Be careful of this one. He is a BULLY BOY. He will do anything for his boss , bucking for a raise or just plain bully. He likes to spread lies and try to get other to act. Whisper in their ear bullsh*t , when caught his only reaction is a huge dirty laugh. What kind of man does this? One that is not a man, but an abusive instigator, one who thinks he is big stuff going after a single woman . Makes him feel tough guy. Short little man syndrome. Not real bright , and willing to chime in and add his own spin , while being a troublemaker . Unprofessional conduct. And when he can involve another penis to go against the target, he gains power and control. Only the one he chose was wiser than Wittenburg, he did not take the bait like old peter . Wonder if he has one or does he squat to pee . ? Real sicko. You don’t even have to do anything to these type, they just hear gossip and act on it. Now he can read about his actions. Anyone assigned this bully boy as investigator contact this sight administrator. His boss encourages this behavior, and Peter is dumb enough to join in, he has no idea or first hand information , but sure seems this dummy will do anything to please and join in with the other sick ‘boys” Ellis, and Olson did it and got caught . What kind of person raised this UNgentleman sure makes you wonder !

One thought on “PETE WITTENBERG”

  1. Peter the nurse eater , was called out on his lies . An atty who ELIZABETH CAMPBELL , does not like . This atty makes her a fool . Makes her ‘stories ‘ a bunch of bullsh*t for sure . Campbell likes to have non atty nurses to go against, because she is a crappy atty , lazy and a huge liar . The AZBON are ‘second chair prosecutors ” right in their with the nut job . A nurse does not have a chance once you throw in a corrupt dirty ALJ who is hired by the AZBON who is their client .
    Would a board keep using a court if they lost half the time ? These dirty judges know they must side with the agency or not have a job . It is their job to side against a nurse . ALl Campbell has to do is show up say your honor a million times , and walk out with her hit list filled . Even the court reporter is on the boards side . They are a steady customer for sure .


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