Arizona nursing license . Can cause lifetime damage to you, don’t do it !!

The Arizona Board of Nursing and staff have utilized every tool at their disposal, including misinformation and vicious, harmful rhetoric, to demonize nurses who have done nothing wrong.     A solid nursing practice , the investigators chasing gossip, digging to find that liar who is willing to tell tall tales,  to give a hideous report to the board. A board  who should know that they make up lies, add words to sensationalize it , and have no real evidence !   These people are NASTY , and may try to justify their actions, like a prosecutor. “someone has to do it”.  But they chose to be on the board, work at the board.  They have had a number of attorney’s who have spelled out every lie, every corrupt judge who’s only talent is rubber stamping what the corrupt board of nursing wants, what they write for the ALJ to sign their name to .    Do not work or get a nursing license in AZ . It can ruin you for life !

2 thoughts on “Arizona nursing license . Can cause lifetime damage to you, don’t do it !!”

  1. I went through the same thing. Had an investigator make up lies, exaggerate things, mix me up with someone else. They tried to not give me a license at all because of an arrest so long ago . And with multiple evals reporting no substance abuse and no mental issues, they are still making me do a monitoring program with drug testing and coinciling. All because of the false information the investigator put in his notes. I have recordings of him changing his accusations around, being manipulative, and a narcissus they dont care.

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    1. There are many victims of this corrupt board of nursing. Sounds to me like the investigator needs drug tested and counseling. Save the recording , no one should be subject of a corrupt board. Might come in handy. Of course telling the board who is suppose to be neutral about the investigator they just have blank stares , like they already know it and just do not care. Thanks for posting we know there are more victims out there.


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