Dedicated to A great Nurse, LYNN

A message from a nurse , who wanted to post, to other good nurses who are victims of this horrible dirty corrupt board of nursing in Arizona . Those going through turbulent times, those who are being punished who are targets of political retaliation of this corrupt board. An agency filled with and attracted to by those who have no conscience, who do not care what the matter really is but will nonchalantly vote , with the crowd Not with a back bone, no remorse, no thought at all of destroying a nurses life in so many ways. Continue praying for your fellow nurse daily and ask God to bring light to his situation and allow other nurses to seek God and and pray for deliverance and Guidance and bring peace to you and your family ,you will definitely feel much better if others are sympathetic , empathetic to your situation and that you find strength within yourself. Pray you can recognize who is truly there for you . While doing what you can , with limited resources , while they have all the money and time to damage you for life . Read ,write, and stay focus during his time of traumatic events, of course you want rest completely until their is some justice in your situation , and it may take decades , but don’t give up, and you will Gain some peace …I pray for your sanity in dealing with an insane board of nursing agency.

One thought on “Dedicated to A great Nurse, LYNN”

  1. There are members of the AZNA who are trying to get “volunteers” to assist them at the sunset review. Be careful. The AZNA is in bed with the AZBON. Can’t trust them . Every nurse that I know, has written to this association for help with their unjust discipline with the board of nursing . It appears they just want to control the situation . The nursing board itself , would want to have more oversight ONLY to protect themselves. the word is out in AZ and many states that the AZBON is so corrupt and so out of line , it will take more than over sight , (besides the volunteer watchdogs). As a nurse , NP , CNA do not work in az or get a license , you could have your entire reputation smeared . And don’t think that hiring a lawyer is the answer. !


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