RE:narcissist’s : Emma L.Mamaluy

This is written about Emma Mamaluy who works as attorney at the board of nursing.   She allowed a ‘matter ” to go before the board that was basically a bullsh*t ‘matter” . There is and has never been a case here. She has attacked from all angles, sent memos to staff at the board of nursing agency , trying to get them to act. Directed security guards to attack, gave reports to police men that were called for protection on a citizen , gave them quite a “talk” . They are repeating her lies and BS.

So for that reason she appears to go rightly under narcissist’s disordered individual. As this psychologists writes, how the operate, this is exactly how she operates.

First they take a complaint that has no truth to it, they have to toss the part where over whelming evidence shows the complainer , was lying . then they take the second part to make it ‘fit ” . Having power, they can order what ever meets their needs to get a conviction.   Bring in any and all who will state anything against you and put the liars lies in the final paper . But none of the comments that are flattering to the target.  IF this psychologists comments are not exactly what she is doing, I mean the pattern of her nastiest days .  Her sole purpose is not to protect any public about safety, it is to take down with people willing to lie , mostly those who have motive and will lose money.   Shameful Justice . Shame on EMMA MAMALUY!  Here is how they/ she operates !     You be the judge , she has gone to extreme lengths to discredit the victim, long after doing the unthinkable revoking a license . She did the worst she could do why is she still ‘going after the victim ? The victim is exposing her for what she is . With no evidence at all she has a gang of flying monkeys, who will be held responsible for their actions and defamation .                                                                                                                                                             WHAT MAKE A NARCISSIST UPSET THE MOST !

Losing control. You can find this out for yourself the second you take control away from a narcissist. You will be astonished at the underhanded cruelty they will employ in attempt to get you back under control (or discredit you completely if control isn’t possible). If they can’t control you, they will usually try to control what others think of you. The narcissist’s extreme behavior at this stage usually reveals how disordered he really is – normal people would cringe to air their dirty laundry in public and feel very uncomfortable “taking down” a fellow human. Not the narcissist and his flying monkeys (the people he manipulates to maintain under his control and attack the victim).

This is an Achilles heel for a narcissist because, depending on the behavior of the victim and the integrity of others having knowledge of the situation, his mask will start to slip. It is very difficult for him to keep his story straight, and neutral parties will definitely notice that his approach to the situation with the victim is not normal. Therefore, losing control of the victim, followed by the inevitable smear campaign and gaslighting, creates a potential for the narcissist’s mask to come off and his carefully constructed world to come crashing down.


One thought on “RE:narcissist’s : Emma L.Mamaluy”

  1. emma lehner mamaluy the sly one, the narcissistic lying dirty dog . It is my belief, she has all of these traits. She is a nightmare dressed as a day dream. The dark and convoluted damage they cause their victims is merciless. The emotional violence they heap upon their victims takes a toll . Considering that they are drawn to and manipulate normal, kind, loving and compassionate people, (NURSES ) you would think that they’d have the sense to cultivate those qualities in themselves. They do not. After they are done with their victims there is very little left of the victim.

    These creatures (narcs) deserve nothing. Nothing. They are pure hate, destruction, and evil. Again, you may be thinking sour grapes. I’m talking descriptors. Literal descriptors.

    Keep in mind that all sociopaths and psychopaths are narcissists. Not all narcs are sociopaths or psychopaths, but I’d argue they’ve got scales of socio and psycho in them without fail. This is important information. As a rule, society has trepidation for psychopaths who, seemingly unbeknownst to the world in general, share much of their behavior with narcs. But narcs? Not so easy to nail down these one dimensional wonders. Nature? Nurture? They can turn out this way from having indulgent parents, bad “parent matches”, emotional neglect, and resent research suggests that there is a genetic predisposition for this mental illness (technically called a personality disorder.)

    The unfathomable damage they cause is beyond any emotional terrorism that you, a normal person could even imagine. That’s not hyperbole. After you’ve survived one, you’ve met evil. It’s as though that evil didn’t even have a source (parents) but burst forth out of the gates of hell. No soul. Knock, knock…no ones home. Don’t be fooled and join in her game , making others look bad, doing everything she can manipulate to destroy you with ‘suggestions’ to others who work with her. Many will join in out of stupidity. easy to sway their poor judgement call. Let’s see who is smart enough to see through her manipulation, and tell her , nope not doing that , you do it if you want it done”. And that “i’m so innocent disgusting voice” , who is fooled by her ?


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