This BYU grad who never got licensed to practice law in AZ a mandatory state. A real POS , biased and will do what ever an agency wants.  The corrupt board of nursing in az, had a matter at OAH, assigned Brian Tully, who heard the entire case , when it was OVER and CLOSING ARGUMENTS were done, they switched out the judge to Diane M. who did not sign what the Corrupt Board of Nursing wrote .  So they continued JUDGE SHOPPING until they find a dishonest ALJ in DOUGLAS who signed it.   These dirty mormon males don’t care one bit about taking a woman’s career away.   Women are disposable. MIKE DOUGLAS IS A MORMON, A BISHOP MORMON, they only take care of other MORMONS .  Dirty dog. He’s retired now, but be sure and know that this bastard will do anything underhanded . Do not trust him.     They would not do this to a cop, or fireman, or know, or another MORMON. IN fact he did it for the MORMONS who made mistakes and the first two judges who are members of the BAR would not sign this work of fiction , written by the BON members , most likely VALERIE SMITH . Douglas made ANN TOTSCH   Teresa Saavedra  and Nikki Austin, The 3 biggest liars on the planet. Totsch is a fraudster nurse imposter, perjury queen, Saavedra is a felon, and Nikki Austin, is just do one big lying investigative report , she was canned right after this . YEA the LYING DIRTY BISHOP MORMON saved the boards day. Give this dirty dog a good pat on the back , if you dare get near this mission CREEP.   He is what gives all MORMONS a bad name !


  1. Mormons should never be allowed to judge anyone who is not a member of this cult ! No one signed up for a nursing license to be judged under the craziness of the cult. Many warned , a female will never get a fair trial with a male mormon as judge. Like living in a concentration camp , being judged by their zion curtain ways. Sickening dirty SOB !! And they all like to be in positions of power, in dominate roles over others . Protecting the mormon mess at the board of nursing, who allow mormon nurses to get away with anything. While slamming non mormons to the max. The Constitution says this is wrong, so now lets see if we can find an honest judge to rule against this tyranny.


  2. OF Course Greg Hanchett , the “chief” bull shitter of the OAH court, appointed by Ducey and allowed to freely do what ever he wants, no oversight, and who is paying attention. Giving the Corrupt Board of nursing the ALJ they want and Elizabeth Campbell will have an easy time. A walk in the park to go in with the ones who know how the play the ‘pretend game” . Pretend they are interested in your case, pretend they don’t speak behind closed doors, pretend the ALJ has experience with nursing case, pretend the ALJ is not outside friends with the prosecutors husband. Any ALJ who goes along with the corruption of the AZ Bd Of nursing, is driven by the devil’s work.
    A lot of cases the defendant, is not properly notified , when they bring this up later it is ignored. How many nurses are given a paper to rate this sham court ? How many from the BON are given one with excellent reviews. They never lose a case ! Why change anything to be fair to the nurse ? Hanchett former prosecutor in Phoenix, has the belief system all one sided thinkers , have ‘they are all guilty”. OF course nothing is further from the truth. Remember this when Ducey tries running for any office , he did nothing to stop this madness ! Farnsworth passed this kangaroo court, at the Senate . Of Course Farnsworth is a mormon, taking care of other mormons. Mormon mafia , gangsta ‘s .


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