No nurse should ever obtain a license in AZ. Not in Nursing . Your career, and your reputation will be out there, destroyed  . Whether it is true or not .  Whether you did anything wrong.  AND the cases that had nothing to do with nursing are the wrost ones !      If you are working , your a target to staff who do not like someone making more money than they do .  Plenty of those on staff who will side with mgt, will lie their heads off .  AZ is not a good state for nurses to work . Lots of nice areas, you can vacation in AZ and not work. Not worth the weather or losing your license.  Many many nurses think that is won’t happen to them . And will take a chance, if you only knew , you would not even chance it. The Board of Nursing is full of members , but basically one runs the entire board .  The rest are all a bunch of yes yes pencil pushers , non direct patient care lpn’s, public members , and retired from other state agencies who just sit there and 2nd the motion for the ones who run the board , or vote how the one who made the motion wants them too.  Extremely punitive .  Most will not listen and think to be before the BON, a nurse must have done something really bad. NOT TRUE. IN fact they may not have done anything at all. (we are not defending those who take/ do drugs ) .

Example, in Mass . and first time DUI, the board does nothing with . In AZ a full psychological evaluation by the list of Drs THEY Choose . the psych eval is paid for by the nurse (and you can thank AZNA for pushing that one through ! Another political hack group who ‘assists ” the AZBON ).   So you go to the meeting get sentenced to a mandatory psych evaluation on a non nursing event, then you have a time frame to have it done or they will push towards revoke.  Then you go back to the BON where the Bd who will judge you will let you speak for 5 mins.maybe .  They do not care what you say, they have already made up their minds.  They will order you to have AA meetings, nurse support, probation with MANY stipulations , one being must work days only , one place , no registry++.   This could be what loses your license . It happens ALL of the time. The bd knows fully well you will not be able to get work, and the probation forms are quit lengthy , nurses have been fired because staff did not want to fill this form out weekly .  So if you are not hired anywhere, you will not full fill probation so they will extend it , maybe , for years .  1-2-3 years. To make it through this probation, will be tough. Because you have these BD members calling your employer if you get hired anywhere, and asking “did they do anything wrong, ANYTHING , even the SMALLEST DETAIL , tell us about it “.  Any statements such as ‘she/he acted nervous, was talking too fast , was walking too slow, was late for work, was teary eyed, wore her hair differently, family complained, changed her days off, drives a car to work then too the bus next day  , anything at all they can ‘pick ” out of context or dramatize they will. The board will lie about you, as evidenced by some employers who told the nurse what they said, mostly  you won’t know or privy to that conversation.

You have already signed that if you have probation violations that ‘stayed revocation” will come into play. But nurses think they can ‘do ok”.  You have already signed that you gave up all of your rights.  So if it is total nonsense what is reported to them but dragging it out of a mgr, you do not have a legal leg to stand on.

Now attorney’s who go before the board, will tell you to sign it, they know you can lose your license but they will tell you a ‘win’ they saved your license.  Basically the atty does not want you to lose your license because without that they make no money off you. The money trail ends. So advise you to sign, go on probation, you can’t find work, and you are at fault if you are revoked.   So you go back to the board meeting, and tell them ; they act like they are shocked and haven’t heard this many many times, but decide to order a ‘refresher course now “.  Since you haven’t been able to work hey you need a refresher course, even though you have hands on for 20 years.  So you finish that and back to the board, they say well you didn’t complete your work requirement .   So they order you to do the skills evaluation that no one has passed, and they state that , but order it anyways, hey it ‘s YOUR money your time, and then they have a reason to revoke.

Now here is the board’s ‘reasoning “.  IF a nurse does not pass and they say didn’t wash hands for 23 secs, and someone gets sepsis , I can be sued”   A real S T R E T C H here ! (note the test is by computer , and no one has passed it ) .   Yes this is what the board member, the former pres of the board, randy idiot quinn stated.  oh yes.  It is all about him, right !   So this board who does not read the cases , why should they , just vote how the person who puts in the first motion does and your good . Why waste your time , and prepare , your just a prop to get enough votes. And so it goes another license up for revocation.

