Everyone answers to someone.

Any Rn , CNA , NP that has been destroyed by the AZ bd of nursing, and does not write a complaint to the Gov’s office , w/cc’s everywhere. The ‘experts ‘ agency licensed under, the attorney for the state, the attorney at the board of nursing their licensing agency, the alj, make a record , take the time to file a report , then the ball is in their court. Will they do anything, probably not, pretty hard to ignore a file full of complaints, for them to say they weren’t aware, every state agency, including worthless omsbudman. Including putting in at oah about the alj, it won’t go anywhere, eventually the likes of Ducey will be gone, and undo the damage he allowed to happen will take time . 2022 will be here anyways , do it today if you haven’t . What they had a job to do and did it wrong and your going to allow that ?

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