Beware of this one , she has JD, but doesn’t live up to a kindergarten work load in that area. She has an RN and really messed up when she got on the az board of nursing . Fell on her face .  She moves around a lot .  I would not trust her as far as I could throw her .  SOCIOPATHIC ways about her for sure .  A witch hunter !

3 thoughts on “NIKKI RAE AUSTIN LIAR”

    1. EXACTLY , Nikki Austin wrote many bad things, put comments she knew were lies in a record, and stirred trouble. Those who believe her are not to be considered a friend for sure. Board members that stupid, well guess so . I don’t think anyone of them stay in contact with her , she does like to move around a lot . Got to keep moving before it all catch’s up with you ! If you suffer the wrath of Nikki Austin , feel free to post .


  1. Nikki Austin will do anything for a buck . She got her go ahead to spend what ever it takes and nail em . Then it back fired on her . Now living in BOISE IDAHO , oh yes the dirty gerty does move a lot. She runs when no one is chasing her. Imagine this ‘good’ mormon having and email address that has FUK , in it ?? Beware to any male ,who get tangled up with this one. Wicked as them come. Pure evil with horns . Ask Nikki what happened to her big career in Arizona with the board of nursing ? She didn’t last long enough to get a pension .


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