Nikki Rae Austin’s “WITNESS”

Nikki Rae AUSTIN , spent so much time on a “matter ‘ that turned out to be nothing but , well BULLSHIT . Looks like the , faux investigator cost her a job too.  Investigator , well Shurlock Holmes she is not.

A nurse she has listed on her “witness ‘ list from the Yuma hell hole medical center , contained KELLY Marie ELY.   Ms ELY wrote a letter at Paul Bushey’s request. He went around to everyone in the housing units to ask them to write a letter to help him .  Remember this is employee housing, but Bushey never worked !   He was living off a woman .  And had lots of time of his hands .    Now , I got this handful of ‘letters ” supposedly written to benefit Bushey,  all handed in to the off site mgr who was selling drugs , her husband supplied her with .    The majority of the ‘writers ” I had not idea who  they were.     I looked up to see if Ely was a nurse or what .       More than  one of the liars and  nut jobs who wrote stuff , that was wild imagination to say the least.

Kelly wrote , that I was talking to her , (HMMM I do not remember this) so I looked her up , who is this person. I still have no clue .  She wrote that I was talked to her and that I kept ‘looking around her , and peering over her shoulder then saying “HERE THEY COME !! ” .  Wow.   Almost as weird as Ann Totsch lies she told the BON.    It was quit a story she made up , the date would have put me gone for over a month, and the story was to make someone look crazy or hallucinating.    Well , I found out what this ‘investigator FAILURE did not use KELLY ELY for a ‘witness” . She was on probation !   For stealing drugs ! Who was hallucinating !    good catch Nikki Austin, or did someone else have to tell you, ! we can’t use her . Austin, (witch hunter who will take anyone’s statement ) .  Ely stole morphine from County Hospital, and one other place, then Yuma the low life scum suckers they are , put her in OB !! When she failed to have someone watch her wastes !! Imagine that . Now remember Cindy Bushey worked OB, post partum and they kicked her out , told her she didnt know anything and ‘go work med surg “.   So did Ely and Cindy Bushey meet and decide to screw over another nurse?  That way Paul the trouble maker would not get kicked out and Cindy could some back . I mean what other hospital hires, and keeps incompetent and drugs users ?    Stay tuned for “THE WITNESS” list .


4 thoughts on “Nikki Rae Austin’s “WITNESS””

  1. THIS was the wicked one (NIKKI RAE AUSTIN) who did the ‘investigation on Amanda Trujillo . the Rn who was advocating for a patient , which upset a Dr, and you know the nurse is gonna take the fall. Austin was not simply “doing her job, ” like she would like people to believe , she was riding her broom all over the place witch hunting , sneeky, slim ball that one, do not trust her !


  2. Austin went after amanda trujillo like a bull dog. Nikki is ruthless and pityful a real nasty bitch. Careful she is surely on the prowl . Poor david got out . That was #2 . Advice to anyone entangled with this dirty player, do not turn your back , watch your back, hell just get the hell away from this monster . Don’t be fooled .


  3. NO one can trust NIKKI RAE AUSTIN . She is a liar, she worked for the az board of nursing , didn’t last long. She does have to keep moving . She wrote out investigative reports filled with lies, she can put a dirty cop to shame , falsifying records. Imagine what this with had to say in person. A real con this one. She moved to Boise Idaho, and appears she has had several jobs since then. Just one of those nasty , dirty , lying bitch’s . The board of nursing in Idaho should investigate , but won’t. the BAR should disbar her for her conspiracy to take down a good nurse , several good nurses , to get a healthy raise and feather her own pig stye. Just a real piece of stinky shit show pile of manure . Be careful if you fire this one, and be real careful getting into any kind of relationship. Like a black widow . Someone who raised this mess has some sociopathic tendencies , something happened. If who ever is the father of those kids wants to take them away , many nurses would be very happy to give you a statement . Reminds you of Lori and Chad as parents . Daybell. And most likely this NIKKI RAE AUSTIN is the same cult , really messed up in the mind. I would even bet that the dirty lawyer she worked with would not recommended her for a dog fight . She’d make a good mud wrestler with her string bikini on , if you can picture a sumo wrestler , well … twins !


  4. With NIKKI AUSTIN you just cannot trust this witch. Sneaky . Willing to lie. But is stupid about it . a real dog . She does have to keep moving around , she gets figured out pretty quickly . Pity her neighbors in Boise. !!


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