“Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive”

This is something the Board of Nursing in Arizona , should read and learn from it. Starting out with their lies and liars who they call ‘witnesses” only to end up with so much out there on their practices and what they have done . The dastardly deeds done to nurses is spread far and wide all of it true.  The numbers of lies they have told and are still doing it. Mostly still trying to prove their case . There is no case never was. It they can send others to me and say do horrific things, then see if they can get one  upset, they can say , see there , told you .   It hasn’t happened has it Elizabeth A Campbell.  ( A G OFFICE ) Trying it in the court room , telling the atty for the defense don’t object, putting on a psych experiment , badgering . Then telling the out of control secretary at the court to attack, didn’t work did it. ? Then having guards at BON stand in a stance of ‘grabbing distance ” . Sickening you are, laughable crazy bitch you are. Then having guard on a day when no board meeting to attend , costing taxpayers for your further dog and pony show. When the sec guards did not intimidate bring in the police. When they found out your and your partner in crime are FOS!   Then having males who work for the board one at a time, follow, stalk, harass, they got called out on it. Then send in to the police a false report , EMMA MAMALUY , backfired.   They knew it was all lies .   Then telling board members and staff lies.  Oh what a tangled web you have weaved yourself , when you practice to deceive ”   Emerson was right .   Sickening , you should have done things legal, and ethical all along , now you both got your tits in the wringer.   Shame on you and those stupid enough to engage and go along with your nastiness .  And the ones you did it for , friend of a friend, in Yuma, well they don’t care, You are  the fools. Emerson was right !

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