Educate yourself!  The best way to deal with a nasty board is to do everything in writing . Do not give them any information. They are known to supeona things from every place they can . Remember they are NOT using their money , it is free money, and they get millions to spend. They will stop at nothing. Some real wicked board members out there.  I have seen on nursing sites, that they will read every post , and stick up for any board anywhere. Although they would not agree that the actions are professional at all or they would want someone to treat them like that at all.

Some really bad boards out there . California just got caught falsifying documents. The Dir was sexually harassing staff.   Do not trust them, they think they are private detectives but are very petty ! More into gossip about anyone, whether true or not !


  1. We are a group of volunteers who try to assist those poor nurses who do not deserve to be entangled with this unprofessional and down right dirty players at the AZBON . We hope and pray that you have a good outcome and get out from the wrath of this agency that is run but a wicked , power hungry director who should not be there. She (JO ELIZ RIDENOUR) keeps allowing and encouraging this behavior that makes all nurses look bad. This board of nursing agency, does some very underhanded , things that even seasoned nurses cannot believe an agency operates such as this one. We hope to inspire you to become a volunteer to assist other nurses at their time of need. Emotionally , it is what is described as the worse time of their life. Our vision is to make the public aware as well as new nurses especially those thinking of nurses to educate them before they go into extreme debt in an occupation that can be devastating to their future as a prison record. That will destroy their futures .
    Prepare to be shocked and dismayed that a nursing agency , who is paid to protect the public is not .
    We will import new ideas from those who discover the dirty little secrets the agency has done to them and share with those who are ‘fresh meat ” to the agency what has taken place.
    Many many testimonials , will be posted by those who know all too well this board of nursing agency is as corrupt as they come.
    First you will discover , this agency is protected by another corrupt political group who will try to tell you this is simply not true. Then they will repeat the lies from the BON members / staff who are told many lies by the Dir, ASSOC dir, and investigators. What kind of agency attacks someone who is going to pursue their rights ? what kind of agency attacks nurses who speak up ? What kind of agency is afraid that people will find out the truth ? One that is up to NO GOOD !
    Another group that will deny any wrong doing is the ones of mormon religion, who do many things wrong, break the laws, violate the NPA, and do not get record blemished , in nursing. Another group that will deny the AZBON is extremely punitive is the nurse mgrs , who rarely go before the board . And then there are those who are so upset and believe in a good system of justice and that they are nurses and understand how busy hospitals get and how many directions nurses are pulled in they will say , ok but learn from it . Another group is those who are not witch hunted on , straight forward, complaint, and what is decided . Another group is the retired or long term nurses . they will tell you to your face , how the AZBON operates, without ever having a complaint , being the victim of a trumped up retaliation scheme, or having anything to do with the AZBON ! They will even tell you only the worst situations reach the board ! Everything else is handled in house . They will also tell you , that they have never been before the board. (very typical of self centered , all about them, to turn it to be about them ) No empathy, they know it all and are unable to be educated because they just think it is too wild. Sad these types have made their living, their pension their retirement off of nursing and want no part of it once they got theirs and are out. They were never a caring type and had no business being in nursing, bitter has been, who will never make a good volunteer. When miss selfish has their surgery , they will be looking for a kind and caring nurse . Good luck with that . Be aware of the different groups. !!! I just hope these types never tell anyone what a good nurse they were or how they were so caring to their patients , when you know as well as I know they were nurse eaters when they were young and still at it. we can’t change them but want no part of any of that . We take care of each other, the fallen birds from the nest, who were wounded and beaten by the nasty mean girls club , who justify their actions with what the other mean girl tells them to say. No caring , human person can related to them . We just have to steer clear. Until then human kindness is alive and well with the volunteers who truly help others when they are down. So sad it was other nurses who kicked them to the curb , caused them so much pain and suffering, some of them intentionally others have no clue . Just wallowing in their self importance. remember also the last group, the members of the AZBON , they are the most wicked and evil on the face of the planet. They have no common sense , will do unfair things to other nurses, and tell others lies to make up for their vile ways.

    It may help to read some comments on another sight by others who have a lot of knowledge about this corrupt AZ BON . (az state board of nursing watchdogs ) google, check it out .


    1. I got a really good testimonial , I also would like to volunteer, to help others from the evil doings of this board of nursing . some people really do not belong in charge of humans ever !


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