paul francis bushey alcoholic narcisstic blowhard . Biker gang leader drug using , gun toting liar. AKA lampshade (oh yea the ‘life’ of the party .

unemployed trouble maker (this describes him to a T) just add bully, gets others to fight for him , while he is playing ‘victim’.

If you turn the tables on a narcissist and start treating him the same way he treated you—like a snotty used tissue—he will panic. He could make it all go away in an instant by constructively resolving the conflict like an adult; i.e., by admitting his mistakes and making amends. This seems like “conceding defeat” to him, and in his NPD-riddled mind would make him into an utterly worthless human. Instead, he will become enraged to the point of incoherence and continue on his campaign of self-destruction, calling that “winning.”

The narcissist will immediately convene a meeting of all of his most loyal flying monkeys, detailing and embellishing the “abuse” you subjected him to, conveniently omitting what he did to cause you to behave this way. For example, he may have called you any number of slanderous names to place the fault on you for his own problems and behavior—such as “homewrecker,” “husband-snatcher,” and “whore”— but if you in return call him a “thief,” then YOU are an abuser! He will paint himself as a poor little lamb, picked out at random by an insane person (you) for torment. His loyal monkeys will up the ante trying to insult and intimidate you, making themselves look like the crazy ones for publicly bullying and shaming a fellow human who everyone else knows to be perfectly nice. The narcissist, meanwhile, will run and hide. He is too cowardly to personally face the person he intentionally hurt, and too embarrassed to interact with her now that she sees behind his mask.

Hopefully, this experience of actual pain and humiliation will ultimately lead the narcissist to seriously consider outcomes before intentionally destroying lives in the future. Narcissists’ personal interests are ALL that matter to them, so making it really hit home that abuse can backfire is our best chance of disabling these very sick predators.


4 thoughts on “paul francis bushey alcoholic narcisstic blowhard . Biker gang leader drug using , gun toting liar. AKA lampshade (oh yea the ‘life’ of the party .”

  1. Thanks for this website, and the dedicated colleagues who spend their personal time and resources to continue to follow this group of ignorant cunts from the Arizona Nursing board, and the cock suckers at the AZ AG office.
    If it was not for the boldness of you colleagues that is standing up against foul cunts like queer ball Quinn and the others from AZBON, the rest of us would not know about the shit pile in AZ.
    I almost took an assignment in AZ 6 months ago.
    I have been passing the information along to everyone and anyone I talk to, I also give them a copy of this website. I will continue to do my part.


  2. This is the instigator . BUSHEY . Why is it that a corrupt board will go after a hard working self supporting single woman who is just trying make a living , over a drunken lazy gigalo , who is only there to cause trouble. When the nurse who has great insight on these sociopaths and can pick one out, reports this to mgr, they do nothing, and when it rises to their pocket book , they turn the tables. This is the reason that Bushey , who needs a skrink in the worst way , did what he did . EXPOSED for what he really is ! The Corrupt Board of Nursing has been exposed too. I just want to emphasize more on the answer from Rebel. Never in your life should try to unmask a Narcissists. It destroys their reputation in front of their loved ones and you might get hurt. Should in case the narcissist be one of the malignant narcissists, they will even go further by abusing you physically.

    How did you expose them unconsciously? By telling their family members, friends about your ordeal in the hand of a narcissist. Such acts automatically hurt their ego leading to narcissistic injury. Remember that you were only idealized and they believe that you should always keep to rules and regulations that were laid down by the narcissists.

    Instead of you trying to expose them, just walk away from the abusive relationship. Whatever action you take against a narcissist is not going to change anything. Even though you know their next victim, just mind your own business and focus on regaining your lost confidence and self-esteem!


  3. Quit job left, but yet EMMA MAMALUY is still trying to file false reports about DANGEROUS , THREATENING, all bullshit EMMA MAMALUY , you lying low life . Try telling the TRUTH !


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