Something she could learn from others in the law profession , is you do not prosecute people without evidence .

Allegations of criminal/  unprofessional conduct  activity MUST be properly and thoroughly INVESTIGATED!

The failure of prosecutors to perform their work (regardless of who is doing the accusing — even if, or especially if, it’s a judge or other public official), leads to wrongful convictions and false imprisonment/ false accusations  of innocent people.

Punish the false accuser, yes! But also hold accountable the prosecutor who pursues cases based on falsehoods… or without facts and evidence to support the prosecution.



  1. There must be connections at many different levels to support this illegal behavior as a normal attorney would probably not want to be so open with known legal violations. I mean if you did this say like in the military, you would be court martialed and your license to practice in the civilian sector would be impaired. Leavenworth prison would be your home for a long time. AZBN SWAMP NEEDS DRAINING.


  2. Looking for Beth Campbell …
    Did you work for James Brook’s ?
    This Brenda Hermes..
    He was so arrogant, with remarks about me.
    ” She’ll be fine, just look at her”
    That jack-ass ruined so much of my life.

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    1. Yes, Elizabeth A Campbell, has a tendency to do that ! Sorry to hear . Many victims , she ruined so many peoples lives a real nasty bitch. She has a lot to answer for , her and her partner James Brooks.


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