Hey guys, nice sight , can I add another lying so called “witness ” to the AZ board of nursing’s list of those willing to lie ?

Her name is ANNE LAVONNE TOTSCH,  she testified that her father was a chief of police in Cathridege , Ill. <she brags home of where Joseph Smith was hung >.  to those who know her . But no one knows anything of her father being COP.  Isn’t that odd no one remembers that ?

Totsch  lied to the AZBON investigator , Nikki Austin , Ms Incompetent herself, Totsch told her she worked for the DEA , but did Austin check this out ? Oh no. Austin , nor her partner in crime ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL nor the ‘chief counsel , Emma Mamaluy checked  out her story.  When a nurse who was being abused not only by a dangerous male, in the apts owned by YUMA REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER ,  but by the staff as well.    Ms  Totsch, who by now was moved to the Risk Mgt department, and was trying to figure out how to get her company out of what appears to be something , even after leaving this nurse is not going to take the abuse.  It appears that Anne is quite the story teller, and can lie at the drop of a hat.   Why is that a trained ‘investigator ‘ at the AZBON could not be honest and actually investigate her lying witnesses , and say, this person is lying and the nurse was telling the truth all along.   Why.  Well , we do have a theory.  The connection with the AZ BON and Yuma is a well traveled , long history , and connected.

This nurse said, you people are corrupt , and siding with your lying housing person in the office, (felon T Saavedra ) and a person who is not even working at YRMC  , being supported by a woman.     This nurse left beginning of April , when Ann Totsch (the liar )  suddenly remembered , about September, that this nurse called her and left voice mails she was going to do harm to her ! Wow ! .  This is odd for several reasons ,

1) why wouldn’t she report this immediately , IF it happened . which it did not .

2) Why is she reporting this to the AZ BON , and not police ?

3)why did they not just drop it , she’s gone and get on with hospital business and take care of patients , or were they worried that since this nurse prevailed in court against the stalker the medical center might have a problem .

SO lying ANNE TOTSCH decided to concoct this wild story . When asked if she saved any voice mails, she did not . Another ODD event !  Did she call her own hospital security to report this ? nope , she did not do this at all . When asked if anyone else heard her tall tales , “oh yes the chief of police did” .  Well we contacted the COP, and he denies hearing any voice mails ! Denies even hearing this nurses name !

Totsch went on to really devise a story , and the plot thickens . She actually said this COP was writing policies for the hospital and was turning this nurse over to the county attorney for prosecution!   I guess this story teller thinks if you say it enough it will come true.    Now if Austin did not recognize a nut case by now, well no hope for her .And partner in Crime Elizabeth A Campbell , was not any wiser.

NOW the real clincher comes when this woman who is desperate to go on a shame and blame game with this nurse , who is not posing any risk but HR , security or risk mgt  did NOTHING while the nurse was there.  Took no action , except to add on their site ‘safe housing”.  Neither did incompetent HR Teri Norris, ignored the problem.  Now the trouble maker , who knows how to play victim PAUL  FRANCIS BUSHEY , has the cajones to go to Totsch, for money .  This is a non employee, she states he looked so “kindly ” .   So did Ted Bundy, is this ‘former dea agent , really duped by someone’s looks ”  (another red flag incompetent board members !  She gave so many strange tales to the AZBON but they kept her to lie for them, after filing notice of charges, could they back out ? and admit made a mistake !!

Desperate Totsch testifies , ‘as a nurse she would not want her worst enemy taken care of by this nurse, ” well another lazy lawyer trick, do not check out your witnesses !  It appears that Totsch , is not a nurse or ever been licensed in AZ ! a class 6 felony . !   She even lied under oath about this .  Wrote Rn by her name.    While the two partners in crime were busy using her lying statements , against the nurse . Lazy incompetent , no investigation only witch hunt .  But Totsch is certainly willing to lie and hey they’ll take it . NO evidence .

Now if that did not get this  ATTY GEN employee , or the “senior ” AZ BON/ and now Assoc Dir/  attention this woman has much hate for this nurse , but find out the two have NEVER MET !    Wow , so much hate and defaming statements , someone you caused to break a contract and get the h*ll out of Yuma .  Totsch not only compliments the stalker , but stating nasty comments about this nurse , any investigator or atty with any common sense would know she was retaliating , and playing turn the tables to save her job !    Maybe they did , and were still  willing to use this liar TOTSCH committing fraud on the court.

Now as if it could not get any more insane.   Totsch states on the record, that the employees told her they did not want this nurse back. (as if the this nurse would ever darken this YUMA REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTERS DIRTY DOORS , ) .  Really have a meeting about a nurse who was not on staff and quit , as if that alone is not a red flag and surely never happened . Totsch  testified the reason was :: are you ready for this ?   Cause if this did not toss her as having some real hatred and mental issues , what would ?   She may as well of said ‘because she killed Jon benet Ramsey ” .    Ok here it is “she was always talking about aliens at work , not the illegal ones, but the outer space ones ” .     Well , this got a reaction from Lett, who’s EYES bugged out, like  WHOA !! .   Of course he wont be the first psych to call the entire situation in YUMA , ‘crazy talk ” ., by his actions .     IF the back ground theme , dododododo , from Twight Zone, a FICTION, psychodrama, was playing it would have been laughable.  Surely Rod Serling would have never given lying Totsch, any academy award or nominate her for one.  Disgusting is what Totsch is, dirty lying nasty wicked evil woman .  And to think Yuma Regional Medical Horror show, had her on staff in the leadership committee!   This is best they got ?    Beware if you live by her , steer clear if you have any dealings with her . And just to be clear , her name is on the AZ BON site under NURSE IMPOSTER .   She committed perjury, fraud , and committee a class 6 felony but the the one who suffered was the nurse who lost her career.  A corrupt ALJ MIKE DOUGLAS who was not in the court room ,decided that Totsch was ‘credible ” . He is not qualified to judge anyone, neither are the clowns on the AZ BON ! Anyone in the court room knew she was lying, the AZBON members lied about reading the transcript lied too.    Hey Anne Totsch if ANY of this is not true , or you are not a liar , sue me .   You are a disgusting piece of filth , hideous, revolting loathsome vile POS,  not to be trusted . Just like all the other so called “witnesses ” .

2 thoughts on “ANNE TOTSCH”

  1. If you’ve been a witness enough in life, and on the stand, you know that lying is very common. You sense you have the opportunity to create power for yourself. The righteous don’t expound on that. Perjury via AZBN adm law court is routine, they’ve already decided their decision will not be overturned; at all costs. I’ve seen physicians tell one lie righrt after the other with Campbell leading then all the way. This is a very illegal and unethical person.


  2. ANN TOTSCH lied about so many things she is a disgrace to the human race . Be leery of this one her lies are so obvious . Of course the corrupt az board of nursing loves it when they find those willing to lie their heads off . AZ BON and ANN TOTSCH partners in crime . No conscience. Wicked bitch for sure .


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