More than one person suggested , making myself scarce, that they have been known to kill people who expose them . Cause great harm . This is true I know. It has happened. To go into hiding, to never post the truth, to never file anything in court. They are known for retaliation methods and doing what ever they can to get a person to stop. That kind of fear is for the gutless, the obedient, another member who has been trained since birth to keep quiet , never speak up, never question. This is posted so you when the question comes up “who done it “. To many are aware and will make it known. It has already been reported, and well documented, even future predictions, which have already come true. Just so you know.


  1. There is strong believe amongst many nurses that the Bd of nursing is involved in criminal activity. The evidence for this is stronger than what maybe used against the nurse by the Bd. I myself have been approached and threatened by people I’ve no idea who they were. And recently. It doesn’t go unnoticed and do not under estimate their connections with unlawful actions. Me? I say send them in, just like I told the guy who approached me. You maybe looking at somebody, or the only one you know, who brought a knife to a gunfight and won.


  2. Email to atty gen office phoenix, advisor, encourage to place. One day sent, next day emails hacked with death threat. Imagine that . Very well known to those who are in touch with the victim. Is this how they handle someone who is speaking up ? shameful justice. Don’t worry, so many know never get away with it . Make a police report, only if the victim can write the report , because most cops too stupid to write what happened with any accuracy . Just like the corrupt board of nursing , liars .


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