Diane Milhaskey alj ADMINISTRATIVE LAW COURT . 10/29/18
Recap events. Respondent pro per asked for one extension , denied,
unheard of a judge not allowing ONE extension but the AAg Elizabeth
Campbell did not agree to it so the alj is siding with the state all the way ,
whatever fits her schedule.
Witness list was not provided by AAG Campbell. FAILED to file witness list.
Campbell brought in AZ GAMING DEPARTMENT employee to represent
the AZ BOARD OF NURSING. ALJ Milhaskey . refused to allow
respondent to ask ‘witness investigator “ to ask her questions concerning
her ‘employment ‘ with the BON. one question AAG did not object just
interrupted, to about “gaming employee “ employment with the BON .The
respondent stated his objection about her being BON employee, and ALJ
reprimanded the respondent for 10 mins . The Milhaskey stated “i don’t
want to reprimand “ with that witness said “you already did “. (is that on
the transcript ? lots of changes after the court hearing. At all times
showing partiality to AAG Campbell. Even the tone of her voice changed
when addressing individuals. From sickening sweet soft tone to louder
harsher “stop your argument “ message tone. (no arguments in this
courtroom just plead beg, and cow down is acceptable.
Again the Bon is using ‘security “ “police officers “ at taxpayers expense to
sit in a trial , for intimidation purposes . There are security (2) at the door
and camera is rolling, but they brought in officers, who sat and texted the
entire time. A common “trick ‘ of this BON. To make respondents look
“dangerous”, with a hidden message to the judge. The “sham court “
started at 903 am the officer did not arrive until 908 am so the participants
felt ‘safe “ in a room at the end of the hall , closed door , with no one else
around , for 5 mins but not the rest of the time. A JOKE !
Although the opinion was already in before the trial started. Milhaskey was
not even a good actress . A long winded speech of rebuttal questions by
Milhaskey stating “a GOOD lawyer , asks maybe one or two questions of
the witness “ What planet is the ALJ from ? subtle little remarks , that
confirmed anyones doubt about this ALJ being a complete idiot and biased.
The state was allowed to bring up everything from abortions to obituaries ,
from 1969 , but the respondent was not allowed to get in one question
about the credibility of this az gaming dept ‘witness” . (what are they hiding
? ) When Gaming Witness took the stand she said “she works for the state
of az and ‘was assigned to this case “ the Judge with that gave her a very
odd look. After lunch when the respondent started to ask questions about
this, he was stopped in his tracks by AAG and ALJ. It appears that the
ALJ asked about this “witness ‘ real story during the lunch break. What was
really going on, although she will deny it.
It also appears that AAG prepped her ‘witness “ who jumped out of the
witness chair , with ‘relief” , when the ALJ got her out of answering any
questions, after appearing very nervous. But answered questions with “to
the best of my recollection “ really who needs a psych eval here? She
cannot remember ? This investigation started in JAN ! not even a year
ago! Then multiple “I BELIEVE SO “ . OF course respondent did not know
to say I need a YES OR NO , can this witness be fraudulently
charged? Of course she swore in respondent, who had to remind the
“experienced “ ALJ she forget to say “in God we trust “ and had to prompt
her. Pretty sad. At one point ALJ said ‘you can complaint to my boss”
really like your boss isn’t part of the problem? (Greg Hanchett) Then
when reprimanding and not show any leeway to non attorney, ALJ made
another inappropriate statement. “I want this case over TODAY.” Really,
putting a time limit on the respondent, after allowing the state all morning ?
Bad actor, how about something like “I’d want due process and justice to
be served, and although we can go as long as it takes I will not allow for
repeating one’s self. “ AAG Campbell mentioned that the Dr who was fired
from WARMC, was black and that was the one in the fictional book written
by Respondent was “negroid” , Campbell mentioned SIX TIMES on the
record, a ‘fictional character was attending Howard University.” Campbell
repeated herself on every count more than once, and a number of times,
exaggerated many times including , intimidation and ‘pattern ‘ of behavior
(over a 52 year period of time , same incident 2-3 times) . While Campbell
and the BON have a steady ‘pattern of corruption behavior” . Linda Monas,

