this profession in general won’t stand up. “I need my job, I have bills to pay.” Honestly if this profession were 80% male, life would be different and better. Bc men are far more likely to stand up for themselves and to stand with others. I took a stand at my former hospital when patient safety was jeopardized. I was retaliated against and humiliated. Ultimately I quit and sued. How many of my fellow nurses stood up with me? Not a single one. But how many came to me privately to voice their support and encouragement, only to end it with, “I wish I could say something but I’m the breadwinner. I wish I could be as vocal as you but I need to pay my bills.” Literally all of them. Meanwhile, I’m over here with five kids a mortgage and bills to pay, too. But I stood up for what was right and it cost me. The biggest lesson I learned is that the vast majority of nurses are cowards.

4 thoughts on “COWARD NURSES”

  1. This is happening folks , to nurses , and doctors . Who are mystified how these people can be on boards , and do this to another human being in the same profession. It also is similar as far as getting rid of a bad board member Gillette was just a small start in cleaning out the crud .
    Here in Louisiana there was at least 6 physician suicides related to State Board punishment. Tried to pass a physician bill of Rights to get due process, passed unanimously in one house & killed in committee through dirty politics in the other. Did get rid of corrupt board member


  2. I agree this profession does not stand up for each other! Those of us (behind the scenes) are working hard and the feds have been informed. Be patient fellow nurse, be patient and may I suggest prayer? God bless

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  3. Yes they are spineless all the way up the chain. It’s prevalent across the profession because hospital boards weaponize the BON by reporting a nurse simply because he or she has spoken out on behalf of her patients and peers.

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