AZ board of nursing/ dirty cops

While this video , some may say is rare it is not . Just Ask Marti Winkler, who ended  up looking just like this woman.  The AZBON and Dirty cops unite. Beware and stay away from the “stupid Cop” , abuse of power.  You can end up like this , no matter what .  They cannot write report with any accurate information but like the corrupt board of nursing stick their noses way too far out of joint.  Forwarded.   Cops basically hate women and any chance to over power, take one down, put them in a position to look ‘crazy” their favorite word. (see i told you they are just like the corrupt board of nursing).  Here is one women who was not drunk, was beaten by a bully cop , left in an ambulance. (just like the corrupt board of nursing, you speak up, pretend things didn’t happen or end up like this , stripped of all dignity ). while members of the az board of nursing are helping . Mostly the stupid males who will come out to intimidate at the request of a manipulative bitch who likes to get others to do things she doesn’t want to go to jail for .      Can post watchdogs site posting button , disappeared , just like the TRUTH once you tangle with AZ BON !                                     

2 thoughts on “AZ board of nursing/ dirty cops”

  1. this woman was not drunk! She got into a car accident and was taken in on suspicion of DWI, so her antics were not that of a crazed drunk but of a woman screaming for help. After the officer slammed her on the ground for checking if there was a camera, she became belligerent, screaming “Get away from me!” and “Help!” because she didn’t trust the guy she was alone in the room with. Looks like she had great instincts.

    You’ll learn in this video that this officer was promptly fired upon review of this security camera, but when you see the aftermath of his wrath you wonder if that’s enough. If I did the same thing to any woman, and ESPECIALLY if there was camera footage like this, I would be imprisoned, I wouldn’t just lose my job! You’ll notice in other videos that a common theme for punishing cops is “administrative leave with pay”, which basically means “vacation”. When they break laws they get disciplined at work or lose their jobs, but those same laws keep thousands of people in jail every year. Why are they immune to the laws? How can they uphold, protect, and enforce the laws they themselves have no respect for? And why should we respect them and their badge?


  2. video is in above link . a woman arrested , on the phone cop tells her to get off she is scared to be with him in a room yelling help me, then he hand cuffs her holds her head between her knees still yelling, then he shuts off the video. Back on , shows her in a pile of blood face bashed in, bruised swelling, and leaving in an ambulance. cop fired . that’s it no loss of career, no jail time nothing. abusive , can’t wait to punch someone. happens a lot .


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