If you are up against a state agency, your case has already been decided before you get there. This is a Sham Court , a Kangaroo Court. The Judges are absolutely biased and unfair. Biased towards the state, the AAG , and do not act in a professional manner. The mission statement is a pile of lies, just words on paper . The cases heard here, as far as State Agencies such as the Board of Nursing are rigged. You do not stand a chance. When your case is over , the board of nursing can do what ever they want , but the law judge has already signed what the board of nursing has written up. A statement that generally contains many lies. Written to make the Nurse NP CNA look very bad. Putting comments that people write that are pure lies in this report the board think they can just put any old thing on the www. As long as they get a ALJ to write they are credible. A sham court .


  1. LARRY SUCUI the asshole attorney who puts in complaints to the Board of Nursing .without any knowledge of what he signed his name to , a real idiot ! Of course the AZ BAR , isn’t going to do anything , they recommended him to the Gov’s commission !! talk about a circle of corruption ! Sucui continues to make a complete fool of himself. when he further complains that “minch
    posted a disparaging and total untrue remarks about YRMC, ” “on an website used extensively
    for seasonal staffing. ” First , the web sight is For TRAVEL NURSES , not for YRMC to get free
    advertising for unsuspecting nurses and lure them to Yuma a border town, where security is very
    questionable to nil at the complex . Where the wild wild west prevails in decisions who gets help
    for security issues.
    While Sucui rambles on about untrue statements, the timing and content of his complaint
    accusing me of defamation , why didnt he sue me? He did not have a case and he knew it. I
    simple request of police records, which is what I did, produced a 32 page report of a rape that
    happened to a nurse while staying in YRMC transient housing and the rapists were never caught.
    Since I used to work with this nurse, and knew her husband I knew about this brutal rape and the
    details about it, so I wanted to warn other nurses, since these rapists woman beaters described
    as mexicans never been caught , her new car never recovered .
    even with a 32 page police report on the rape Sucui continues in his rambling lies, “total
    fabrication” .
    Sucui doesnt stop there, he makes a statement that I “sought an injunction” against one of the
    tenants. Bushey was a non tenant unemployed male, I did not ‘sought ” I OBTAINED a protection
    order, it took time because Saavedra gave the policeman who encouraged me to file a protection
    order, a false name for Bushey. Saavedra wrote the name Bushing on a piece of paper, so I
    finally was able to file, the clerk the judge and the victim assistant who was in the court room,
    gave me good advice.
    The bully Bushey went through court under the name Bushing, and never told the judge his real
    name. So if this happens to another female she wont find his record in Yuma.
    A victim assistant told me he will fight it leave town and dont come back file in Phoenix closer to
    my permanent residence. (Bushey heard I was leaving from T S, and was saying loudly, ” I can go
    through Phoenix on my way to Vermont”. Sucui lied stating the court denied it. Only when
    Bushey took his troupe, Dorita Pool , randy (last name unk) and Jonathan Eric Hill. (who told
    me to beware of Bushey because he is a millionaire” P I in VT said he was working part time on
    the garbage truck.
    Sucui goes on to prove his ignorance or expects the reader to believe such nonsence. “Minch
    filed a small claims in Maricopa county “even though the individual lives in Vermont. ! Excuse
    me but if a person goes into a state and breaks the law for ONE day , he is responsible for his
    actions in THAT state. ! Sucui writes of Bushey being a tenant in Yuma and the incident
    happened in AZ but Sucui makes statement that a law clerk would not be stupid enough to make.
    It is hard to believe this person went to law school. He makes a mockery out of every lawyer.
    Yes I sued Bushey in court and the Judge who heard the case determined he was at fault ,
    caused me to break my contract and I lost money so was awarded damages. Sucui FAILED to
    mention this though. Lying by omission. Geography does not play a part, where this blowhard
    resides a portion of the year.
    A little back ground on Yuma Medical Medical Center . The mgr of Dorita Pool , Claudette
    Rodstrom, who Pool used as a crying towel, when she was warned of filing a false police report,
    (Pool taking this to the work place) Rodstrom contacted the H R dept , Rodstrom a former
    member of the BON, Leslie Dalton employed at YRMC is currently on the BON and was allowed
    to vote in my case!
    the vice president who was called for assistance with the situation at the apts and said , when
    asked about another apt, ” we dont have the money for that Sharon Gardner, was V president,
    poor decision , counting the pennies and losing the dollars.
