more ..AZ Bd of Nursing corruption

I agree with “criminals get better treatment than nurses.” In our situations, there is no “innocent until proven guilty”. All the advice to “keep quiet and do not discuss with anyone”, as well as, “be careful what you say because it may used against you”, takes all the control out of the accused nurses’ hands, leaves them without any recourse to get information in order to defend themselves, and renders them sitting ducks. I had NO IDEA where the hospital administration was taking this or how they were plotting to make me look bad. As I mentioned in another comment, I had no clue as the direction they took this until the discovery was presented. By that time I had already made my explanation/defense statements and was unable to address in response what they accused (Which was TOTALLY MISREPRESENTED. They left out several critical points which changed the overall picture in how the situation appeared.

Anyway…I’ll stop now. I’ve said enough and its in the past. Just was trying to educate others a bit and support those currently in this situation.

(do not allow a BON to silence you , you have rights , they do not want you to discuss to get information on their corrupt pattern of abuse , they use over and over.   Turning someone on the nurse, when the hospital and board of nursing are corrupt ones .

3 thoughts on “more ..AZ Bd of Nursing corruption”

  1. Not only is the AZBN out of control the entire profession has turned into a witch hunt that pits nurse against nurse. This is how the major corporations running the hospitals get away with running substandard care facilities that are understaffed, under supplied and are corrupt with managerial malfeasance. As long as the staff, management and the facility can blame the Nurse they can be exonerated from being discovered as real the root problem in healthcare


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