NCSBN Annual meetings March 2019

The NCSBN having a meeting and ” Mekoba-Hill” from AZ will attend. NCSBN used to have on their site the states that discipline the most , but took it off. AZ was one of the top to discipline (aka witch hunt and destroy lives ) than others. Last figures were .84% to .24% every other state.    Not to be confused with doing a ‘good job ” . Just a bunch of sociopaths who lie about reading the cases, and follow the ‘male in the middle lead”  on the board in AZ. You will be pretty stretched to find a nurse on the board in Az that works bedside in nursing. Hardly a ‘jury of your peers” , like who can relate to these “ignorant to the facts .”   They have a lot of nerve even thinking they can pull it off.   A few students fooled .   Outdated and over powered with no over sight . Although watching some old NCSBN meetings, anyone who spoke up and would try to see both sides or at all stick up for the nurse was shut down immediately . So it trickles down.   Who is going to say this is not right what they are doing , who is going to stand up and say you know I am not going along with this , in fact I will report this to the DOJ ? Not many . But sometimes like in the Chicago Police dept . those people who knew about the corruption and did not report/ act will end up with that same charges as the ones who are in Federal prison now. (Ronald Watts) Through the “code of Silence” . Crooked cops framed them . Well crooked nurses , and AAG , OAH all working it together ! The NCSBN cannot say they are not aware , the atty , the NCSBN , all informed in writing/ person . While the NCSBN is not an agency that tells the AZ BON what to do , they do have an obligation to the public , which includes nurses to watch how the boards operate and if any illegal , unethical events occurring to put them on notice and drop them from the organization.   Turning a blind eye is not an option.  Saying well they were sanction so they are ‘disgruntled ” is not an option.

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