Another case no real evidence , the board of nursing az just finds liars and publish’s what they say and it is enough to lose your career.

This is what she told the BON over the phone when her case came up !

word 4 word in quotes , she read this to the BON .

This nurse who had mj in her system , had a statement she read at the board of nazi meeting , well done sista !
“I’d like to know how many board members and government cogs
like you
ever worked in conditions that are expected of
floor nurses
today. I’m not
excusing my ‘trangessions’ [sic] of using marijuana or
(gasp!) alcohol, but
I seriously doubt any of you were quality nurses.
If you were, you’d remain
at the bedside like I have for 14 years.
Fuck all of you. Revoke my
license, put me on the OIG list. At least I
can go to bed at night knowing
I’m an expert nurse who made a
difference instead of being an
incompetent, lazy bureaucrat.”

3 thoughts on “NURSE REVOKED AZ”

  1. A job at the Board is probably, or was, an elite and sought after position, and green horns kneel in respect. Many experienced nurses have very bad views of nursing boards but hold their bold comments until after retirement. Why? The new world of social media and self expression has finally caught up with these political robots who have little knowledge of what the modern day bedside nurse does. Retaliation against those that speak out against these individual regulatory Nursing Boards can easily have you end up on a police log somewhere. Horrible. There is plenty of evidence to support this statement.


    1. we’d like to see your ‘evidence” . sure sounds like one of the spies the board has giving threatening messages to others . Many things this corrupt board of nursing does instill fear, shame , guilt , false reporting . This is more than veiled threat , delivering messages for the corrupt board of criminal action , when the board is operating criminally. Is this ALL you can drum up ? Surely there are crooked cops willing to do a side job, but the higher you go going to ruin their career over some bitches at the board of nursing ?? Laughable ! AZBON use of spies to attack honest nurses propaganda to harass citizens , is criminal . I only see complaints on AZ BON , not other boards. and these nurses have good reason. scare tactics ,YOU are involved now, and it won’t be the rerun of ‘don’t shoot the messenger ” collusion conspiracy threats criminal .


  2. During the 2019 legislative session the Arizona legislature passed SB 1062, which creates a new law (statute), Arizona Revised Statutes § 32-3226 (see, below). Pursuant to A.R.S. § 32-3226, health professionals, including nurses, must provide an “address of record”, that is defined as either

    1. The address where a health professional practices their profession or is otherwise employed; or
    2. The health professional’s residential address.

    During December 2019, an email will be sent to all licenses and certificate holders requesting each person select an option choosing which of these two addresses you would like to designate as your address of record.

    Please click here for step-by-step instructions on how to make these selections.

    If you choose your residential address, you may opt-out of public disclosure of your residential address.

    Here are some things for you to know and consider when making your election.

    1. Whichever address you select as your address of record, will be used by the Arizona Board of Nursing (AZBN) for all public information official purposes.
    2. If you select your residential address, you may opt-out of public disclosure of your residential address. In doing so, the AZBN will not provide your residential address for general public information requests. However, your residential address still may be provided to AZBN-approved associations for commercial mailing and government agencies, including law enforcement.
    3. If you select your employer’s address, this address will be provided for any general public information requests, including commercial mailing lists. For example, if you are employed in a hospital setting, all mailings will come to this address.
    4. If you are required to maintain patient medical records, you must provide the Board with a valid telephone number or email address. The AZBN will provide this contact to patients seeking medical records.
    5. Finally, you are still required to provide the AZBN with any address change within 30 days. (Arizona Administrative Code Rule 4-19-308).

    32-3226. Address of record; disclosure; telephone number or email address; definition
    A. A health profession regulatory board shall have, for each licensee under the board’s regulation, an address of record designated by the licensee that may be disclosed to the public. If the licensee designates the licensee’s residential address as the address of record, the board shall notify the licensee of the public disclosure and allow the licensee to opt out of the disclosure.
    B. Each licensee who is required to maintain patient medical records must have on file with the licensee’s health profession regulatory board a telephone number or email address for the board to provide to a patient who is seeking medical records.
    C. A health profession regulatory board shall designate associations of licensed health professionals that may receive on request the contact information and addresses of record for all health professionals under the board’s regulation, including health professionals who have opted out of public disclosure. An association of licensed health professions that receives contact information and addresses of record from a health profession regulatory board may not transfer or sell that information.
    D. This section does not prohibit a health profession regulatory board from providing to the department of health services or a university under the jurisdiction of the Arizona board of regents information and data concerning the health profession regulatory board’s licensees for research purposes if the information and data are not distributed to the public in a format that includes a licensee’s personally identifiable information.
    E. For the purposes of this section, “address of record” means either:
    1. The address where a health professional practices the person’s health profession or is otherwise employed.
    2. The health professional’s residential address.

    THIS IS THE HORSE PUCKY THAT THE AZ BON DOES . BUT CANNOT DO WITH OUT HEATHER CARTER INTRODUCING THIS BILL . PAWN . NOTICE THIS SAYS ‘LISTS APPROVED BY BON’ AND THAT LIST CONTAINS ONLY THOSE POLITICAL LYING GROUPS SUCH AS AZNA . This is just more the BON can “get you ” . Change you email ? and didn’t tell bon, citation ! change your phone number and didn’t tell the bon ? citation . providing your email makes it easy for them to subpoena records from the carrier . A nurse should be able to use a post office box. A what is the REAL reason they did this?


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