Then comes the OAH ‘hearing ‘ which is another rigged event.   In this actual case the ALJ said “revocation, are you sure” , but went along with it anyways.   Still think you want a license in corrupt Arizona ?


A real piece of work here . She did appeals for the board of nursing. Although never once would she allow oral arguments.   And can’t find one case she ruled for the nurse .  Refuses oral arguments, she only wants attorney’s , Discrimination or lazy *ss judge.  Right out of Tempe, one of the temple trotters . And the board of nursing is certainly full of them .

Starr thinks that it is perfectly ok that the judge that heard the original case did not rule on it ,  give opinion, sign it . But was passed around to several judges who were never in the court room .   They saw no witnesses, did not do the ground rules , but the board of nursing brought in another mormon bishop mike douglas to sign another judges case.   Working in collusion the cult of corrupt courts !

Starr doesn’t see any problem with that . No judge should ever sit on the bench that thinks this is ok in any world any court room.  PATRICIA STARR in my opinion  is not fit to rule or preside over any case.

And when I pay for an appeal, I expect that I will be Looking at a judge and able to have my say so in court , shame on you Starr , you knew without reading the matter you were going to take care of your sister wives club at the board . Shame on you !! And you didn’t even have to LOOK AT ME !      Dirty !!  everyone needs to turn this dishonorable judge over to the BAR and knock her off the bench.  We all should know how she got there , the gang who only takes care of themselves.  A career for a career , force her to retire !  Clean up the courts !


This woman is on the Board of Nursing, she is so off the mark . Her comments are just hog wash. Obviously she has NEVER been a travel nurse or worked registry . She makes a statement that , a person should not work as a travel nurse, while on probation  because it is too easy to ‘blend in “. WHAT ??  is this pin head thinking ? As a travel nurse you stick out like a sore thumb . You are WATCHED ! No one knows you , the Drs don’t know you, the staff doesn’t know you .  No one trusts you .  What kind of nonsense are you trying to fling around ? The board members do not have a clue , the make up of the board is a  bunch of mgt fools who sit and Monday morning quarterback cases , without running the floors.  NO first hand knowledge !  Shame on you for GUESSING how it goes. Thinking a new person is blending in , and not observed as a new person . When the staff asks are you new hire or traveler, they NOTICE !  Seems to us LISA SMITH and this corrupt crazy board need to be WATCHED .  Over sight is needed greatly. !

As if this wasn’t a stupid stupid comment she makes another winner of stupidity award. A nurse who was fired because of the probation status, said she did not want to work in nursing anymore and went on line and surrendered her license.  (every try calling the board office ,  rings for days ! lots of complaints ! )   Lisa voted that the license be REVOKED , not accept a surrender.  (in az surrender is just as punitive as revoked, what the hell are you trying to do, kick this nurse  when she’s down ?, what a complete wicked witch  you are ! ) .  LISA SMITH .”I know how valuable my license is to me I am going to make sure I VERBALLY talk to someone ” ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND ????  The Board of Nursing employees and board members are LIARS , you cannot trust them with ANYTHING VERBALLY !!    You do not need to tell anyone, Smith acts like nurses must go in and properly surrender a license !   What crazy talk !!   It ‘s like telling a nurse , you MUST do an exit interview . NO YOU DON”T . Don’t go back ! !   Ever think this nurse wanted anything to do with this board ever again ?? IT was the board who saw her revoke on line who DROPPED THE BALL . !!!                                                                                                                                       This woman every time she opens her mouth says stupid things !    So if anyone is not familiar with this board of nursing, if your a student you may not catch a lot of things but let me tell you the fact she rattles on about how important her license is but wants to dish out MORE punitive sentence to this nurse who has been fired because this board ordered probation, now she doesn’t even want to let her say, Hey i do not want to work as a nurse anymore so here is my license , take it . (that takes A LOT For someone to make that decision) . But LISA SMITH GRAND CANYON UNIVERSITY mgt nurse wants to really do her in, and make it REVOKE .  This mean this nurse cannot reapply for FIVE years. 2026 , yea LISA you’ll be in your retirement with good pension and made good money off nursing , just remember when 2026 comes around of this nurse you kicked while down.  With surrender is is 3 years which is a big enough sentence , of no income, tearing you away from a profession that you loved and enjoy working with patients . Unlike your self. pencil pushers and judge others , but your thought process is messed up . SHAME ON YOU .  Your response makes no sense AT ALL in 2 cases you commented on. Do nurses a favor and stop getting on boards to protect your school ! You are making an impact on nurses who do not need your added punishment .   Any one thinking of a nursing career , should read this and see what you have to look forward to !! Do anything but nursing , the only ones who would recommend it are those who are not working as a nurse !

