It is my belief , that Randy Quinn is Not someone I would trust to give anesthesia to a dog. Saw his shady biased Quinn  do his “work” at the board of nursing .  He does not treat everyone the same, he was partial and taking care of other mormon’s.   Don’t think because he was on the board of nursing that it means he has any higher experience than others in any way.   In fact if you knew what most of us have learned , you  wouldn’t trust him  or anyone who stays with the board of nursing for too long , in any manner.  He was working in anesthesia and calls himself and expert in anesthesia . That is absurd. No nurses say they are an expert psych nurse or expert operating nurse , that is just the area they work in . Then he puts on his bio he is responsible for a 4 million dollar budget. Tells where his priorities are . Money .   So many complaints ,  nurses from other states know not to trust AZ .    The board members in charge of the budget ?? UH pull  your head out of la la land Quinn , cause the board has a director and a cpa.   This Quinn is so sickening in how he treated the female nurses especially at the board meetings , degrading , condescending , insulting and demeaning . He is very much hated by a lot of nurses ! Hate is a strong word, but believe me he is not one who is welcome in many areas.  I was a  nurse who worked 34 years at a hospital, and was given  5 mins to speak, on my  side of things . This nurse  did everything asked of her,  she did their crazy costly  psych evals they order on just about everyone.  Mainly for a cya reason.   This nurse here,  drove to Phoenix twice a week  to do a refresher course the board ordered . This nurses  instructor told her the board members  Quinn, and Nikki Austin her investigator assigned were all extremely punitive and was quite shocked at what they were making seasoned nurses who could teach the class do .  This nurse  did a skills evaluation ordered by Randy with the stupid women harem voting , Quinn knowing full well NO ONE has passed it . Ordered it anyways.  This nurse did everything, paid thousands for the tests the schooling for a minor error and a nursing home complaint that was unwarranted. Then Quinn was the one who suggested and  ordered probation , which the board also knows a nurse will NOT get hired anywhere , a stipulation to get through probation successfully work 36 hours.  In fact this nurse  was fired from the volunteer job for being on probation.  This nurse was heartbroken to go to the board again , trying to explain all this when Quinn who is basically an asshole, interrupted her and said , “wrap it up you got 5 minutes ” .  Wrap it up, in other words shut up , bitch,  don’t want to hear any of it , my mind was made up before you got here. They voted to revoke with Quinn making the first motion of course .   A heart wrenching way to end a long career , when the psych told her “you are not crazy the board of nursing is “. We  agree . Of course the board took that Dr off the list pronto . Any psych who does not order counseling so they can justify probation , is not someone the board wants on their “list”. Only the most damning docs are on “the approved list”.  What a cold black hearted woman abuser, only males count , dirty sob .  Surely he only works with mormon dentists and their are plenty of them (sigh). !  A real jerk who always made the first motion so the dum dum obedient women on the board would just follow along . Never a discussion just a DICKtator. Someone once said, I wonder how this pompous idiot was raised , well in Thatcher and by the cult members .  To many he is just so weird, very odd , the males are the most favored in that cult so , they think they are superior to women, and what they say goes.   It worked for the moron while he was on the board, no one spoke up against his motions , but then it was him in the middle (monkey in the middle) and the dutiful women BAA BAA with their votes.   Quinn even told others when he was  termed out not to vote for a black woman as president , that she was too busy. (She did get voted in, when she was present the next meeting,  and suppose this really infuriates him ) .  If you look up anything about this cult, you will know what is said here has been taught for years.    Quinn in my opinion is responsible solely for putting a lot of nurses out of work , destroying families , lives , their careers , their livelihood, their reputations.   Everything here is my belief and personal observation. So I say to those picking out an anesthesia person, you do not have to take who the dentist or Dr hires, you can refuse , and tell him WRAP IT UP RANDY !  He put so many out of work , not just in nursing but other areas as well . The ability to support themselves and their families.   Very few cases justified , being a board complaint, or something that should not have been dismissed, or a letter of concern .  On the other hand some very serious issues were swept under the rug. No concern for safety of the public what so ever , even though they say this over and over , it means nothing , just mouthing words.


6 thoughts on “RANDY QUINN AZ BEWARE !”

