nursing in arizona

The pay gap in nursing still exists: studies show that male nurses make more than female nurses despite nursing being 91% female. Initial pay differences of $5,000 at the beginning of a nurse’s career doesn’t sound like a big deal, but over 20-30 years it can add up to $150,000 difference.

From study: The salary gap was $7678 (95% CI, $5319-$10 037; P < .001) for ambulatory care and $3873 (95% CI, $3144-$4601; P < .001) for hospital settings. The gap was present in all specialties except orthopedics, ranging from $3792 (95% CI, $802-$6781; P < .001) for chronic care to $6034 (95% CI, $4175-$7893; P < .001) for cardiology. Salary differences also existed by position, ranging from $3956 (95% CI, $2174-$5737; P < .001) for middle management to $17 290 (95% CI, $11 690-$22 891; P < .001) for nurse anesthetists (Figure 2). The model accounted for half of the variance in salaries (R2 = 0.46).”

This isn’t to bash male nurses- I’m interested in discussing the factors that play into this: is it gender discrimination, is it that men negotiate better/more comfortably, or is it motherhood and child rearing factors- leaving healthcare to have children and then returning?

One thought on “nursing in arizona”

  1. I am energized.
    As you know my essay was about CHANGING the system.
    It was about the fact that there is no Due Process for nurses.
    It is about the fact that psych eval’s are used in such a way to get a probation on the nurse one that they cannot do , then revoke and meant to drive nurses to suicide, or so desolate they do not have life .

    My self esteem is fine

    The Board is going to reap what they have sown.


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