6 thoughts on “DIANE MILHASKEY”

    who works for the Dept of Gambling full time , asked repondent in interview
    about who he is in communication with and mentioned names, also about a
    board website that exposes the corrupt BON. and its members, and the fact
    she sent an email to one of the respondents contacts, whom she had NO
    IDEA who she was contacting or the relationship but was on a fishing
    expedition, asking the person “how do you know him?” And would you
    recommend Brown get his nursing license back? When she responded
    favorably that information was tossed . Only dirt , is brought up.
    On lunch break a trip to the restaurant was 3 board employees, Janeen
    Dahn who couldn’t stop grinning and giggling , he face turns beet red like a
    child sitting on the potty chair struggling. .A a tall dark brown hair, bangs,
    sits to the right on Valerie Smith , who can give really dirty looks, and this
    isn’t the first time (is THIS professional Ridenour?” ) and the “second ‘
    investigator , bald , beer gut , really dark circles under his eyes,usually
    telling on a druggie or diabetic , who refuses to give his name so gotta
    describe him. He is passing notes to Monas during the trial. Jumps right in
    and takes sides with the board in all avenues. And why was this judge
    allowing BON employees , as ‘witnesses ‘ to sit in on the entire trial ? So
    they can compliment and add to their own ‘stories” ; to remove board
    investigator, it discourages and exposes fabrication, inaccuracy and
    collusion, and why is Hanchett allowing this ? State actors just doing as
    little as they can to pick up a retirement and pay check . IF BON
    investigator not in the whole hearing, ELizabeth Campbell would have
    know the case, and do more work and when they get embarrassed in the
    courtroom, she has no one but herself to blame .
    At one point Monas told the court reporter who was taking off her necklace
    stating she sets off the metal detector, when Monas said “i’ ll escort you
    through the employee entrance “ I am sure this is highly illegal and she
    signed she would not allow NON employees to enter the building but hey
    suck up to everyone. Get the transcript written how they want , eliminate
    what they do not want . (The majority of their money comes from the
    BON). If something that they state does not want on their transcript then
    hey just ask them to change it, BON is big customer of Ohmar and Assoc.



    And what trial would be complete without Elizabeth A Campbell , AAG
    calling the respondent BIZARRE , seems to be her favorite word, like
    calling the kettle black . Then when Campbell mispronounces a word so
    BIZARRE , and was corrected by the respondent the ALJ covers for her !
    Saying she said it and corrected herself ! unreal.These are the kind of
    things the court reporter can ‘change” . Then Campbell just
    INTERRUPTING, without a ‘objection” . And the ALJ again going along with
    Monas stated on the record that the BON was able to obtain VIET NAM
    RECORDS ! Federal records ! But the ALJ must think this is r/t the BON
    , reason for denial ? unable to be regulated . ? Monas also said she has
    computer access to the BON records. A former employee of the BON .
    Sham Court biased, unethical and unprofessional . ALJ stated of the
    witness when asked a question “SHE IS NOT GOING TO KNOW THAT .”
    Are you kidding me , a ALJ knows what another person knows ? Why not
    let her answer this is absolutely a farce ! Talk about Kangaroo court .
    Did I mention that Brnovich was the director of the GAMING dept. Now AG.
    And that Ducey appointed the Chief ALJ Hanchett . AKA “director AKA
    interim Director. Who was SUPPOSE to put in the computer a way of
    evaluating the office but has FAILED in his duties to do so There is some
    weird 5 loaded questions about the ‘opinion” (encl) (easy to read, well
    written ? Your asking people who have never been in a courtroom before
    questions with nothing to compare it to ? (as well as Hanchett, not being
    an active member of the AZ BAR , while practicing law. ) .
    When ALJ Unprof Milhaskey said “we are off the record “ respondent
    gathered his things left , with the ALJ still in the room , loud laughter could
    be heard immediately as he was out of the room , and all the way to the
    elevator . Unbelievable . Sham Court aka Admin Law Court.
    Is this what is meant by fair and impartial , unbiased, fair to all citizens ,
    absolutely the most unprofessional bunch of overpaid state employees .
    I am requesting a full investigation , of this court, and request that this court
    not continue for another case. This unqualified , incompetent head of this