  1. Are you near Mesa AZ? Your story broke my heart…..I too, lost a 30 ur career for accusations they WOULDN’T because they COULDN’T provide- so I lshe’s my career ANYWAY? Quinn told me to shut up too!!! Wouldn’t be surprised to find out he’s the Antichrist- no, but IT’S BAD!!! If you want someone to fight them & hopefully get your Lic back, e-mail me back!

    On Sun, Jul 5, 2020 at 15:34 AZ STATE BOARD OF NURSING CORRUPTION WATCHDOGS wrote:

    > nurseundone posted: “It is my belief , that Randy Quinn is Not someone I > would trust to give anesthesia to a dog. Saw his shady biased Quinn do his > “work” at the board of nursing . He does not treat everyone the same, he > was partial and taking care of other mormon’s. Don'” >


    1. While on the board of nursing , the state agency that has a director who has been there long enough to make the statement 100% accurate ““Absolute power corrupts absolutely” means that whenever a person has power over other people or things, it makes him/her corrupt” . Then the board members are recommended by the director, but are hand picked , not based on integrity , or willingness to do a fair job , but are willing to go along with the dirty deeds of the board. Recognize the political pawns they are and act accordingly .
      Quinn many times made motions to get psych evaluations on those who had dui, past dui, far distant, even if dismissed . Quinn a life time mormon, who teach that alcohol , any amount is bad for you and a big sin. Quinn likes to buy cases of soda pop and display them ” this is how mormon’s drink”. Would he be the best one to judge a nurse or anyone , about bad decisions , and talk like he is some kind of a DICKtator , “you made bad decisions to drink and drive ” . (even though we know a lot of the dui ‘s you do not have to even have your car running. You could say , I don’t want to drive under the influence so I’ll sleep it off . Sleep it off in your car. IN AZ this can get you drunk driving by having keys on you. What a stupid law. And thought process. Even cases dismissed, Quinn , “well… something happened ” . Based on his over active mind to get a non mormon nurse in trouble, get them on probation . He has no clue but wants to read into it and think the worst.
      So Quinn making motions on mormons especially males, is not a “POUR DECISION QUINN??” Letting a mormon , off with a slap on the hand, non punitive and much worse accusations and findings. Sure sounds like POUR DECISION’s By Quinn. ! Can you trust his judgement do anesthesia ? HE did not treat everyone the same at the board, so what makes you think he will treat a non mormon with dignity , and use caution , safety ? There is nothing to make anyone think he will– NOTHING . His record is made , do not trust him at all . Do not allow him or anyone who works in that office to be near you . IF you own a business do you think he would do business with you ? think again . What’s worse is if he is hooked up with a mormon dentist . Anything goes wrong you can BET those two will stick together , like two stinky turds in a pocket, two thieves working it , take your money , bill your insurance , and leave you in Randy Quinn usual callously demeaning righteous lamanite way .
      Oh he was one big power hungry one man show DICKtator that is for sure. Hated by many who he went over board thinking he could and did add his nasty comments . Enjoys putting salt in the wound type. But with the mormons he would make comments such as “don’t see any reason to open up a whole be investigation” . Why not ? You did on those who do not follow that rotten to the core joseph smith , quinn’s hero. Of course a couple of exceptions, those nurses who are in mgt got a free ride, and those who teach at a nursing school , and of course the mormon’s . Randy Quinn a biased, dirty , cover up , scoundrel . Just as dishonest as they came . You can bet for his time at the board that any and all complaints from patients, and others will not make it past triage of the complaints . They take care of one another , which is well known amongst those who are in a gang . You can buy your way out of anything with this board, just pay your tithing , and never go against another one. There is only one word for this mission creep asshole, nothing else fits , just a big asshole .


