I remember at my hearing basically the same “cast”. Afterwards they said I was too anxious and implied that harmed my ability to treat patients. Working as a NP . The board holds the ‘anxiety meter” .

Too anxious? It’s their group against me. They hold all the power. They make all the rules. There is no due process. My livelihood is on the line. Continuing to treat patients who depend on me is on the line. My education and all I’ve invested for the past 8 years is perhaps going to be wiped out, leaving only huge student loans in place. And I’m TOO ANXIOUS? This is one account of how they make up strange comments . Another one , they accused the NP of “fighting his case too vigorously ” . Strange comments ! That is the reason the state board of nursing and their partner’s in crime admin law court, cannot be regulated and should never be trusted to do the right thing without being watched over 100% of the time. Not just having supervision in the same building but watching over their shoulder !


  1. The Sick Prosecutor mentality :
    And there are those who , prosecute EMMA MAMALUY , ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL “who spends her days thinking about vile and abominable acts.”
    It is also a potent reminder that prosecutors can misunderstand what the legal system can actually do for victims as well as the damage that CAMPBELL , KRISHNA, MAMALUY can wreak. After all, the best the legal system can do is prosecute someone accused of a crime in a legal manner. But the system cannot undo the damage done by victimization, nor will our only solution to being accused is revocation , forced counseling when the sociopaths get an extra swing at the victim —rehabilitate people who have harmed others.


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