    court has failed in his duties, and falsified reports to superiors . should a
    nurse do this they would not only be fired but stripped of their license and
    career . Hanchett is not fit to run a courtroom that makes life changing,
    decisions for citizens.
    (this is second complaint , last one he allowed an employee to stay on staff
    even though she was way out of line, yelling at respondents, she herself
    was disciplined , but is allowed to stay on the job , when any clerk in any
    court act like this, biased, hostile they would be thrown out immediately .
    Jeffrey Sanchez, has a copy of “lorena’s “ complaint which should still be
    on file.
    Diane Milhaskey violated the Administrative Model Code for ALJ”s Rule 2.6
    Rule 2.6: Ensuring the Right to Be Heard
    (A) An ALJ shall a
    accord to every person who has a legal
    interest in a proceeding, or that person’s lawyer or lay
    representative, the right to be heard according to law.
    (B) An ALJ may encourage parties to a proceeding and
    their lawyers to settle matters in dispute but shall not act in
    a manner that coerces any party into settlement.
    When A Witness Milhaskey was protecting a witness of the state from
    being asked questions, the respondent was upset, and unable to change
    his questions , 1) the ALJ answering for the witness , stating “she wont
    know the answer to that !” 2)scolding, embarrassing , demeaning, and
    badgering the respondent , who was a witness for himself. 3) I asked if If I
    could ask questions, with that Alj Milhaskey , violated rule 2.6 , not allowing
    me to be heard . Cutting me off , again protecting the state’s illegal
    ‘witness’ to be questioned therefore making the record biased towards the
    state, and disallowing information to be in the record .
    Rehearing at best , the investigative report throw out by a non employee,
    and sanctions filed on Milhaskey and Campbell.
    Concerned Citizen, Public Member , who has attended many
    Concerned Citizen , Public member , who has attended several cases .


  3. (the short bald beer gut dark circles under eyes is Peter Wittenberg . ) Seems as if the dir wanted to bring in at additional expense a single investigator for this case in direct retaliation for running a site/ FB. She also must have thought Peter was not ‘up to it”. And couldn’t do the job . When mean Monas could witch hunt and had all the time she needed to do it. What is really strange , is a respondent complimenting an investigator, who could not ever possibly spend this much time on a reissue case on everyone , he was witch hunted for sure . She was calling every state in the nation back 40 years. Complimenting , is like saying “hey you fked up my entire life, you were the reason with your report and recommendation I don’t have a license , but you did a damn good job ” . strange , and still not ‘getting it ” . All pre-planned so why so shocked ? Everyone else knew . A board of nursing retaliating for talking bad about their co workers / members . Was it a good job when she added her deep belly dirty laugh at the end with the judge still in the room ? Recognizing he enemy is the first step.


  4. Its also about Drama as what the heck does a fictional book legally connect to the attorney’s general office and 10 lbs of public paper work of 30 year old cases with never a crime of moral turpitude. The cost of this investigation must be just plain bizarre.


  5. Unintended Consequences of Governmental Corruption AZBN
    Posted on October 18, 2019 by nightingale1
    There is no shortage of evidence linking governmental corruption with public injuries. I would define the Hanoi rat scandal as the perfect scam linking the horrors of glory bound and greedy public officials to the manifestations of the ultimate downfall of economic failure and public health disasters. The poor designs of the city’s sewer systems lead to a massive amount of rats roaming the city looking for snacks, and of course spreading disease. The government decided to put a bounty on each rat tail to signify each death. In one day better than 20,000 tails were turned in for the bounty. It wasn’t long before rats were scurrying around with no tails and the rat population continued to grow. Not long after that public officials were caught breeding rats on the outskirts of the city and releasing them into the sewers to collect the bounties. Disease and death were rampant.

    The AZBN have created the perfect environment of the demonstration of unintended consequences of corruption, not unlike the rats of Viet Nam. We have the hard evidence in the public domain of nurse destruction via corporate power to eliminate nurse trouble makers reporting the many hacks and quacks in Arizona Health care. The rats are still in Viet Nam and actually have befuddled biologist and environmentalists in their micro-evolution demonstration not only to endure but quadruple in size. I’ve seen some of these rats and they’ve got tails big enough to tow the Queen Mary. The unintended consequences of nurse abuse and destruction by this corrupted agency has not gone unnoticed by students, leaving Arizona is a nursing priority.

    Peary Brown retired R.N.


  6. It’s important that we share our stories, when we speak up, we find that are all experiencing the same thing to a certain extent. No matter who you are, if you expose misconduct or illegal behavior by a government agency, or a corporation protected by the government in Arizona, you are going to face retaliation. What’s shameful in Arizona, is the retaliation will be carried out by members of law enforcement, and persons used by law enforcement. They rarely allow you to file a complaint, if you do, their version is filled with lies. They will try to have you arrested. It helps to distract from, and discredit your claims of fraud. Then there is the smearing. Calling you crazy is common, and it’s one of their most desperate tactic. Lastly, if they view you to be a high level threat, the will find a reason to investigate you. The investigation will be used to stalk and harass you. By the way, all this is done at the expense of tax payers.


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