Anyone catch this ‘so called ‘ speaker ? Wow , if this dude isn’t on some kind of speed or some kind of drug to make him talk like THAT !! No kidding this panty waist mouth went like a whippoorwill ‘s ass in a wind storm . ! Ever seen a whippoorwill ? Well as nurses you’ve seen asses pucker up diarrhea after a Go lytely empty gallon sitting there and then the music begins . Now you’ve seen diarrhea of the mouth . Well that ‘s Danee Garone . or Ja run ! And as expected Emma Mamaluy who is using this stupid lad, did an introduction about a lame as they come. Actually calling this idiot who doesn’t do his job an ‘expert ‘ . really don’t think anyone in the room got anything out of it , puzzled faces, trying to listen to what what said but many looks across the room of , “wtf is this guy on”. Oh yes everyone had the same look.

Now he can check off bon on his list, and bon can document ‘education’ but did it really happen ?? No one asked questions they were too busy thinking WTH was THAT ???? a presentation ?

BEST ADVISE : Garone , your career is closing in on you , get hooked up with a law firm that will not allow you to talk in any trial AT ALL , just type all day and learn how to do the job you were hired for and last of all avoid wicked ones like Emma Mamaluy she will blame shift on you and you will wonder yourself WTF happened. You can’t be surprised at this , as an atty you do know corruption and your not exempt . The latest poll by nurses contacting this office is 0- 83 (0 being ZERO HELP , or even calling back and 83 saying your worthless as an office.

If the AZ BON orders psychological evaluation

They say “board approved psychologist” . Now, how do you think they get approved ? Be aware that this evaluation is to build information AGAINST the nurse . They order them to make sure they are rock solid in ordering consent agreements that put the nurse on probation.

The investigator or the snake Emma Mamaluy will contact this psych and push , hint, add lies (the nurse is not on the phone line when all of this lying is going on , and they don’t do it in writing , hide the trickster work ) ; remind them of false allegations, dramatize it up , until they write can benefit from counseling , safe to practice but proceed with caution, to put you on probation . Don’t forget when you sign for psych evaluation “and any other testing the psych deems ” this is where they can order just about any test you can dream of at your expense. This is why Ms self proclaimed “ethics ” evaluator can order psych evals . Ms non ethics lives in Gilbert, is an atty with NO expertise in this area at all , Just friends of the board .

Black hearted cruel uncaring CAROLYN JO MCCORMIES

what a nasty creature ! One who loves to tell others what she is all about but her actions are just so telling of what a UNHUMAN , acts like.

Take the NP who’s 5 yrs old son died, listen to the case Sept 2nd one, we believe. He was sobbing telling how rude his nurse was how he wanted the medical team to look at his son, he had to notify the Dr himself. To lose a children a son a 5 yr old boy is devastation to any parent.

The BON IMMEDIATELY made motion to dismiss the unethical , uncaring , know it all who told the parent “you’re just a NP”. The son died this next morning . And to McCormies who kept saying , ” thank you for coming ” . (which means your leaving now we offer no more talk or explanation or why we come up with that gut punch decision . And McCormies the social misfit who has no common cutesy to a parent who lost their child to even say ‘sorry for your loss’ NOTHING . just get rid of him because you know that the hospital does not want to be on the hook for any malpractice . This shows you want absolute dumb asses are on the bon , they cannot speak without McCormies (the real misfit ) speaking for them . Just sit there like the dummies they are and allowing such rudeness to someone who had the biggest lose of their life taken from them , medical error . Betting the McCormies would have the same reaction if Chase’s son died , ‘thank you for coming ” . FUK you Carolyn you black hearted wicked evil monster > ! YOU embarrass good caring nurses everywhere . And NO YOU ARE NOT ONE . Your bs , ‘ty for coming’ after dismiss , COLD . Very cold bitch. No way the students haven’t picked up on miss fake really is !!

RANDY QUINN too stupid to be embarrassed About his “MOUTH ” UH !! So STRANGE !

Quinn has had a LOT of time to voice his opinion at the BON , MCCmormies will not tell a male STFU Quinn ! . Queen babbling at the BON for an employee of his he wants to get her working asap to start making off her work and more money for him . So laughable this clown , his own introduction . Telling a board that was at the meetings with him for years , Quinn says , ” i was president of this board for a number of years , (forgot to tell them what an ass you made out of yourself then , sneaking cases in, telling others what to think, judging nurses by his cult brain washing , playing favorite’s with mormon nurses, ordering all kinds of tests for pour nurses who until they met him thought a BON would be fair and professional. But goes after others with double punishment . Quinn speaks of himself as 10 ft tall and bull proof, when he is just a big mouth , with no common sense thought process at all. ! Getting one of his friends on the board of nursing agenda in a ‘confidential ‘ manner but others he runs his mouth about.

As is he isn’t a big enough joke around the board of nursing members and those who were being punished to silence them and help out a corrupt hospital system . Oh Queen is all for shutting women up . Sassy , mouthy , a real SOB . Very typical of someone who should never ever be allowed to judge anyone!

