Elizabeth “beth”Campbell Pettifogger.

Shameful as this bitch is , to take a ‘case ” where their is NO case, and ride it out, creating a trial like none other.  Does law school teach this ?  No, I think you have to be raised by some real money hungry dirt bags to turn out like this bitch.   She thought she was ‘funny ” bringing up unrelated nonsense about nures, NP.     Whether it is true or not. Once she  can cheat, lie, deceive and screw you into a conviction, some type of punitive action on your license . The rest is on you to prove it.   And when proved the lies the liars , they just ignore all of that and run her mouth , “however ” .    Yea how about that “however “.    Put Another way: once they fraudulently and criminally deprive you of your initial right to a fair and impartial trial and the state’s burden of proof, regardless how falsely, you seldom if ever get it back.

I refuse to sign to let them out of their hole they dug.

Well Campbell, you did a shitty job , sloppy work, but hey your working for a wack job board of morons .   But in the end , when your kids are all grown and you are retired and they only keep in touch because you got a bank roll. Think about your cardinal sins, and how this will all play out . Then think about how you could have run your life in a honest way, made a income, and could look in the mirror.   If you can look in the mirror now and like what you see, your sicker than we thought .

It’s all a big game in life, go to work make some money so on your little time off you can enjoy the things that are there for all of us to see. But instead, you choose corruption, you choose to be a liar, you choose to try to get the worst possible outcome for a nurse .  Your just so sick in the head. No one would keep a job that required that of themselves , unless they are one big socio-pathic sick mother fucker like yourself.  Marriage is a legal bond, and for that reason and the kids, (2 girls and a boy ) , appears why he sticks around with a cold black hearted bitch like yourself.

Your really not to bright, cause once you do a revocation  because the nurse/NP is “unable to be regulated “.  You lose all control . that should make you pull that head of hair back further , put your hairline in the back of your skull.

3 thoughts on “Elizabeth “beth”Campbell Pettifogger.”

  1. My lawyer thinks that this dirty player is “confused ” . That’s about all he would say about her . She is a sheep for the board. You can tell they really think she’s off her rocker cause they don’t listen to the bitch either . Yea , that “AS a suggestion ” . stfu bitch already !


  2. This woman (ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL AAG) is dirty, shank ! In the end she is just a loser. The reason she is staying in her current position (flat backing for a pay check ) is because she cannot get on with a decent firm . She couldn’t open her own firm . She couldn’t do paralegal work for a real lawyer ! Like you say she thought she was being ‘cute” writing nasty personal comments about good nurses that are irrelevant , well read it and weep about your slimy self.


  3. This is the office she is from , bucking to be an ALJ, but LOST A CASE TO A PRO PER FIRST TIME IN A COURT ROOM NURSE !! LOLOLOL. OF course DIRTY CAMPBELL wanted to put a mark on her license that would mess her up for life ! There may be a new ALJ who ‘appears’ to have honesty , time will tell ! “””In other media reports Ryan Anderson from the Arizona Attorney General’s office told reporters that Maya had “integrity issues” while employed at the AG’s office and another investigation were underway on Maya including the familiar pawning of state owned weapons. When asked why the AG’s office had not reported this to AZPOST as required by law, Anderson would not comment. Neither DES or the Attorney General’s Office would elaborate further or produce requested public documents.

    The AG’s office is in very rough spot. With Anderson’s zeal to dirty Maya, he may have exposed the AG’s office to severe evidentiary issues they desperately wanted to keep under the rug. Autumn Maya was the evidence custodian for the AG’s office and controlled all the evidence statewide for many years for all the criminal cases the AG’s Special Agents have investigated. This mudslinging effort gets much messier and Ryan is probably wishing he wasn’t so quick to dirty Maya.

    The Arizona Attorney General’s Office has a permanent seat on the AZPOST Board. Paul Ahler is not only the Criminal Division Chief prosecutor but also a AZPOST Board member and has been for a couple years. Paul Ahler most certainly knows the AZPOST rules for reporting integrity issues since he sits on a Board where these rules are explained and enforced on a regular basis and has been a prosecutor in Arizona for many years. Being an experienced prosecutor Ahler is far too familiar the reporting of bad cops. Ahler only has a single vote of a twelve-member board who votes to strip bad cops of police officer certifications. The question still exists why Ahler, the Chief Prosecutor at the Arizona Attorney General’s Office would allow erroneous information to be entered into AZPOST permanent records and not notify DES of a police officer with “integrity issues” and under investigation. The answer may be rooted in that Ahler also has a duty to report integrity and chain of custody issues to perhaps several hundred criminal defendants and their attorneys under the Brady Giglio rule that requires criminal prosecutors to notify defense attorneys of any integrity issues relating to the potential witnesses or evidence of their cases. With Maya being the evidence custodian and having access to all the evidence and evidence records for the AG’s Office, this could jeopardize several hundred cases spanning back many years.

    Ryan Anderson may soon have that “got a minute” talk with Mark Brnovich about his quick willingness to dirty an already exposed bad cop and to publicly push blame to another governmental agency for her actions when the AG’s office could have stopped it a year ago. Governor Ducey can only blame the AG’s Office for not notifying AZPOST and DES of a bad cop and not following the existing law all while criminal defense attorneys quickly review cases from the AG’s office for appeals based on the discovery of new evidence and possible prosecutorial misconduct. The old saying, its always the cover-up that causes careers to dissolve.”””


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