settle. You give them a a “pass “.    Therefore the huge amount of of mistakes, and errors,  and no agency is really taking care of the  dangerous nurses, the impaired nurses , the unfocused . This harms the public , the patients.   Nursing  will continue down this path to destroy those who resist and abuse those who go along.   Those victims of the AZBON will be confused, they are taught to advocate for the  profession , when they do they get attacked with false complaints.   Those who love to do what the boss wants , lie for the boss. And how do these liars get rewarded ?  They get promotions, they move into virtual meeting goers, accomplishing nothing but a empty plate of cookies . Idea of the month club , meeting goers while heathcare is at an all time high for mistakes, fatal mistakes , infections, poor care by those who are suffering wondering how they can do it another day. No one backing them . No one, paid state agency with  level headed members who can put themselves in the nurses place , just blame , shame belittle .