female tells of mormon ritual

It is no wonder that females who allow this ‘ritual” to happen and not say anything or do anything , will do it to others and expect total compliance with their strange demands.  This is still going on with this cult , don’t let them invade your privacy . People raised in this , are judging you and making rules and demands of nurses in Arizona .  Stop this insanity . Stop the abuse .

I remember the sheet they made me wear in the temple. The sexual assault part remained unspoken. An old woman touching my naked body with her wet fingers. Her intrusion into my nudity was nonconsensual. That woman should have been punched on the spot. But I never knew about that promiscuous ceremony before entering for the Endowment. I went through years of psychotherapy to figure out that I had been sexually assaulted. On top of that all, the bastards made me promise to remain silent at the cost of my own life. Through a symbolic rite that implied my own hand cutting around my neck. It was nothing holy; that whole ceremony was a Satanist delusion, a collective act of hypnotic sexist depravity.

After years of surviving that sex rite, I started to realize how much more intense the same sex rites may have been for the women who were sealed to the polygamists. I read many articles online from research institutes. I found out that the sex activity in the times of Joseph and Brigham among the Mormons was delusive. Only so they could convince their own relatives to have sexual intercourse with family males and bear children inside close family circles. And that’s why Joseph was killed by an angry mob inside a prison. Who knows how many angry fathers, brothers and husbands had been part of the angry crowd, after Joseph and his sexist hooligans inflicted that same sex abuse among the women they enslaved?


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Rebel , that is going to bring down the corruption of the AZ board of nursing and the Office of admin law "Sham " court

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