I am not a Mormon and never would be, but the insulting remarks in these comments are unnecessary , yes they are messed up mentally , but they can’t help it for the most part .   Mormons are not ones to do things for their fellow man, they only take care of other mormons.   The ones I know are some of the most twisted and wicked  people I’ve met. Sincerely wrong, in their thinking process .   Completely unhinged.  They are, for the most part, sincerely mis-led.   On the outside, looking on, we can clearly see the whole picture and have a hard time believing how so many could be hoodwinked. But for those on the inside, who only know what they have been taught, who have had the truth kept from them, who are tied into such a cultural bondage to their faith (yes, a cult) — it can be very difficult to break free from a lifetime of teachings in order to see reality.

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Rebel , that is going to bring down the corruption of the AZ board of nursing and the Office of admin law "Sham " court

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