  2. Report the king of idiots to the BON, of course they will never do anything cause they are so corrupt. Just put it in writing and save a copy . This is unprofessional conduct. He wouldn’t tell a male to shut up. Cause he is a real pussy and coward. Oh he loved sitting his butt up there pretending he is some kind of judge , and knows what they hell he is doing . Nothing could be further from the truth. Surrounded by the martyr mealy mouthed woman, who vote how he suggests every time . Dutiful dumb broads. Quinn is a mouthy, short tempered , acts like a know it all , power hungry , twerp . This cocky SOB should have never been allowed to represent a BON , ever . If Ridenour wasn’t so corrupt herself , she would have shit canned him long ago. He is a short man syndrome sociopath with has some real issues . No amount of counseling would ever make him see what a complete loser he really is . He can’t get out in the world with real people , he thinks he is above them, when in reality he is a redneck , puke . A great job for him would be injecting lethal doses, he could do it while eating a sandwich and smile the whole time. Sick mother he is . Be careful he owns a gun but didn’t have the balls to join the military , he would have to obey men !


  3. Randy Quinn is a complete asshole, no one should ever put this creep on a board or near humans. He needs to be watched real close ! When he (and him alone ) with the gutless women around him saying “aye” , he orders a skills evaluation . KNOWING and saying at other board meetings, that not one nurse has passed this skills evaluation . But HE ordered it anyways . Made the motion then said ;
    That dirty son of a bitch, nasty ass mormon , think he can talk down to me and predict this. Ordering something like this when it is unobtainable , is just a set up . Anyone in an position like this , would encourage a fellow nurse . Not this DIRTY SOB, mormon male (i guess) , it is in their make up to talk down to women. Plus he ordered this skills evaluation knowing it is something he himself could not pass. Costing me out of work $2k . This dirty bastard , anyone who hires him to give anesthesia is a loser Dr / clinic . One who would hire anyone. Keep your children away from this monster. I feel sorry for daughters of his , just like all mormon girls raised by these dirty old men who old want to impregnate them . AZ BON is a dirty agency , Randy Quinn thinks he is and expert, idiot . expert idiot. He needs some serious counseling on how to treat people . He ruined so many lives by nurses who did not know and still do not know what a sob this creep is . Of course the male mormons he (and him alone as the stupid women on the board are told not to disagree with the pres or v persident just vote and agree. SAD. IF Quinn knew the hate people have for him. I hope he feels the hate , he is s serious SOB !

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  4. SO sorry this happened to you. Being judged by those who are so brain washed by the cult , can double the damage . Women are second class citizens for sure. He does like barking orders at others and seems to enjoy his fake authority . Surprised when he was not renewed, like ‘what ? not the chosen golden boy?” He is very confused, thinks he a ruler of some kind . Playing with peoples lives. He can’t tell anyone he is a nurse , he has to say anesthetist . Males like this in nursing think they are too good to take a bedpan out, they will look for hours for the CNA to do it, or a female nurse. His poor decision making and treating those nurses unfairly . Giving breaks to the mormons , anyone who does this is a cheater in life. Very sad how his mind works , all of self importance . Sticking his nose in personal business. It all comes from the weird ways of the bishops and the questions they ask of woman. Nosey, intrusive and almost like they will get a thrill out of hearing details of a unwanted sexual encounter. Who put this creep on a board of nursing , he should not have been allowed to continue with this nasty ways. He cost a lot of nurses A LOT of money , time, heart break, and pain. Do not hire him or his ‘groupies” , let him suffer the way others did . I know many nurses if he walked in the room they would say oh ‘hell no !!!” .


  5. This is the over the top with himself mission creep who likes to rule over the ‘little women’ which is their style of living . He was known as saying “welcome” to the board of nursing , knowing he was going to inflict severe punishment , that was not deserved. As if this was his world , his domain, and the entire corrupt agency was not funded by the taxpayers. Sitting there 4 eyes, wearing his garments, pretending he is qualified to ‘judge” others . Then his “we’ll get you taken care of “. UH!! Sickening ! Oh yea , stab that knife in your chest and smile while their doing it and tell the poor nurse who is so upset , it is for your own good. Oh yes this dirt bag has some right out of the BOM brain washed stinkin thinkin , “your going down a very bad path”. And Randy Quinn is walking on water. His mind is just really a mess after all these years of some sick persons thoughts , passed on . Money is the entire make up , look how he equates being on the board to money . And he is in charge of this ‘budget” like that is someone’s worth. Anyone who supports AZAS is supporting a organization that put many good nurses out of work. Surely he has some ‘excuse” , “they did bad things” NO RANDY YOU DID BAD THINGS !


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