    There ere are several members of the YRMC who are on the BON now or in the past , in fact
    Karen Hardy ( ICU where J Hill worked) .
    president of the bd at one time . Not only the current and past members on staff but their families,
    The extended family members work in dietary laundry, pharmacy nursing several departments as
    well as 401 k’s . The only hospital in the town, (the city council continually votes out others for
    competition) . They are proud of there hospitals and any bad pubicity they want swept under the
    rug. It is no surprise that the BON filed, illegally against my license, and placed it under
    investigation which put me out of work immediately because of Sucui’s falsehoods. It took 3 1/2
    years to get into court. Criminals have more rights, they must agree to give up rights to speedy
    The outcome , the BON did not act on ANY of Sucui’s false allegations but went in a totally
    diffferent route. (another avenue that would not happen to a criminal).
    Ann Totsch was instrumental in telling some wild tale tales. (NONE of which Sucui could have
    checked out to verify truth,
    Ann totsch herself had no first hand knowledge , as she testified she never met me, but had
    several meetings with Bushey the antagonist. A T even wrote a letter to the Judge on Busheys
    behalf, and made up a story about the Chief of Police was interested in this case. (encl is letter
    containing the COP statement, who had never heard of me. ) . In fact A T reports to the BON the
    prosecuter was interested in my case, but again, has never heard of me.
    The timing of this complaint was also, RIGHT AFTER totsch, and her gang were able to get rid of
    the witness by lying to her. (all details are in A T complaint filed with the DEA, DOJ, and FBI, <the
    BON who has jurisdiction for ethics will not do anything, even though she violated nurse practice
    act A T is a witness for the board of nursing.
    While Sucui maintains this is 'just a summary" the only thing he looked up or worked in collusion
    was obatining the ARS number that the BON could use. Although when Sucui was contacted he
    was tongue tied and could not give a decent
    with the investigator, (Nikki Austin who turned out to be nothing more than a witch hunter , new
    to the BON , and no longer works for the BON) Sucui told her to call H R/ risk mgt personnel.
    Because he didnt know what he was talking about just collecting money for writing a letter.
    I believe HR and risk Mgt is where he got his info who obtained it from Saavedra. This is where
    these nothing more than gossiping rumors, were obtained from and
    got this ridiculous defaming ludicrous, complaint that contains nothing further from the truth.
    Sucui is willing to take down a nurse to protect the mismanagement, he is willing to go on a
    smear campaign, and resort to bold face lies. One could deny Sucui to be a gentleman, but a
    weasal worded rodent. Sucui and Bushey seem to be made up of the same material,
    socoopaths, using intentional exploitation, calculated , immoral unethical behaviors never
    accepting any blame for anything.
    I wonder if Sucui would advise his daughter Kimberly Jo Sucui to stay in a dangerous situation to
    give two weeks notice?
    This hard working nurse who has had not problems in nursing, even at yuma where the mgr
    there said, "minch did not complain of anyone, no one complained of Minch , she did her job" .
    (Nurse Mgr Fitzgerald. ) For anyone to file a official
    complaint with no first hand information and then obtain information from HR and Risk MGt who
    was told everything by Saavedra who was orchatrating the entire apt complex, using tenants to
    get even with Minch because Minch told her boss the activies going on and Saavedra ignoring
    safety concerns. Anyone who read saavedra's crazy talk comments and believeabilty needs to
    have a complaint on their license , totally unethical
    ** My case is under appeal, I did not get a trial , but a kangarro court, where BON members and
    their 'friends' all worked together to protect , present and past members hospital.
    I had a judge who heard 4 days of trial, TEN months apart, after closing arguments he gave it to
    another judge, who gave it to another judge, although he was never in the court
    room he signed the absolute miscarriage of justice!
    while I wait for appeal. Someone needs to stop these lawyers and judges from acting in this
    matter and making AZ a laughing stock of the nation. Harvard study proves it, those in power
    must act and discipline those who think they can trample
    all over the justice system, and destroy anyones’ career that comes along. and gets in their way.
    I will be available to fully cooperate in any investigation the BAR chooses to undertake in the
    offical complaint I am filing on Larry SUCUI.
    Alice Minch, Rn
    **** The administrative law court “decision” should not be interpreted in any way to a trial or any
    type of justice , it was nothing but a joke to justice. I did not get to court for 3 1/2 years , 2 of my
    witnesses were dead, I had aJudge on 12/2013 heard two days of trial then 09/2013 two more
    days, closing arguments went in and the judge said he was “not available to give an opinion, he
    gave it to a female judge, who apparently did not want to sign either so passed it off to a third
    judge who within days signed the opinion. He was never in the court room. Three judges playing
    musical chairs, nothing in the decision had anything to do with Sucui’s complaint but enabled the
    BON to witch hunt. to save YRMC reputation. the false complaint was the catalyst for this
    miscarriage of justice.


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