Educate yourself!  The best way to deal with a nasty board is to do everything in writing . Do not give them any information. They are known to supeona things from every place they can . Remember they are NOT using their money , it is free money, and they get millions to spend. They will stop at nothing. Some real wicked board members out there.  I have seen on nursing sites, that they will read every post , and stick up for any board anywhere. Although they would not agree that the actions are professional at all or they would want someone to treat them like that at all.

Some really bad boards out there . California just got caught falsifying documents. The Dir was sexually harassing staff.   Do not trust them, they think they are private detectives but are very petty ! More into gossip about anyone, whether true or not !

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Rebel , that is going to bring down the corruption of the AZ board of nursing and the Office of admin law "Sham " court

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