They are KNOWN for putting in many false statements about a nurse to the Board of Nursing . And the so called “investigators ” do not care if any of it is true , if their is any evidence at all, they will use the taxpayers money and spend what ever it takes to go after one nurse.   Yuma Medical Center by former employee and part of the mgt team, describes them as a ‘shit show “.  Everyone in agreement here .   Don’t forget the big liar ANN TOTSCH , who is a fraudster , master liar .  No one can believe her lies so why does the board investigator ?  CORRUPTION at the nursing board, and plenty of board members former . current on staff willing to do what ever  it takes. Nothing fair or impartial . Dirty dogs like LESLIE DALTON , a mormon , she is making this world a corrupt place for her children and grand children . Shame on her for not standing up for the truth .


  1. Here is how this over sized morgue treats it patients ::: / to
    YRMC admitted last night 7 :00pm
    The attending dr at tower 5
    12 hours of excruciating pain left kidney swollen , right side and left side kidney Infection on both
    Dr refused to give any pain medication, he said I have to wait till the morning for the other dr to show up in the meantime, throwing up in pain , awake all night in excruciating pain
    This is the worst hospital ..!!!
    Update: the doctor said if I don’t like how I am being treated to leave and go
    To another hospital beyond mad …


  2. the locals all seem to know and tell her to call the “patient advocate” the high paid liar who will soften it up. Aren’t the nurses PATIENT ADVOCATES ! This medical center needs competition , bad!!! And they treat nurses worse !!!

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  3. Actual patient for YRMC .
    I walked out of the Emergency room last night and want to give everyone a first hand view of what was going on there. I went to the ER by ambulance at the direction of my doctor. I have symptoms of heart problems. They did tests and almost everything was normal except some of the heart tests. They wanted to admit me for more tests because I obviously have something wrong. Their machine was down so they could not get my virus results back till today. They were going to admit me to the corona floor because they have to assume I have it till they have results. I would have no protective gear like the nurses. So chances are very high i would catch it if I didn’t already have it. There were three codes in the ER while I was there. Everyone was running around like crazy. Then the people died and they walked out like it was nothing. I know that is their job but it was hard to see. The doctor and the nurses were not nice, all business. You are just another body coming through that door right now. I was not helped to the bathroom or given anything to drink for hours. I chose to check myself out against medical advice and wait for my test to come back today. I ended up being covid negative. So basically anyone who presents with anything that could remotely be covid is sent to the covid floor even without a positive test. That is the most dangerous place you can be right now. Catching covid with a heart issue would have surely killed me. I tried to ask the doctor a few questions before deciding to leave and she said “just go away”. I asked to be checked out. They didnt even want to help me out of the ER in a wheelchair. My mother tried to call my nurse to see what was going on and they told her not to call they were busy. If you dont believe in this virus fine, but believe that if you have anything wrong with you do not go to YRMC. Your loved one is just another of many sick people they are trying to get moved out. i am negative So i will have my family drive me to another state to be put in the hospital. Things are that bad there right now. Third world status. If you dont have corona virus, dont go to YRMC it is overrun with it right now. If you do have it, i would still consider another hospital if you can make it to phoenix that is better equipped. Things are not good at YRMC.


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