ALL Nurse Practioners AZ

HEY you NP who think your white lab coat is bullet proof . Have you noticed that the corrupt board of nursing does not put under a nurses name anymore “UNDER INVESTIGATION” . This was their norm, to put this on the nurses name on their web site before the nurse was aware. It took a Wounded Healer to take them to court and have a Judge determine they were putting nurses out of work and defaming them , before due process. YOUR Corrupt board of nursing in AZ could not figure that out for themselves . They had to have a court order . When a Nurse is ‘marked’ and the employer looks up license on the web, and sees that , they fire them ‘until a decision is made” or do not hire them BUT the corrupt board of nursing takes YEARS on cases YEARS . One case last month was SEVEN years old. So instead of bad mouthing volunteer activists maybe you should listen what is really going on! OH this won’t happen to you, oh no not YOU.
And you did NOT read about this in the nurse magazine, but you did read biased one sided those who got disciplined , (wrongly or not ) . Some people get classified as ‘too stupid to educate” . Just closed one track thinking. Did the AZNA work on protecting nurses by passing this ?? oh h*ll no ! .

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