CAROLYN MCCORMIES do not trust !

Another mormon , who is on the az board of nursing who wants to ‘run the show” . She cannot wait to take over as president . She is trying to make Carmen-Hill Mekoba look bad a set up while mouthing the words “I’ll do anything you want to help you”.  Yea help you out the door so she can take over . Oh yea mccormies is all about HELPING others. (sarcasm) she will twist words, and repeat her BS over and over to get the worst on none mormon nurses !     While twisting it in the nurses favor for those who are mormons. A real dirt bag. And it’s all about her .   Do not trust her . Anyone who was railroaded by this liar, and cheat of careers , contact his site. She is a joke. She may have her mormon boss fooled but she fools no one . a FAKE bitch for sure.  Do not believe a word she says. She will stab you in the back in a heart beat. Friendly with randy quinn too, another corrupt mormon !    ANd her stupid girly friend ANGELA FOUNTAIN and BOYER (another mormon) on the BOARD OF NAZI , will agree and vote however she wants ! .  Very sickening to say the least. Nurses in AZ are at risk so are patients ! They are protecting no one but other mormons licenses and careers . Ducey appointed 100% republicans but they are all mormons, dirty ones too . They ONLY take care of themselves !


This BYU grad who never got licensed to practice law in AZ a mandatory state. A real POS , biased and will do what ever an agency wants.  The corrupt board of nursing in az, had a matter at OAH, assigned Brian Tully, who heard the entire case , when it was OVER and CLOSING ARGUMENTS were done, they switched out the judge to Diane M. who did not sign what the Corrupt Board of Nursing wrote .  So they continued JUDGE SHOPPING until they find a dishonest ALJ in DOUGLAS who signed it.   These dirty mormon males don’t care one bit about taking a woman’s career away.   Women are disposable. MIKE DOUGLAS IS A MORMON, A BISHOP MORMON, they only take care of other MORMONS .  Dirty dog. He’s retired now, but be sure and know that this bastard will do anything underhanded . Do not trust him.     They would not do this to a cop, or fireman, or know, or another MORMON. IN fact he did it for the MORMONS who made mistakes and the first two judges who are members of the BAR would not sign this work of fiction , written by the BON members , most likely VALERIE SMITH . Douglas made ANN TOTSCH   Teresa Saavedra  and Nikki Austin, The 3 biggest liars on the planet. Totsch is a fraudster nurse imposter, perjury queen, Saavedra is a felon, and Nikki Austin, is just do one big lying investigative report , she was canned right after this . YEA the LYING DIRTY BISHOP MORMON saved the boards day. Give this dirty dog a good pat on the back , if you dare get near this mission CREEP.   He is what gives all MORMONS a bad name !

