2 thoughts on “Arizona Mormons taking over government. Beware moving to AZ the cult influence.”

  1. SHAWN KELSEY wrote : My truthful testimony about the happenings of the Mormon church. At age 4 I started being forcibly sodomized by a member of the Mormon church a man who caused me to live in spiritual bondage to the devil bound with the chains of death and hell unable to even attend elementary school abused so severely that I was hospitalized in primary childrens hospital and even institutionalized as a child because of the severity of the abuse and later exploited as an introverted shy homeless child I was unwillingly put into the service of a Mormon serial child predator who exploited me and other children and required us to provide children for sex as part of living with him a Mormon who manufactured child pornography but got scared when I expressed that was something I was opposed to he all of a sudden became a victim and went yelling and screaming about how he was the victim forced against his will by his victims to do what he was doing. The same Mormon man who literally caused me to be imprisoned in juvenile detention as a shy scared unwilling introveted child because I was NOT able to procure child sex for him to which he required that my 15 year old girlfriend Norma Dawn Rasmussen be forfeit as payment and was to be his next victim without having me in his home. Because of being an exploited child I tried to protect another child victim I was literally falsely convicted of terrorism with no trial no lawyer and no court proceedings only for refusing to join and support white supremacy and organized crime child sex trafficking drug dealers who were threatening to kill children to get away with their crimes against children including holding a child hostage refusing her medical treatment to conceal evidence of those child sex crimes by a Mormon judge named Aldredge supporting those white supremacist child sex trafficking drug dealers who were exploiting children. I have never not ever in my entire life ever been able to recover or overcome the adversity that I suffered from unrighteously being an exploited victimized child but I had started putting my life together and had a good job and a wife that I loved more than the entire world and air to breathe and all of that was taken away from me by Mormon church member and corrupt businessmen Brent Brown the lying slanderous lying scandal mongering lying false witness bearing lying perjurer who perpetrated fraud by lying to aquire lawsuits based on fictitiously reporting non existent crimes and pretending to be a victim of crimes that have never actually occurred for the ability to use fraudulent lawsuits as extortion against an already unrecoverable toddler rape victim and victim of child exploitation. And the end result was that he caused divorce dissension and division. Because it is possible that you cult of Satan worshipers don’t know the truth let me explain it to you. Every single word I just described is literally not figuratively but literally the attributes of Satan and Satan alone and only Satan or in other words the Mormon father in heaven who is the father of all lies and is therefore Satan who is a slanderous scandal mongering false witness bearing perjurer and extortionist to fight against an already injured victimized and unrecoverable toddler rape and child exploitation victim who causes divorce dissension and division through harrassment, ridicule, stalking, oppression, abasement and abuse of his victims even one who couldn’t even attend elementary school because of being victimized and held in bondage by toddler rapist Mormons who are upheld at the expense of the children they abuse. Can you prove that the Mormon church is not a satanic child rape sex cult trying to defame disparage and destroy victims? I bet you can’t prove it without lying! Which is of course brought to pass by the father of all lies Satan or the God of most Mormons. I am hurting, and I am afflicted, I am abased and I am not going to go quietly into darkness to suffer eternal destruction for the protection of a corrupt slanderous scandal mongering false witness bearing perjurer or serial child predator rapist and child pornographers and child sex trafficking drug dealers who exploited me and other children and then used us as scapegoats to carry away the truth and their sins by destroying their innocent child victims. My mother already died to pay the price for me refusing to join Satan and my mother never abused or trafficked or exploited children like what was done to me and was never a white supremacist organized crime child sex trafficking drug dealer who exploited children like what was upheld by Mormon church members but yet she died anyway only because of me refusing to submit to Satan, even though she desperately tried to protect her children from what ended up happening anyway because nobody can protect children from what basically amounts to a religion that displays the exact same characteristics of white supremacist organized crime in support of its guilty men at the expense of their victims and she even died because of it. Glory be to the Mormon church the perpetraors of fraud, the slanderous scandal mongering false witness bearing saviors of themselves at the expense of women and children all the true attributes of Satan. And what is the most redeeming attributes of Mormonism? The ability to destroy victims to maintain a false good reputation even if it is destroying the innocent or righteous or abased, abused or afflicted all for the sake of supporting corruption to maintain that false good reputation at all costs. And money I forgot that Mormons love their money boy do Mormons love their money just about as much as an organized crime syndicate that oppresses and abuses and exploits children loves money. I think Nine Inch Nails wrote a song that could be the Mormon anthem the lyrics say God money I will do anything for you God money just tell me what you want me to. Mormonism an organized crime syndicate that oppresses and abuses children and then uses them as scapegoats to carry away their crimes and sins on the backs of those broken and raped children.

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