Attorney General Arizona


The ARIZONA BOARD OF NURSING is not your friend. Operating essentially without government, judicial, media or public oversight, the AZBN can destroy your nursing career and finances instantly They on the other hand, will suffer no ill consequences for any intentional or unintentional illegal or unconstitutional action or decision they make, no matter how egregious or devastating it might be to the nurse , their family and patients. And do not think AZNA will help .

The AZBN purposely performs incompetent investigations, presents and utilizes unqualified physicians/ board investigators as “expert” witnesses, ignores and gives no response to your lawyer’s letters and requests, withholds pertinent records for years, encourages and allows the use of perjury, misuses ’emergency ” encourages and allows the use of hearsay , denies cross examination of supposed witnesses who aren’t even available by phone to testify and answer questions, denies Discovery, colludes privately with the Administrative Law Judges through their point of contact after a hearing . ALJ will raise their voices , flail their arms, roll their eyes, reprimand , scold one party to discourage them talking and making the record fair. The list is endless. The AZBN and their legal muscle, AAG Sunita Krishna Cairo , Assistant Attorney General (AAG) Elisabeth A Campbell , do all this “openly” knowing there will be no legal or legislative repercussions regarding their tyrannical behaviors .

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  1. us.

    Michele opened a solo practitioner psychiatric private practice 16 months ago. I’m sure you’re aware of everything it takes to open a private practice, let alone one that is “booming”

    In Sept 2020, about 2 or 3 patients of hers got together and decided they would report Michele to Arizona Board of Nursing, each filing separate claims that were supposedly independent of each other. The worst one was from a male patient, who accused her of having sexual relations in her office.

    One of the others was a male she had been seeing for 2 years, told her he had been sleeping with her husband and when she found out she immediately fired him. In retaliation he has claimed that she violated HIPAA when she yelled at him to leave her office immediately.

    The board has not investigated AT ALL. Everything was one-sided, from the witnesses to interviews.

    Michele has not been allowed to work until she has consulted with a forensic psychiatrist, therapist, etc which she has complied with. She had to be approved by each independent practitioner to say she is safe to practice (michele has definitely got her problems—ptsd from domestic violence in the past, she is safe now)

    She has seen everyone, but the recommendations aren’t that clear. They have decided she needs a another provider in with her so she isn’t a solo practitioner and they mentioned also maybe hiring a legitimate office manager.

    I have learned quite a bit coming on here. Thank you to whoever started it.

    So the recourse a nurse would pursue would be thru the attorney general? Is that correct?


    1. It is the Atty Gen office who prosecutes nurses. File a law suit . against the BON. Send in reports to Auditor Gen. cc Gov . Try Goldwater Institute but don’t hold your breath . Just keep copies to show they are as worthless and Ombudsman !


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