Here is an open letter to Jimmie Dee Smith , who was at the AZ BAR.    Another agency that a book was written about SHAMING JUSTICE by Bartus Trust.   Got to be something to all of the nurses who have complained about the injustice , and corruption at the board of nursing.  This is recognizing Sucui, who was the agent for YRMC *YUMA Regional Medical Center).

Attached you will find the complaint submitted to the AZ BAR who continued to state ‘he had a legal right to submit ” although they know very well my complaint was ETHICAL !
Sucui had NO FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE but puts his name to this pack of lies . Underhanded.
He knew or should have known it was all lies and retaliation. Once a complaint it opens up to the BON filing anything and everything that has nothing to do with the complaint .
SHAME on this pettifogger lawyer who made money off of YRMC to submit this garbage that is nothing more than one big gossisp session and orchastrated lies .
YOU are from Yuma , you know him . Only a weasel of this caliper would send in the babble to make a buck knowing the BON members are on staff at YRMC , and did not recuse the vote. ANd cause a hard working single self supporting nurse to lose her career , so he could benefit. (based on lies of his employees)
He is right in line with Ann totsch a LIAR, Teri Norris LIAR, Teresa Saavedra LIAR and criminal record ! a really close knit gang of thugs.



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