If you report an unsafe situation, they will turn on you. They have nothing to do with public safety. A nurse is part of the public being abused , they do not care they will put salt in the wound .

If you point out abuse you will be abused. If you don’t go along with the status quo you will be eliminated. There is always going to be some fool who will come along and say they are a ‘witness” > AKA LIARS. And  anything you tell them to ‘see” they can make a false report on. .  As long as there are those who will “step up” to take the abuse and insanity Nursing and the public will be at risk .  Nothing will change, those who sign lies to make the corrupt AZBON go away and settle. You give them a a “pass “.    Therefore the huge amount of of mistakes, and errors,  and no agency is really taking care of the  dangerous nurses, the impaired nurses , the unfocused . This harms the public , the patients.   Nursing  will continue down this path to destroy those who resist and abuse those who go along.   Those victims of the AZBON will be confused, they are taught to advocate for the  profession , when they do they get attacked with false complaints.   Those who love to do what the boss wants , lie for the boss. And how do these liars get rewarded ?  They get promotions, they move into virtual meeting goers, accomplishing nothing but a empty plate of cookies . Idea of the month club , meeting goers while heathcare is at an all time high for mistakes, fatal mistakes , infections, poor care by those who are suffering wondering how they can do it another day. No one backing them . No one, paid state agency with  level headed members who can put themselves in the nurses place , just blame , shame belittle .


  1. There are those whod argue this article is not true. It is true, every word of it. To add more tales of corruption one only has to actually attempt to correct the well know phrase, ‘No good deed goes unpunished’. The crookedness does have its fall out and that would be Arizona is one of the top three states with the highest demand for travelers. Nice state to pass through. Few informed nurses will live and staff here.


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