JUDITH “JUDY ” Bontrager (AZBN)

This woman works at the board of nursing. Long time girlfriend of the dir ‘joey ” Ridenour.  Recently brought to my attention that , this woman goes on nurses facebook sights searching for what ? Spying for what ?  Looking for any dirt ?, just before their trial, anything. She did this to one nurse who was going to trial. She contacted the AZ BON and told them to stop harassing her . What kind of person does this for a agency who will witch hunt on every nurse who fights for their rights . I can tell you Judy you make me sick.  Retire and take Jokey with you.  Somehow you all think this unprofessional behavior is ok ?  Stealing wages is what I call it.                 This is a pattern of this corrupt board, and you need to stop this creepy behavior.

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