in reply to corrupt board of nursing arizona , AZBN, ” you would like my attorney she thinks they are crooks too and is very vocal about it. Long story short. I had a huge life changing event and became depressed and suicidal. Sought treatment and was hospitalized. Took myself out of the profession until my therapist thought I could return. I notified the BON, and they decided a witch hunt was in order. Decided I needed 3 years of monitoring, 24 UAs a year even though their own testing showed no issue with substance abuse. I just said I was doing everything right and would fight it. The week before trial they dropped the entire case. I really wanted to fight it because I had done nothing wrong. But they backed out. I even had the superintendent of the State Mental hospital ready to testify that I was completely fine. ”

This has been going on folks , a medical provider cannot and should not ever divulge information about themselves to a corrupt board of nursing ! This board who said, Uh hey folks we dont have a case here, did the smart thing and dropped it. unlike AZ , not so smart. Of course the above case is not in a mostly mormon, think they know it all and are (laughable ) think they are the only ‘truth” . and can judge others by their strange ways. This needs to stop and blessings she got a lawyer who is not afraid to tell the boards what they think of them ! STOP SIGNING THOSE CONSENT AGREEMENTS !!

13 thoughts on “A NURSE’S Story”

  1. One of the worst judges is PATRICIA STARR , one of them . She is no longer doing the appeals, she wasn’t any good at it anyways. Anyone who could not afford an attorney she refused oral arguments from and would rule hiding behind her desk . A wicked witch. She allowed oral arguments when two attorneys there, but no one else. Lazy judge that does this and it is illegal , they are suppose to work with all people chicken shit judge . Grandma was a nurse, and she acts like this , but then again she is a mormon so to be expected. I think if she even bent over she’d find out she has an asshole.


  2. Crane McClennan a real butt hole as well. No oral arguments he can figure it all out . pompous ass. Just as an atty was retiring she got it so she would not have any of her cases heard before him. He is that bad. He ‘s a liar too, he said in another case, “if a person says something and a police officer says something I side with the police officer” EXCEPT in one case, he didn’t even read it obvious rubber stamp for the state, sickening POS , hope he has a shitty retirement. dirty , is what he is, dishonorable a hole all the way !


  3. Along comes Mike Douglas, alj with register of contractors, pulled to do some nursing cases by a soon to be named dirt bag alj. If you have ever seen Star Chamber, you’ll know how this dirty pricks act behind closed doors. If this SOB doesn’t take the cake of crooked , sleazy , good for nothing POS , don’t know who does. ! A BYU grad of course , taking care of his sister wives at the mormon controlled board of nursing. A BISHOP MORMON, dirty bastard lying creep. Signing a matter that he did not hear, just to do a favor . retired for his corruption as a mission creep rubber stamp legal dog shit disgrace . Creepy as all get out . Many have said , a woman will never win with a male mormon judge. Only ones who can tolerate this weasel are those who have been brainwashed in this cult , the only ones. He had no business judging anyone. a real king size turd is all he is . He will get his judge reward ,judgement day , and it wont be that celestial island with many wives .


    1. You CANNOT trust mormon’s . They know who is part of the cult .And who isn’t. Taking over Government in AZ . Do not trust them !
      I recent case of a woman beat up by a cop , who called police for protection. Lost in Federal Court . AZ Fed Court MORMON Chief, and Brnovich’s wife , Fed Court run by the cult. She took it to 9th circuit and over turned. Get your cases OUT OF CORRUPT ARIZONA.


  4. How do We The People impress upon our employees (all, but most especially those in powerful, entrusted positions) that we will no longer tolerate corruption and/or incompetence, and that they must not only be able to but, in fact, will, indeed, fulfill their extremely important duties fairly and squarely… in keeping with their oaths of office and laws of this land?!
    Wrongdoers and violators who spoke solemn oaths to faithfully execute their duty to “support and defend” the nation against all enemies — but then subsequently refuse and fail to do so — must be held accountable, and their employment terminated for good and legitimate cause when and as necessary… pronto.
    This is a standard in any profession, industry, or business. There must be oversight, performance evaluations, investigations, and swift remediation and consequences for each and every impropriety evidencing misconduct, subterfuge, sub-standard, and, certainly, any unlawful activity.
    OBJECT TO, AND VOTE OUT INCOMPETENCE AND CORRUPTION! PRONTO! Both Brnovich and Ducey have higher expectations, this will hurt them when the public is informed of their lack of leadership, and control of corrupt , unsupervised staff they hire and appoint.


  5. It would appear that if you are not on AZBN’s political and religious spectrum you are treated differently then those who are. Sadly the profession has turned into a lions den of targeting and bullying that is prevalent all the way up the chain of command. I’ve seen nurses falsely accused by their peers of impropriety that never occurred and patients encouraged by management to launch formal complaints against a nurse over a mere misunderstanding that could have been resolved without firing the nurse because of managerial malfeasance.
    In some departments there exists a strange kind of hierarchy where management encourges nurses to compile any and all minor infractions to build a case against a targeted nurse. Reading these experiences it appears this culture of abuse is also prevalent among the members of the Nursing Board. There is no mystery as to why there is a nursing shortage.
    Nursing and all it encompasses is difficult enough but when you pile on a hostile work environment, draconian authoritarianism, inequitable corrective action and blatant favoritism it’s no wonder many nurses do not stay in the profession. Luckily I retired intact but sadly I saw my share of targeting, bullying and blatant injustice.

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  6. Anybody know of Any resources like other websites or an organization of nursing that is also openly calling the board corrupt


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