We have found they are not for nurses.  The AZNA seems to be for the hospitals , as well as the corrupt board of nursing .  A question at a Board meeting

“WHO is there for the nurse ?”   3 lawyers gave her a card.  We wish this was true, but find the ‘board attorneys ” or the ones who go to the board all time do not aggressively go after the board.  And if they do , some thing against the Boards program , their clients will suffer the next go around.

What gives this corrupt board so much say so? Really there are laws they must follow but when they break them who is watching them?

Busby (the AZNA lobbyist ) was on the board of nursing for eight years.  When the AZNA , AZBON , and the hospitals are all  working working against the nurses/ np , cna’s , along with AG office , who would get a license to work in nursing in AZ . Unions are needed as well as safe staffing laws (that the hospital must follow , or be fined !) .   Yes ICU is 2:1 , but that is not what is being done. It is up to the nurse to REFUSE that 3rd 4th patient .   And when the corrupt hospitals go after said nurse to retaliate the corrupt board of nursing see it for what it is !   That won’t happen because the corrupt Board of Nursing AZ , is known for using their position to retaliate against nurses all the time.

Many unions want to come to AZ, but more nurses that have any guts at all like the teachers need to say enough is enough.   A hospital cannot fire you for talking union!


  1. A NP with the AZNA , was asked , if they have heard of some really well known big mistakes of the AZBON. She had, we discussed the possibility of wrongful convictions wrongful punishment , and she said , they were told “read what is on the web site the BON has written and you will see , they are all guilty . ” OH MY GOD, I thought how short sighted but then again , none of us thought a board of nursing would be so corrupt ! We would have thought the same thing ! Not sure why so naive because what cops write, what is put into files of those wrongly accused in the criminal courts is not always the slightest bit of truth to it. I guess this person will never believe it until it happens to her .
    Who would think they can take people who have lied before , their lies are proven to be lies, and the board of nursing and their nasty staff put the information on the web like it is true ! Just because a liar said it, will make it true ? It will make others such as the members of the AZNA who listens to their ‘director” who is bff with the BON, although even the Pres will tell you , “we are a separate professional organization ” . Although she knows very well how a co worker of hers got railroaded . Who is working on stopping this ? Hopefully some new nurses will say hey this could happen to me and I want safe guards in place ! That person would be one in a million , because of how people are. No one cares about anyone else, it is all about them . The AZBON does get once in a GREAT while someone who says WTF is going on, and I am not doing THAT to this nurse. They are short lived. The ones who have been there for years are selling their souls. No different than a hooker who charges , no different.


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