As if things do not get any weirder , she does things that make you want to say WTH was she thinking . Why ? case before the BD , they call a nurse, and no answer , tabled . She had called the BON office (who doesn’t know how to answer a phone). and left two voice messages. Well the taping said , call from some jail. and she wants to move case to next meeting. SO Trina Smith who is about as trust worthy as Hurtado , tells mambubble butt about it . She interrupts the Bd meeting all excited , surely was ‘wet ‘ down there over a nurse incarcerated and could not wait to spread the news. Told the Bd pres, with highly suggestive excite ability , do it .!… Do you want me to play what she says . ??? OF Course McCormies thinks she ‘s a cop and a lawyer, but once she opens her big mouth all doubt is erased . THEY PLAYED THE VM OUT LOUD IN A PUBLIC RECORDED MEETING . Oh yes , tape said ‘jail’ McCormies who likes to say the worst of anyone , “Is she is prison or jail”? Yea legal beagle all arrests are sentenced within days to prison . moron. Then Stupid McCormies says without knowing ANY FACTS , “she will be felony barred anyways”. yep that crystal ball in her pea brain working again , but she has to say it 3 times because other board members can’t ‘get it ‘ the first time!

Don’t leave a message on the bd’s phone because they will play it at a open meeting . BUT if your a patient , they will scream at the phone to give initials only , like it is some type of emergency , end of the world . SHAME ON MAMALUY and MCCORMIES , you are a disgrace to humanity . !


Just when you think that board members cannot do something so foolish, your doubt is soon erased. Take a case of a Nurse who is working as a supervisor. Admitted had a problem and is in the ATD program . A program that allows Nurses to get help , for addiction , privately. And not have probation plastered on the their names , for getting help. This Nurse asked for one day non supervised a Sunday. She works 3 on 4 on schedule. In a small behavioral setting . So because she is a Nurse Mgr working and has been doing this for 2 years with no issues. Like a nurse as a mgr cannot be one day unsupervised. So “BETH ” Boyer , suggested and asked this nurse mgr if she could ‘step down’ and take a position that is not in mgt . ! Change her daily activities and duties at work , add more stress. When what she is doing is working , but to ask other employees to work every Sunday is not right . No wonder employers do not want nurses on probation.

OK “Beth’ , so you want this person to take a different position, and change the schedule , while maintaining her numerous other obligations for this program ? How about you “Beth ” why don’t you take a bedside floor position , because you obviously need to brush up on your hands on skills and thought process . You really are struggling , trying to be on a BON , repeating what other morons say is not helping your case. You are just backing your sister wife McCormies. And when others point things out you just go along with who ever. You really stand for nothing and are hurting nurses who are not part of your background . mormon “faith” aka cult , dutiful dames. Your trying to get signed up again on the BON yet you are not operating and haven’t learned anything . One exception, is always denying withdraw application for licenses , ‘so we don’t lose the information”. Listen to what you are saying air head ! If a person wants to withdraw and not be licensed in AZ , it is none of AZ BON business what other states do ! And if they reapply in AZ at some point , the same back ground will be run . Keeping ‘information ‘ on the record is just STUPID , and your repeating STUPID Carolyn McCormies ! You obviously cannot think for yourself . If your not going to question and grow a back bone , stop destroying nurses lives and get out ! Have you even looked at what denying a license means and affects ??? You do not deserve to be on a BON, and we all know it was your republican husband Paul Boyer , who was reason you got on . And only reason is because do little Ducey is republican .

Arizona Board of Nursing

Is a joke ! If you haven’t attended one of the meeting , do so just to hear the fabrication of nonsense . Carolyn McCormies , those who know her call her McCORNEY , is such a fake ! Talking about how to improve meetings , shut her the heck up ! She went on and on about being kind , to everyone . Then repeats herself , over and over. No different words , just the same words kindness, be kind, show kindness , and more kindness. But she is one nasty bitch. Cuts people off, shows favoritism , treats others with disrespect . Got to be kind to one another. how kind are you McCormies taking away a nurses license , based on assumptions ? Then comes the ‘protect the public ” more nonsense . She usually says this after giving someone the ax . Horrible and sickening as they come. Very easy to read, go to a board meeting and you’ll hear , take your barf bag. One of the most rude old hoes on the board . Selling her soul for the board of nursing . Doing what ever the slimy atty tells her to do . Sit up Carolyn , roll over Carolyn, now bark , good girl . The real problem is the other board members follow suit . “beth” Boyer is such a follower, can’t think for herself but always ads after Carolyn babble “i agree” . A really dummy , and to think she is on an education committee . wow . Then Carolyn , says ‘not my area of expertise’ and guess what ! “Boyer ‘ the moron, “no my area of expertise”. Peat and repeat. Dumb and Dumber . No self thinkers .


