Do not sign consent agreements, go to court !



ANYONE who signs a plea deal NOT ONLY signs away any claim of innocence BUT ALSO signs away his precious name and integrity.

Second, while a lot of persons would commend you charitable “forgiveness” of the person who ruined your life, I urge you to consider the following:

1. Jewish law, set down in Deuteronomy, clearly states that those who make false allegations must be punished here on Earth. Moreover, the punishment is clear: an eye for an eye, etc.

2. Jesus ALSO said to render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s and unto God what is God’s. This clearly indicates that while God’s law is supreme, we are also subject to the laws of the land. The person who made the false allegations against you is guilty of breaking the Sixth Commandment and will receive her rewards in due course. HOWEVER, she also broke the law of the land, and therefore she should be punished according to those laws.

3. It is immaterial WHY she did what she did, and it serves no purpose to excuse her actions in any way. BECAUSE, for all you know, she could have devastated other people’s lives also. And that is why we have laws and rules, here on Earth and in Heaven. This is NOT about revenge. It is about stopping this person, who is essentially a terrorist, from harming others.

Finally, I am so sorry that this happened to you.

5 thoughts on “Do not sign consent agreements, go to court !”

  1. This is true, do not sign those consents, when a Jew, Christian, or Hindu causes harm they must be punished by the law of the land. There needs to be a class action lawsuit brought against the Arizona State Board of Nursing, their investigators and their lying low life lawyers like cunt campbell and kunt krishna.
    Jury tampering, perjury, brady violations, and so much more.
    See how the state of Arizona & Corizon Health Care, and the prison system is having to pay out prisoners/detainees from prisons in Arizona after abuse and neglect, lying, falsifying documents, and more to the prisoners/detainees or their family members.

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  2. This is how board of nursing trials go, of course the liars all have motives and the prosecutor knows they are liars but doesn’t care! Prosecuting Innocents 101

    How to get jurors to convict: ( or a ALJ w/o any integrity !)
    1. Lie to them; and 2. Get witnesses to lie to them. SIMPLE

    YEP , this is how they do it. Of course the word “witness ” is a misnomer, high paid liars , with no conscience . Just like the prosecutor


  3. These board , state agencies like the corrupt az board of nursing, the attorney general working in collusion are like a private prison they have beds and programs to fill and most importantly a captive clientele without any constitutional or due process rights.

    But there is something more beyond the above. You are dealing with psychopathic individuals at the hospital, board and AG level. Folks that actually enjoy torturing you. They get off on the power to break you – but it’s for your own good according to them. From what I hear the counseling sessions operate like reeducation centers. You admit you are an addict , or have mental issues even if you have never used drugs or alcohol , or have ever had anyone suggest in the slightest , or you won’t be “cured” of what ever in the h*ll they are suggesting you are so messed up with . Who’s the crazy ones ?


  4. BRIAN J WALL IRVING TX a new grad of one month things that this cannot happen. Of course long term licensed (not working as a nurse) but just holding a license , will say so too. So the ignorant and the ignoring evidence. both same at denying . I would love to have mouthy brian j wall for a nurse for about one hour. little know it all , already.


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