do not vote for mormons !

mormons love to get into politics and run other peoples lives like they are the ones who are choosen to judge everyone else. ! They like to get on boards like AZ BON , and take care of their sister wives. Since this was brought up they have put a black and a public member Republican on the board. Both are clueless what is really going on, being used. Both appear to be swayed by present board members against people they are only hearing their ‘sick side’ from present board members . UNPROFESSIONALS all of them . Wonder how long it will take the newbies to really catch on !

One thought on “do not vote for mormons !”

  1. the numbers are dwindling in the cult run , collusion operation of corruption. The attorney who filed this suit, WAS mormon, but got out and knows what she is talking about. Authored a book called AN AMERICAN FRAUD. very telling . BTW travel nurse four , you are well known and fool NO ONE. EXPOSED for what you are !


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