Don’t rely solely on your employer’s insurance for protection.

The responsibility of your employer’s insurer and their attorney is to act on your employer’s behalf. Depending on the incident and the allegations, this may be in direct conflict with your best interests.

Your ability to practice and earn a living as a healthcare practitioner represents a lifetime investment. Protect that investment!

One Company . Do not trust hospitals to carry you, the only thing you can depend on is they will fire you the nurse in a heartbeat and place all the blame there.
Plus you can use the money to fight this corrupt board of nursing , who is using state money to go after nurses.
The board of nursing is broke they can’t wait for nurses to start renewing in April so they can use the funds and pay sociopaths to witch hunt . And he funds are higher, AZ costs compared to some states 3- 4 times as much to renew .

Nurses Service Organization


  1. Don’t forget how this corrupt board of AZ moved the expiration date of the license from June to April , so they would not be operating in the red. Maybe nurses are not going to take it anymore and are filing . Someone has to hold them accountable!


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