AZBN justifies their actions

So here is my unofficial opinion on this process. If you are a normal caring kind of person it feels bad to beat up on you. Like kicking puppies. Remember these people are not normal, nothing caring about them . to get their co workers / board members involved , and to make it ok they have to villianize you to make it ok. Nobody beats up a nice person. Everyone seems to be ok with beating up a mean person. This is a protective mechanism that I have seen for years. They have to label you, be it disruptive. Unsafe. Aggressive. Bully. Once they get their label it is do much easier. You are a danger. You are disruptive….. then they get buy in from the board members. Imagine if they told the truth. We have a really nice and competent nurse who takes care of her patients in the community who is providing better and safer care than our peers. Would they be so willing ? Would they say , hey what your doing is not right and encourage others to stop as well , or does the almight dollar rule their conscience. ? They must label and dehumanize to be able to go to battle. Been there and experienced that way too many times. Remember, they can’t touch your soul!!

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Rebel , that is going to bring down the corruption of the AZ board of nursing and the Office of admin law "Sham " court

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