After pointing out that he has (one ) star , on his profile. It appears that “jennifer Butler” went on and gave him 4 stars , saying “he seemed genuine ” OMG , does the words TWO FACED ring a bell ?   AND she admits she doesn’t have her ‘report” . If that isn’t crazy in itself .  Or is it ? Is she complimenting him so he will write a good report . Psychology is not an exact science .  Looks like Sage home involved, not a real person just ‘friends ” of the board of nursing staff .

Here is old post but is still as true today as in the past !

The ‘Dollar General’ Mental Floss of Dr. Phillip Lett & AZBN

Check out what nurse really think of him.   It is a set up, the board loves him and other agencies as well , he does what they want.  The Board investigators even contact this weasel and tell them what he is suppose to be looking for !  How lazy is that ! Focused on, witch hunters delight , beware anyone who is sent to this dirty doc!


  1. another comment on this disgusting “doctor”. Dr Lett overcharged me on my visit and totally lied on his evaluation that I was ordered to get for a job. He stated I was defensive when I was nothing but polite and courteous.This guy is a straight up punk and liar.DO NOT SEE HIM HE WILL SCREW YOU OVER!


  2. When the corrupt board of nursing orders psych evaluations you must comply or they will revoke the license. spending hundreds of dollars on an evaluation , based on some liar who made up statements. WHO WOULDN”T BE DEFENSIVE !


  3. alisha jones comment, Dr. Lett along with Dr. Seaton are very mean individuals. Their hostility towards their office staff, who were working their butts off, was seen in the waiting room!! I left before even being seen due to their cruelty!


  4. PHILLIP LETT got his money from fuking over nurses . His kids are going to college on the money he “earned ” by being a FRAUD , a dirty doc, a con man. They are using the money to get an education, only hope they learn the truth and do not support this sociopath in his golden years . Certainly the wife will dump him in a home, like the over size turd he is . Golden as in whiskey color . An absolute failure in life. Every lawyer in the state knows he is a dirty doc for dollars . SHAME ON YOU LETT ! ! You give every psych doc a bad name , you are not to be trusted in ANY area of you being !


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