Nurses who think it can’t happen to them

OR those who didn’t think it happen to others .

One thing I think we have to be aware of is a feeling that we somehow need to be quiet, that maybe we did something wrong or shameful. I have learned in the past few years to tell my story freely and if people say that can’t be true I say that’s just what I believed before it happened to me. If they persist I tell them it is that attitude that allows these boards to continue abusing innocent professionals who don’t get a jury, public defender or real judge to hear their case and even if they were judged innocent the board can ignore that ruling to continue their harassment. Someday someone will hear one of us…


2 thoughts on “Nurses who think it can’t happen to them”

    1. CNA’s Rn’s, NP’s , just do not think a board of nursing would or can operate like this.
      How can they put untrue statements on the internet ?
      They take someone they know is not telling the truth, and get their statement , and publish it .
      A Rn before them , tells the board , it was an ex husband a jealous girlfriend who threatened them “I will make sure the board takes you license ” and pretty much that is all it takes. Let’s hope with board members up to be replaced which is over due, that things change for the better .


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