the WITNESS LIST :   Yes the board of nursing arizona desperate for sure .  This lying woman , has  a record. the board doesn’t care , she can lie her head off , even changed her story and the not too bright Nikki Austin handed out both versions.  Ya know when you change your story, well , hard to keep ‘facts” straight when you make them up .  This is another low life , A LOT like GLORIA DABBS , .  Neither one had the guts to show up in person, if you read the transcript (which the board lies about reading , no way they can make those comments if they read any of it )

You will hear Saavedra , saying she couldn’t hear or pretend she heard something else . Funny how those ‘testifying ‘ aka lying through their teeth, always want questions repeated (like liar  totsch)  or will ramble on about something not asked. Saavedra using residents to get rid of me wrote all kinds of lies,  she was not happy when her incompetent boss was told of her mgt (mgt skills) Just like Dabbs,  Saavedra has a record . felony , yea  Carolyn MCcormies this is your type of friend !   She was caught stealing from the water district,  she learned it from her mother who stole money from the Girl Scout funds ! As assistant leader the girl scouts washed cars to make a trip to San Diego, Teresa’s mother holding the money when it came time to take the trip , all the money was gone!

Saavedra had worked at Yuma Medical Regional Center , not on staff but as outside firm . (her boss is on her application with DO NOT CONTACT HIM) haha . Why, Teresa did you tell parents of newborns they had to pay cash for pictures and you kept the money??    Uh Huh. Now I’m sure M Shawn Harrell wants to be her bestie ~!  Oh but her Bestie is Gina Thomas who wrote a paper against a nurse EXACTLY like T S did .  Teri Norris HR 101 you do not put close friends working together !! BFF”S since 3rd grade , and both up to no good. But Gina was gonna risk it and backed out of showing up on the TELEPHONE for court .

When asked if I would move i said no Bushey is the blowhard, bully, he cause the problem tell him to move . Then I found out that she was “close” buds with Bushey , I told her i would move although I was working long hours and not something you want to do on your day off , to get away from him. T S said ‘all apts are full ” I thought that is weird.  lots of empty car spots. SO I asked the cleaning girls , they said “lots of empty ones ! ”  What ! then T S looking out the window saw them talking to me, and motion them in , heard a lot of screaming . Guess they got in trouble for telling me the truth.

So purchased an expensive camera , to leave in the window focused on my car, when Bushey told TS about it she encouraged him to call the police right away ! .   Bushey testified and was proud of it had the cops name who came , and said T S told him to ! what , the apts have security cameras , did Bushey call the police on that ???  Reporting a security camera and the mgr telling him to, that is just plain odd and makes you wonder if these two are “all there” mentally .  Odd . Strange happenings all the way around.

Oh and Teresa wrote bad checks but what pissed off the cops was she LIED ABOUT IT !  tried saying her check book was stolen at a FAMILY REUNION , NOW i can believe all of her relatives are thieves , for sure.  Her son, husband, all have records.  Big time drug users .  Her husband was at the apts, making drug deals with Paul Bushey , and Dorita Pools husband.  The apt next door was empty for a couple of weeks, when Ts and PB were coming out together , still arranging their clothes, and cloud of funky smelling smoke coming out .

Dorita Pool buying Avon from T S who was told she could not sell things to residents at the apts did it anyways. Then she got caught using the inner office mail envelopes selling to employees at the hospital .   In return T S gave special favors to Dorita , another one who is deceiving , in her own marriage .

T S was ‘friendly with P B ” but the man who wrote about their affair, and he got and STD from her , well you cant write something like this unless it’s true . The guy is banging TS and writes “i felt sorry for her husband he worked his *ss off in Somerton, and she is screwing around on him ”   This is where Gina comes in, watching the front desk while TS is showing apts to ‘would be renters” who never showed up to live there.  She had key to every apt.

In fact it wasn’t until much later I discovered she went into my apt, probably had PB watching and stole my flash drive . THIS is how she got the ‘write up ” of P B    BFF Jonathan Hill. ( who got involved and lied for Bushey ) .  Another married nurse who wife was in ALAbama while he is banging the student nurse in the ED.    To turn him against me, didn’t turn it in to anyone just keeping records .  So how did he get it, T S stole the flash drive ! Entered my apt illegally .   He lied about many things , but told me “Paul lets me shoot his gun ” HAHA. Yes little boys, do like their toys.   But Jonathan shooting when you hardly ever saw him sober , dangerous .   Wouldn’t an educated person , wonder why the housing mgr was having meetings asking people to write down what this ONE NURSE HAD DONE TO THEM ??/ OH but this is how T S operates UNPROFESSIONAL she doesn’t know how ! Her boss got a report on how T S was running the apts. and T S was gonna ‘get even ” .  Well it bounced back on her, cause when the board member who is on staff read what I had in writing documents and the police reports , T S got sh*t canned again !   Of course she lied like crazy on her application , I guess the BON can over look AT LOT , unless it is a nurse doing this they are after .   Oh and people should know not to trust T S when she rolled over on her sister TRACY DOMINQUEZ, who was stealing from her employer , both her and T S worked same place and Tracy went to prison for 5 years . yup resident of Perryville , did she catch on, why she was the only one who went to prison?   Then she got out and the mother, liar  told everyone she is a nurse, and she is giving botox in yuma !   (T S neighbor , before she got evicted again , said TS told him she is a nurse at YRMC , wanna bees )   Teri Norris , a real unqualified and proved it many times mgr over T S was completely oblivious to TS past or what was going on. and she worked HR !!!    lazy did not do anything. Until she saw true stories about YUMA , that would interfere with her recruiting .  Now she is no longer at YRMC , partners in crime with another liar Ann Totsch.

The court case where the back yard neighbor (before TS got evicted ) went in for a protection order, T S and her kids throwing rocks at her , then flicking cigarettes on her trampoline to burn holes in it. T S tormenting this woman’s kids on the way home from school, playing loud music, swearing name calling all hours of the night.  This woman was scared to death of T S . teaching her kids to throw rocks , because they wanted this trampoline gone because when they were on it they could see over the fence and she didn’t want people spying on her .   YES this , is the one that the AZ BOARD OF NURSING used for their witness to take a good  , hard working ,self supporting nurses license away .   Putting this wenches lies in print , it takes a real ignorant person to even think for one minute anything she says it true .  This is what the board of nursing is made up of, they must relate , and agree with her actions, and want to team up . Thief, liar, law breakers , cheating spouse, just like Dorita Pool , this is what the AZ BON values .  While telling everyone they are protecting the public !   Avoid AZ at all costs and Yuma, the ‘leadership mgt ‘ went along with all of this.   Maybe Leslie Dalton does lunch with her fellow Yuman .

One thought on “TERESA SAAVEDRA”

  1. Very sad for this nurse who is a victim of these low lives. Shame on that AZ Board of Nursing for joining forces with these game players . THIS puts them all on the same team. Like twins, like friends, like thinkers. I bet McCormies would like to have a sleep over with Saavedra, and her ex con sister , and bring Harrell . They are all the same, working it as a team . NO different ,nothing separates them . You cannot use someone to get you off the hook for filing notice of charges and not expect to be in their boat . Nothing separates any of you from them , all lying and deceiving in their own ways.


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