This poor excuse for a officer of the court, has a pattern.  First she likes to get others to do her dirty work. VERY manipulative .  Getting board of nursing members and staff who are willing participants to intimidate, try to get a person to flair up in protest, while harassing the individual .  Then say see , she needs counseling.   Not nice tricks.  You can sit at the board of nursing and give the poor nurse ‘dirty looks” of hate, be sure and look up the video of you doing this so , one time when your many lies are right their bitch for all to see. Lie like a rug or lie like bethie , she can roll them off that slippery tongue !   Don’t even say , doing your job , your job is to make sure the truth is known but a hard thing for you to do . Witch -ie women –

UPDATE ! A G in PENN disbarred, and going to jail ! yahoo. and she did the SAME THING , DIRTY ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL is doing , TIC TOC , BETHIE BEAST !
Kathleen Kane DISBARRED , trying to get out of prison, “taking my license is enough punishment ” (feel the burn bitch) Asked for leniency, “i have a teen age daughter ” , and Bethie Beast has 3 kids, so FUCKING WHAT ! Prison time princess ! Here is her charges , SOUND Familiar ??? criminal offenses including perjury, false swearing, obstructing administration of law, conspiracy to obstruct administration of law, official oppression, and conspiracy to commit oppression to deny rights.
ANd the AZNA says they are not criminals. HAHA. look again . !


One thought on ““BETH ” Campbell , aka ELIZABETH CAMPBELL”

  1. ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL Assist atty gen. , let’s see bringing security guards into the court room , in more than one case, to try to get the respondent to react, she can’t prove her case so doing stupid things like this is going to prove her case !!! digging deeper hole. Didn’t work . Then getting the secretary to go into a screaming idiot to get a respondent upset just before a trial, only got her a write up. Then getting her paralegal to write nasty things on the AG facebook sight (like we don’t know WHITE , was manipulated by your ‘victim ‘ acting , to join in and post nasty comments for you ) screen shot , !!! blown up real big saved it. Then telling the BON members to have their sec guard stand directly behind a respondent, like ready to ‘grab the dangerous one” yea Campbell, you are low life scrum sucking , too bad it didn’t work . Then shaking your head the whole time the other party talking , how UNPROFESSIONAL , a real judge would have’ thrown your *ss out. ! Judge Judy would have bitch slapped you a good one. Then doing this in court with Diane again, a security guard, you had to walk in and call your bully bitch friends in the hall to “Call off ‘ your plan . !! so shallow , oh there ‘s more. Saving the good stuff for later !


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