Well finally , it is a done deal . ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL (BETH) is no longer a AAG with the BON . ! (HAPPY DANCE ) !! She has to keep moving, just take your reputation with you ! “bad beth” cause you have pulled some real down and dirty tactics ! Ruined so many lives, and lied to the Board of Nursing . Looks like someone put someone on you to watch and lots of mistakes. Good Riddance to bad rubbish . The trash seems to take it self out . !


This woman had the nerve to tell the office people with anyone who would listen “I’m not going anywhere “. Well Joke Ridenour you will be forced out, you have done a horrible job, stole money from the state by using funds to prosecute nurses who did not deserve any of your retaliation . Stop pretending you have friends in ‘high places” as you say . The AZ Gov down there , like K Robson better then you any day. And you think Robson is your friend ?? She’s only a fake friend of Williams who got on the regents . You are always looking for ‘who do we know at this office ? ‘ connections . Instead of doing an honest days work , you just like to use your position and taxpayers money to spend how ever you want. And when you think you might get caught , just ask the board members to vote on it so you can wipe your buggers on them when it comes down to who ‘s idea this was. And then you will say “the Gov appointed them” again shifting the blame , but it was YOU who recommended them to the GOV because you want to weed out anyone who is not shady , corrupt, can do the dirty dance with you . You have got to be surrounded by dirty politics . Which includes your AZNA down there , who along with you and the agency you are suppose to be running are making nurses the most UNTRUSTED profession in the entire nation. Especially in Arizona. Do hard working , good nurses, the ones who are caring , the opposite of you , a favor , get the Fk out ! Your way beyond just retiring and celebrating ‘service ” , your rotten and stinky as they come . Stop damaging those who have a heart and taking away their believe their are good people out there.


Nurses , if you have a board complaint and end up like most their license and livelihood being attacked . You can go to court. Forget everything you see on courts, law and order , none of the rules apply . It is a sham court . A kangaroo court . A Shame to Lady Justice . You will see some very odd behaviors going on . The prosecutor walks in it is like a reunion. Hugs and kisses from the secretary . The prosecutor and the ALJ catching up on family life, the transcriber treated so well , you almost wonder if she will make changes on the record for them . The nurse walks in and an atmosphere or being tolerated. We are not the only ones who get this is one big farce and slap in the face to anything that resembles due process , the reviews are below 1 if that’s possible . Just be prepared , get what you can on the record and make sure all exhibits are not left out (by mistake of course).

Some things that have not gone unnoticed.

Office of Admin law court . Phoenix

(this ‘sham court ” is located one floor below the BON meeting room . but is considered ‘a totally separate , independent , and cases are never discussed between the two ” . right .

The OAH appoints a ALJ to hear a matter , there is really no reason to hear a case because the verdict is in before opening statements.

Very odd set up , worse than Peary Mason ‘s last minute evidence .

1) the investigator for the matter AS A WITNESS is not only allowed to sit in the entire proceedings and listen to others testify , they can use that info they say to compliment the other . 

2) The ALJ has told the prosecutor how to rephrase her question. Coaching . But this doesn’t appear on the record.

3) The ALj will get bent out of shape if the nurse even begins to ask prying questions , of the witness . Or brings up their dirt .

4) If the nurse asks witnesses questions and the prosecutor doesn’t like it, she will moan , no objection, just moan , and the ALJ takes the cue.

5) If the prosecutor badgers the nurse the alj will completely ignore it , and allow many antics to go on in the court room.

6) The Nurse thinks that a hearing will be fair and non partial and has a chance , Nothing further from the truth.

7) The ALj has referred to the BON as “our client “. Both getting pay checks signed by st of Az .

8) . posted on their web site is 6 ethical standards, not one is ever followed.

9) If the BON is using a security guard in the court room the ALJ goes along with it and asks them his name so it will show up on the transcript to give the reader the appearance the nurse is ‘dangerous’.   Just using taxpayers money foolishly.

10) The prosecutor is very comfortable , not a lot of rules to follow and pretty much runs the court room. The ALJ acts a 2nd prosecutor . 