Philip Lett malpractice con

Nurses do not go to him for safe to practice . It is rigged. He is on the AZ Board of Nursing “list ” . Which is basically a “shit list ” of Drs willing to whore themselves out.  These Drs are on the list because they gave up their souls, and did what the AZBON witch hunters wanted. The AZBON are the puppet masters and PHILIP LETT IS THE PUPPET .  He can talk out of both side of his mouth , and twist nonsense into bullshit. He lives in Paradise  Valley, same neighborhood as Jokey Ridenour.   He will require you to sign a paper that no dr/ patient relationship exists. Therefore he gets away with his dirty ways. The psychology board will not do a thing to him. They are working with other state agencies. He appears to love to take poor nurses down, say anything to get the board to say you need counseling. No amount of counseling would help narcissistic  ways.  People who have worked with him in other areas , when asked what they think of him , “NOT MUCH” .   I hope this helps someone , and avoid him , anyone on the board’s “list “. Which is another BS matter . But the board members have close relatives in the law maker sessions so this is part of their rules.  This is entirely my opinion and believe .  I would say to anyone WARNING Against this Dr who doesn’t think he violates his oath, not a man of his word that is for sure , he does not deserve to be paid to see people and ruin lives. Shame on him and the psych board for allowing this to continue when so many have good intentions , this man appears to have a love of money .  Little skinny man syndrome .  No different than those locked in a prison cell who have stolen things , no different . He should be in prison let him think about the dirty deeds he did , when he could have had an honest profession and did his job of helping people not hurting people.  Another thing he has on his intake  BS form to CYA, is you cannot go back to him for the counseling. <you don’t need it anyways ! > Oh no he doesn’t want to face anyone he screwed out of a career . He knows exactly how he has to word things so the BON partners in crime can “justify ‘ ordering counseling , at your expense .   AND it is the corrupt BON who determines when that ends.  Lett is a Coward . This is 100% my beliefs and the truth and if anyone wants to challenge this bring it on !


Beware of this one , she has JD, but doesn’t live up to a kindergarten work load in that area. She has an RN and really messed up when she got on the az board of nursing . Fell on her face .  She moves around a lot .  I would not trust her as far as I could throw her .  SOCIOPATHIC ways about her for sure .  A witch hunter !

Elizabeth “beth”Campbell Pettifogger.

Shameful as this bitch is , to take a ‘case ” where their is NO case, and ride it out, creating a trial like none other.  Does law school teach this ?  No, I think you have to be raised by some real money hungry dirt bags to turn out like this bitch.   She thought she was ‘funny ” bringing up unrelated nonsense about nures, NP.     Whether it is true or not. Once she  can cheat, lie, deceive and screw you into a conviction, some type of punitive action on your license . The rest is on you to prove it.   And when proved the lies the liars , they just ignore all of that and run her mouth , “however ” .    Yea how about that “however “.    Put Another way: once they fraudulently and criminally deprive you of your initial right to a fair and impartial trial and the state’s burden of proof, regardless how falsely, you seldom if ever get it back.

I refuse to sign to let them out of their hole they dug.

Well Campbell, you did a shitty job , sloppy work, but hey your working for a wack job board of morons .   But in the end , when your kids are all grown and you are retired and they only keep in touch because you got a bank roll. Think about your cardinal sins, and how this will all play out . Then think about how you could have run your life in a honest way, made a income, and could look in the mirror.   If you can look in the mirror now and like what you see, your sicker than we thought .

It’s all a big game in life, go to work make some money so on your little time off you can enjoy the things that are there for all of us to see. But instead, you choose corruption, you choose to be a liar, you choose to try to get the worst possible outcome for a nurse .  Your just so sick in the head. No one would keep a job that required that of themselves , unless they are one big socio-pathic sick mother fucker like yourself.  Marriage is a legal bond, and for that reason and the kids, (2 girls and a boy ) , appears why he sticks around with a cold black hearted bitch like yourself.

Your really not to bright, cause once you do a revocation  because the nurse/NP is “unable to be regulated “.  You lose all control . that should make you pull that head of hair back further , put your hairline in the back of your skull.


I am not a Mormon and never would be, but the insulting remarks in these comments are unnecessary , yes they are messed up mentally , but they can’t help it for the most part .   Mormons are not ones to do things for their fellow man, they only take care of other mormons.   The ones I know are some of the most twisted and wicked  people I’ve met. Sincerely wrong, in their thinking process .   Completely unhinged.  They are, for the most part, sincerely mis-led.   On the outside, looking on, we can clearly see the whole picture and have a hard time believing how so many could be hoodwinked. But for those on the inside, who only know what they have been taught, who have had the truth kept from them, who are tied into such a cultural bondage to their faith (yes, a cult) — it can be very difficult to break free from a lifetime of teachings in order to see reality.