elisabeth A Campbell


That dirty bitch ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL cutting me off in mid sentence when i am doing my case pro per while I am reading my notes i had written down. (Yes bitch people can have notes) While I was pleading for my career , she spurts off saying “that is nothing but gibberish” WTF kind of court is being run in AZ ! they had NOTHING on me what she was saying was gibberish. Disrespect for the other party, because i am not a lawyer. They had nothing but twisted statements and lies, did not give me a chance , no probation, just revoke baseless .Just take my nursing license like it is no big deal. This court is a joke and someone needs to shut it down. These clowns a poor state actors, are up for renewal . They are unfair , biased, rude bitch, the judge was partial to her, very sick they way this is set up. How dare this dirty scalawag treat another woman like this , knowing all along she is degrading me while she is telling LIE after LIE and she knows it. ! Certainly the Atty Gen office has better than this , wow AZ sucks so bad in so many ways. I had two friends I worked with heard it so go ahead and try changing the record.


One thought on “elisabeth A Campbell”

  1. That is ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL , AKA “Beth A Campbell, AKA BIZARRE BETH CAMPBELL. hated by so many , not for what she does but how she does it , nasty evil bitch . Just as wicked as they come.


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