11) Any request by the nurse for 30 day extension is never agreed to by the prosecutor or ALJ if the nurse does not have an atty, sometimes they will if the nurse has an atty. The nurse is not important , and does not need more time to prepare for their case. You follow their schedule your not and equal litigant .

12) The prosecutor is never suppose to be seen talking to the ALJ alone so they go thru the BON dir , and associates to send messages to the Dir of the OAH. a back door approach to avoid being caught discussing the case with out the other party present .

13) If the nurse has an atty this drag it out with as much unrelated , nonsense as possible so you don’t have money for appeal

14) the ALJ does not make the final decision the BON (who are not in the court room in AZ) do . A BON that lies about even reading the transcript . All they look at is the final opinion , a fix that was in when the agency started .

15) The judge signs an opinion that the BON agency writes out , hand picking any statement out of context to make the nurse look bad . The corrupt BON agency knows this is what goes on the www for any one to read , and since a gov agency they believe all the lies . The public thinks a judge heard fairly each side and made a decision and signed it . No the ALJ is nothing but a prop in the hearing room , high paid and dirty . Holding a Star Chamber , where decisions are made in the back room first.

16) hearsay is allowed . so if one liar says so and so said this, it is in big quotes as if the person was right there and it is fact, but is not marked as hearsay . And should never be allowed , but this OAH is a sham court.

17)  The so called states witnesses do not have to show up in the court room.  Even when objected to by the nurse, the prosecutor protects them , so the ALJ allows them to answer over the phone.  you think the connection 2022 would be excellent but a lot of “didn’t hear that last part ” “repeat that ” stalling .  No other court would allow this . No video conference , telephone .

18) The law states that if a nurse wants a rehearing that they must go before the BON , request one . There are several things you can get a rehearing for. But it has never happened . Even with a really good reason , no one case has ever been reheard. Then on appeal they will make sure , BON voted to act on license , rehearing was requested and DENIED . It almost looks as if there was come considerable thought on the BON part . No they know their part , vote NO on any request for rehearing . The prosecutor just goes crazy if they start talking this direction at all.

Debra Nye-Perkins your ALJ ?





or Greg Hanchett

Contact sight administrator . Comment . Administrative law court is run over with bad actors , biased on the bench, act as a second prosecutor along with the prosecutor who is acting in lock step with the board of nursing agency.

If you believe all of the statements , on non partial, non biased, which you found to be bold lies .

Lots of judges should never be allowed to hear a case . If you have a statement to make , post here . They have rules and laws to follow , they just choose not to . It does nothing to tell your neighbor, warn the next victim how they operate . And not until they get called on it will anything change, they must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Board of Nursing Agency Arizona

A non member asked to put her thoughts on here, her life is ruined enough and wants no name . She has the scarlet letter . Lives in southern AZ and has gotten another degree , but the question “has any professional org ever denied license?” is still on many applications. SAD. Although the BON is about as unprofessional as they come . Here is her question.

A question asked ,”how long does disciplinary remain on a nurses license in Arizona ?” The BON answer : Under current Arizona law, once a disciplinary action is reported to NURSYS from the Arizona Nursing Board it can never be removed. Disciplinary actions used to be removed from the Board’s website after 5 years; however, that policy has changed now that the Board no longer hosts their own license verification.” NOW we all know that they can remove it after 5 yrs by contacting NURSYS, looks like a blame shift here . it was the corrupt AZ BON who signed up with NURSYS ! geez . What was their excuse before that ??? As a CNA who worked 15 years in another state, no problems excellent reviews then move to AZ apply for CNA , past record of getting into an heated argument in high school with another girl , as a minor .Well you guessed it AZ BON not only did not even go with probation which would have been insane but DENIED . Fired from job, unable to get many many jobs and take up another career because of this . It caused my entire life to be ruined by something I didn’t think I need to clear up and get off my record . AZ BON said this would be on my record 10 years , well after 10 years still there and no they were not with NURSYS , at that time. Liars. The Bon went back over 20++years , into past of a minor who was involved because of a bully at school and defended myself. Woman cannot defend themselves , or be paying the price for the rest of their life ? Applying for a certification in AZ would affect someone in many areas of their lives , get fired (because they not only denied certification they called my current employer ) . AZ BON is just as sinister as they come. If I should go to court to fight they would ‘even her employer fired her “. Because of you ! Btw way I am a lesbian which started the argument by someone bullying, and the BON in AZ is very much against anyone who is not heterosexual . Most of the cases have nothing to do with nursing .

