Elisabeth A Campbell

There’s MORE :    at OAH a SHAM COURT Phoenix, Az, about to be signed by Ducey to renew , for 8 years ! they go by PREPONDERANCE OF THE EVIDENCE, not beyond reasonable doubt. What they call “evidence is the state finding anyone who will lie then quote them, so they think their hands are clean . dirt bag ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL AAG , contacted a felon , (did not check out her background) but the criminal told Campbell, that she took her mother to play Euchre, Campbell on the record said she never heard of a card game called Euchre so she goggled that !! really ??? this is what the atty generals office is come down to , costing taxpayers money so she can look up a card game this woman’s mother in Fla plays,! via the mouth of a felon, who ended up being her “witness’ , when she had no contact with the respondent for 30 years ! So why was she a “witness” ?? Cause she can name call make up lies , and had motive to do so !! Stooping to an all time LOW ! . BUT Campbell neglected to look up her main witness who stated she was a RN, “worked as a nurse 13 yrs ” whether she even had a license !!! (worked in Yuma 13 yrs and never had a nursing license in AZ !! __ Campbell, is   UNPROFESSIONAL , LAZY, INCOMPETENT ,  But she found out how to play Euchre!

4 thoughts on “Elisabeth A Campbell”

  1. History bequeaths a demonstrative message: Some who gain a position of power will inevitably strike down the rights of others, animals and humans, in the name of greed, grandiosity, and evil sadistic gratification.


  2. “How can she continue to say the nurses are all guilty ? They didn’t do it! So why on earth would they all voluntarily say they you have no case here and the nurse never wins in the sham court ! Can they all be wrong ?

    My answer: She perpetuates the knowingly false and malicious narrative because she/THEY must stick with the playbook and “the script,” and admit to nothing in each case – even after the real evidence points to the ‘witnesses lying ! ”

    The AAG admiting they were wrong , would not be good for , their agencies, and for the “best justice and legal system in the world”! She and her accomplices would then necessarily HAVE to be prosecuted for their own CRIMES (more palatably known as “misconduct”) in framing, and maliciously prosecuting, convicting, and falsely ordering psych evals, when the find nothing clinically and revoking the licenses held over their head, to obey ! (no way !)
    No, the scandal and additional consequential admissions (e.g., the state failed and there was no justice had by anyone; the state lied and duped everyone — including the underlying victim; the state did not INVESTIGATE properly and thoroughly, and circumvented due process in order to close the cases quickly, conveniently, economically, expediently; the state would have no leg whatsoever to stand on when the lawsuits came in; etc., etc.) would create an enormous burden for the state and its agents… too much to bear without the fight of “the script” – the false narrative!

    Another reason she maintains the false narrative is because she (like her partners in crime) is an amoral being without any personal integrity.

    It’s how the all-too many rogue element manage their cases, courtrooms, and our justice-legal system. They have obviously deemed any and all of us regular folk “disposable.”


  3. Remember this queen of clowns at a hearing for another nurse she was screwing over. Several nurses showed up and Campbell was taken by surprise . She gave her usual shitty arguments, sitting their like a high priced tattle tail bitch. Kimberly Kent had a great argument but it was PATRICIA STARR , a rubber stamp corrupt judge . When it was over Campbell the chicken shit she is would not stand by the street for her ride she was hiding inside , like a scare cat , a real sneaky one, hiding inside lurking in the shadows. She was facing more than one she messed up their lives , gave them a lot of pain. She doesn’t care she can shove that piece of steak in her big mouth and chew away and chase it with that red wine with no conscience . “for Mark Brnovich” is her title she knows she is a no body and 2 steps from getting the door slammed in her behind . And when that happens the schadenfreude slut will get to see how it feels.


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