Philip Lett malpractice con

Nurses do not go to him for safe to practice . It is rigged. He is on the AZ Board of Nursing “list ” . Which is basically a “shit list ” of Drs willing to whore themselves out.  These Drs are on the list because they gave up their souls, and did what the AZBON witch hunters wanted. The AZBON are the puppet masters and PHILIP LETT IS THE PUPPET .  He can talk out of both side of his mouth , and twist nonsense into bullshit. He lives in Paradise  Valley, same neighborhood as Jokey Ridenour.   He will require you to sign a paper that no dr/ patient relationship exists. Therefore he gets away with his dirty ways. The psychology board will not do a thing to him. They are working with other state agencies. He appears to love to take poor nurses down, say anything to get the board to say you need counseling. No amount of counseling would help narcissistic  ways.  People who have worked with him in other areas , when asked what they think of him , “NOT MUCH” .   I hope this helps someone , and avoid him , anyone on the board’s “list “. Which is another BS matter . But the board members have close relatives in the law maker sessions so this is part of their rules.  This is entirely my opinion and believe .  I would say to anyone WARNING Against this Dr who doesn’t think he violates his oath, not a man of his word that is for sure , he does not deserve to be paid to see people and ruin lives. Shame on him and the psych board for allowing this to continue when so many have good intentions , this man appears to have a love of money .  Little skinny man syndrome .  No different than those locked in a prison cell who have stolen things , no different . He should be in prison let him think about the dirty deeds he did , when he could have had an honest profession and did his job of helping people not hurting people.  Another thing he has on his intake  BS form to CYA, is you cannot go back to him for the counseling. <you don’t need it anyways ! > Oh no he doesn’t want to face anyone he screwed out of a career . He knows exactly how he has to word things so the BON partners in crime can “justify ‘ ordering counseling , at your expense .   AND it is the corrupt BON who determines when that ends.  Lett is a Coward . This is 100% my beliefs and the truth and if anyone wants to challenge this bring it on !

5 thoughts on “Philip Lett malpractice con”

  1. LETT SHOULD LOSE HIS LICENSE , but corrupt board of psychology just takes care of agencies like the AZ Board of Nursing. Shame on all of them ! Bob Bohanske is another mess down there ! Oh and they are all in the same building COZY !!


  2. The dirty dog doctor , he has been sued before . Known through out AZ as the “go to doc” for boards who have him on ‘their list” which is basically a SHIT LIST for the defendant. He will say what ever the agency wants . A dirty tool . Corruption should never be allowed . This parisdise valley resident , is making his money as a liar , high paid liar. He makes stuff up as he goes along and will be a lap dog for any board/ agency. ANYONE who has been screwed by this doc for diagnosis crook, well contact us . IF the psych board wasn’t corrupt too, he would NOT have a license. He lost his way , raping people, labeling , getting paid, makes him a COURT WHORE .


  3. Another victim of this Dr Deception’s poison pen . If the underhanded board of nursing is involved with anyone, they have to be just as deceiving and sneaky as they are. Board gets it passed that they do not pay for psych evaluations. They order it and by the “docs” aka quacks , on a list they put together but who will do what we want to stay on “the list’. When every attorney in town , says avoid Lett, he is not on your side . Lett knows he drill , he seems to be most interested in human suffering . He knows what his poison pen will do, he been through the drill enough times.
    It is a real racket for sure. Board orders this, see him or no license. SO you think, well what can he do , he won’t find anything , unless he makes stuff up . Well , you ‘think’ that someone with a license and SUPPOSE to be professional , would tow the line. Think again. The first part of the, save the docs butt start with a board order that you sign the investigator can contact him by any means unrecorded. Most nurses think well, how will they get records ? This is not what the conversation is about. It is about the “investigator ” who may or may not be a nurse, but certain is a witch hunt , find dirt digger type, and can be anyone off the street. The “investigator ” will only keep their job if they dig and dig , tell lies to Lett who knows their lies , but doesn’t care. Then at the office a must sign form that “no Dr or Patient relationship exists ” . How is this ? He only can do these evals (which as a weird as someone with a 3rd eyeball) because he has a Drs degree but he is not held to his credentials to give an opinion. In other words , forget the psychology board, they won’t intervene. The psychology board will not give you all the other complaints, law suits filed on him, nothing. (the board of nursing is only too happy to send everything they have to anyone, why the difference? ). And why is this board protecting this person who has a license, is doing evaluations , getting paid under his license but yet has no responsibility to act in a professional manner ?


  4. SO cozy the psychology board is at 1740 Adams Phoenix. For those not familiar this is the same address of the board of nursing, who is in bed with them . The psych board is going to protect any ‘docs” of deception. When Jo Ridenour’s BFF Bob Bohanske is on the board . Oh and he runs the Southwest Behavioral (who had a complaint from a psych NP , who Jo Ridenour just happened to revoke that nurses license (coincidence ?? no , don’t think so ! ) . Ridenour would do that in a heart beat, all the while putting on her ‘caring” fake front . It also helps their cases to have an AAG over that board , that is from the mission creep cult. When you look at the complaints on licenses, notice ONE For 2020 , when the BON has pages of nurses, and 100 fold getting revoked. Also notice they tend to take down the female psych’s way more than the males , just like the BON goes after a female profession. This is discrimination. Lett seems to have a strong dislike of females and wants those easy targets . Sad that this is the operation of the ‘professionals ‘ in this state and lost their way.


  5. If you look up the names Loris Lynch, Dr John Fancher, Dr Eli Hammer , Seth Goldberg, just a few of the people who know the real PHILIP LETT , the shady one with the poison pen.
    It certainly makes one wonder how many others did he destroy their careers ? Lett has some real dark clouds following him, some day he will regret, and figure out the money was not worth it. Waiting for that day .


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