1. “Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Nurse Practioner’s and all other licensed professionals are entitled to just and transparent proceedings. None of them deserve to have their careers destroyed by corrupt practices or rigged proceedings. We understand that there must be a sound disciplinary process to protect the public. However, the goal of Board proceedings for licensees should be impartiality, fairness and integrity– not intimidation, falsification, and inequity.”

    professional licensees would be entitled to a clear statement of the charges against them; the identity of the accuser; a fair investigation; an independent judge; the prohibition of secret communications between the Investigator and the Board; receipt of their complete file; a fair hearing; full discovery; legal counsel; and meaningful judicial review.

    “Licensing Boards exercise governmental power over professionals. However, there are few checks and balances on their power. Some Boards are out of control, run rough-shod over professionals, and abuse their power. It is time to require that Boards respect the Rule of Law; obey the Constitution; and treat licensees fairly.

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