Board of Nursing complaint?

Many nurses have been victims of a wrongful investigation by the AZ BON . We all know that once in awhile a nurse does something that needs to be called out on. But the majority of ‘cases’ are just nonsense . No other profession would tolerate any of it . Even other boards do not do what AZ BON does. What the AZ BON writes is hand picked taken out of context and blatant lies . Extreme over reach of personal business that is truly non of the agencies business. Many nurses do not want to talk about it , this is wrongly interpreted as ‘guilt’ , when it is the BD who threatens the nurse not to . At that point, let them know it goes both ways because they sure are discussing the very openly . Selectively . And inconsistent .

Many nurses suffer from PTSD caused by the AZ BON. Some signs of that are:

  1. loss of interest in activities they enjoyed, most nurses had times in their careers they truly loved helping people , that was stripped of them by the BON.
  2. Cut off from people , being fired is one thing but stripped of identity is a whole different story . Your work friends , patients , routine all stripped.
  3. Emotionally numb . Shock by what they do and how they do it , no one ever talked about they are liars, thieves, and tricksters .
  4. trouble sleeping ,concentrating , on guard and loss of trust of anyone .
  5. irritable angry (rightly so, but the BON now wants anger mgt classes , you cannot be honest with them or their dirty docs )
  6. trouble remembering the good parts of your career, (most want nothing to ever do with nursing again, and in hind sight would never pick nursing as a career choice ) try telling young people , other nurses and they don’t listen have to find out the hard way . Wishing someone had given you the nurse the ‘gift’ of knowledge , knowing how they can and will destroy your future in many areas. Not like any other profession expose the nurse (selectively ) .
  7. Physically develop breathing problems , heart rate goes up with the thoughts of how the demons did their work .
  8. Disturbing memories of the BON . Faces that spring up as someone who could inject a lethal dose to someone on death row while smirking and telling them it’s for their own good.
  9. Avoid talking about it .This is a major reason the corruption at the BON continues . Upset when reminded of it . Irritable how you were taken advantage of by an out of control board.
  10. Legal abuse syndrome . every nurse tells of a bd complaint that is vague , the investigator acts like a detective in a murder investigation. Then it will go for years hear nothing, this is all part of the game they play. They know it weighs on your mind and you will sign anything to get away from the negative wickedness . Then all of a sudden certified/ reg mail AG office demanding with short deadlines you act . They bombard you with enough ars numbers , rules , paperwork , that is unfamiliar to you . Your mind is in over load while trying to maintain work take care of patients if the BD attorney hasn’t called your employer yet to get you fired.
  11. hard to concentrate. The BON agency is betting on it, supervised probation or just probation , is extremely hard to get through with out them digging for “something “. So they can extend it or revoke . Just an opportunity for them to gather more dirt.
  12. Trouble sleeping . Keep thinking about losing your career , your livelihood, these liars who you have no idea where they came up with all crazy talk. And if you prove they lied, it is ignored. The Nursing agency does NOT want to hear it . The truth is not one of their traits . Except if the nurse writes down wrong date , leaves something blank, didn’t change their address immediately, then the nurse is a liar and fraudster.
  13. Avoid pursuing an appeal, don’t want to relieve it . Dealing with the nasty agency once is enough . This is the major reason they get away with their false information . Justify that by , they will get there’s . When exposing bringing sunlight to a very dark world , is what will cleanse it of the thriving bacteria of employees who seem to be a magnet to each other.
  14. Moral injury . The BON has no morals, so this is a big conflict bouncing around in your brain, absorbing what you thought a board would do on a simple misunderstanding, retaliation case, then find out how they really operate that office . It is a big wake up call . One that , those who are the ‘chosen ones’ ignore , you are the sacrificial lamb .
  15. Traumatized , sometimes it is a set up the AAG is in on, get them into court as fast as they can . Put immediate suspend on the license , put them out of work, away from anyone who can be their witness. Lie to them about deadlines , get a quick court date and request their chosen ALJ , <behind scenes , but it’s done, OAH is corrupt too > . Get the ALJ to hear case before BD meeting, get them on the agenda , make sure the AAG has back door talk with the BON, (even if another shyster lawyer has to deliver the message, and they understand , they are to vote without asking defendant any questions , just do it and done deal .