Then the moron puts in a ad for the anesthesia group he is in! No one asked about him , he is not credible at all so why is he allowed to speak to get a woman a license so she can work make money for him. Conflict ,biased, looks like Randy The Moron hasn’t changed a bit, but we knew he wouldn’t . Those brains are severly so brain washed , it would take years of shock treatment and probation , he does need to be watched, to wipe out the years of the cult control . It won’t happen he is too ‘far gone’.


It is very concerning and a slap in the face to nurses who have had their lives and careers , through no fault of their own, destroyed by the corrupt board of nursing . When a new person on the board announces ” I got a call during lunch they asked me how the BON meeting was going , I told them I am having FUN !!! !” What a sick sick woman this is . Nurses in the worst possible thing that has ever happened to them and you are having FUN!!!! .

This is weirdo , makes a comment , to steer others to order SKILLS EVALUATIONS . And guess who is in charge of that program ??? Shultz should never been allowed to be on a bon. We know that Ridenour wanted her , cause JOKEY RIDENOUR does not want ANYONE WHO SHE HASN”T DONE DIRTY WORK WITH ON THE BON .

Maybe Margie and Charles Hoover can have their FUN together . SHAME ON DUMB DUCEY for putting these biased crooks on a board that is worst than any other board.


This woman is as down right dirty as they come. ! Talks about herself how she can’t change her ‘voice’ . ANNOYING . When the case before mine came up , an atty asked for more than 5 mins because of two issues . McCORMIES lied AGAIN , telling him they give combined with atty and nurse 5 mins and WE DO THIS FOR EVERYONE TO BE FAIR ” LYING BITCH . many cases have gone 20 mins even 40 mins. This witch is NOT FAIR by any means. ! OH and and McCormies cleared her throat , sending signals , and distracting from the atty as he spoke. KINDNESS???? you MF, lying bitch, Rude , Obnoxious, down right nasty , cleared her throat over 9 times , and doesn’t have the manners to not do it IN THE MIC ! When something important to be said she mumbles and AVOIDS the MIC , but coughs into the mic what a F ing PIG !!!

Didn’t her parents teach her anything about manners ? She is doing this on purpose and should be off this board.

Wasn’t it RUDE when Shareeh comment denying Randy “a hole ” Quinn to speak again ! , this rude BITCH McCORMIES said she wanted to hear from him. Just ignore another board members comment . Of course Quinn and McCormies are long term ‘friends ” . SAD FOR NURSES IN ARIZONA !!!

Joke Ridenour Emma Mamaluy

So silly Jokey Ridenour cannot see the truth , she got an atty who is not bright at all giving her legal advise and now Ridenour is exposed ! Mamaluy who likes to keep any responsibility for anything quiet but can’t keep her mouth shut trying to convince the board members to do what she wants . Saying stupid things like ” I’m not giving OFFICIAL LEGAL ADVISE” LOL !!! <choking on coffee , huge belly laugh > I guess board meetings are unofficial . LOL . <more loud laughter on this one , !! > What a total WRECK SHE IS !!! And Ridenour saying “that was a BOARD DECISION” well both are FOS up to their eyebrows.

Jokey filing in superior court because the ALJ ruled against her , so she waddles over to superior court , filing with out permission by the board , no vote taken , and of course Jokey has NO OVER SIGHT !! Gives them the papers her and MAMALUY dictated to Smith , handed them over and said “do you know who my husband is , william ridenour ” (we know this pair as Bonnie and Clyde).

Hey JOKEY they just put a 80 year old women in Tucson in prison for 5 years. No Sono Bello , no botox, no body wraps, no facials, no face lifts , change your liquid foundation , cause what you paste on clashes with orange ., and those state credit cards , just leave them at home. MAYBE you can get your cell mate to get someone on the outside to do Greg Hand Chett , aka hand job, some street justice .


Randy went to the Az Bd of nursing meeting and bragged about the number of nurses , CRNA ‘s he has reported to the board of nursing.

UH !!! AND who would want to work with HIM??? CANNOT BE TRUSTED !!!

Just like facilities that are known for reporting nurses to the board of nursing, no one wants to touch that place with a 10 foot poll. Nurses need to avoid Randy Quinn , this is how he was raised , mormon’s are super tattle tails. It is in his nature , individuals like this think they look better if they can make you look bad. It is a sickness and warped mind . Think he’s your ‘friend ” they will drop a life time member of the terrible temples in a heart beat think he can turn on YOU ?????

Arizona Nursing Agency

What clowns they have , incompetent to the max. One can’t get to the meeting on time MANN, and one too lazy to show up at all Hill MEKOBA , another one is sitting in her underwear , Al – Hark . The rudest one is CArolyn MCCORMIES , who says “thank you for coming’ but only as a “Your leaving now” Nurses before the board, who participate have NO IDEA WHAT THE OUTCOME WAS . SHAME ON THEM ALL . They are nasty to nurses and disrespectful . Judging others but think no one is judging you ! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU , if you if you do not know that you are part of a scam being on the board of nursing by now you are as dumb as a box of rocks !