CAROLYN MCCORMIES do not trust !

Another mormon , who is on the az board of nursing who wants to ‘run the show” . She cannot wait to take over as president . She is trying to make Carmen-Hill Mekoba look bad a set up while mouthing the words “I’ll do anything you want to help you”.  Yea help you out the door so she can take over . Oh yea mccormies is all about HELPING others. (sarcasm) she will twist words, and repeat her BS over and over to get the worst on none mormon nurses !     While twisting it in the nurses favor for those who are mormons. A real dirt bag. And it’s all about her .   Do not trust her . Anyone who was railroaded by this liar, and cheat of careers , contact his site. She is a joke. She may have her mormon boss fooled but she fools no one . a FAKE bitch for sure.  Do not believe a word she says. She will stab you in the back in a heart beat. Friendly with randy quinn too, another corrupt mormon !    ANd her stupid girly friend ANGELA FOUNTAIN and BOYER (another mormon) on the BOARD OF NAZI , will agree and vote however she wants ! .  Very sickening to say the least. Nurses in AZ are at risk so are patients ! They are protecting no one but other mormons licenses and careers . Ducey appointed 100% republicans but they are all mormons, dirty ones too . They ONLY take care of themselves !

6 thoughts on “CAROLYN MCCORMIES do not trust !”

  1. Of course she will have an excuse, that these people are not happy because they did things that caused their nursing license to be before the board. NOTHING can be further from the truth. Find out the truth. McCormies is on the BON , a power trip . Not that she has any superior nursing skills or knowledge , it is just the make up of the BON to have those of the same ‘religion” on the board. McCormies makes the first motion most of the time and the rest all vote in agreement . Listen to her preach from the pulpit . There is no way she reads the cases . They might skim over what the law judge ‘s opinion is, which in most cases is written by the BON staff . Picking out statements out of context , making all BON members witnesses “credible ” . When they don’t qualify as a “witness” , to nothing , just the BON typical harassment, humiliate with unrelated nonsense. McCormies is on a real head trip , speaks for everyone on the BON. Then tries “calling ” on others asking what they think them makes a motion based on her agenda ! She should never be in a position to ‘judge” anyone, ever .
    Carolyn McCormies has gone after co workers , when several nurses falsified records, when the school was being looked at , she ONLY wanted to attack ONE nurse. Other board member spoke against her , but McCormies has to have her way and will argue until she is blue in the face, Keep repeating her same argument over and over expecting different results. Now that BON member got off the BD and is gone. But McCormies is there , sad for nurses in the state of AZ.
    McCormies also wants to be thought of as ms honesty, putting a student through humiliation . Like she is a by the book type. ONLY when it suits her. She joined education committee and acted so wild and off the charts others wondered about her . Brought her friend Angela Fountain with her , and is showing her “the ropes” sadly Angela is starting to act like her (UH!! ) . BTW Angela is in randy quinns anesthesia group . One big gang of friends taking care of friends , no public safety here .
    The corrupt BON in AZ got it passed that the nurse pay for psych evals so now they order them on almost every nurse. Of course they are by those psychologists who the board puts on THEIR list. Puppets . Board members need to have a sociopathic evaluation to make an career choices for the public. This board, who is made up on 1 or 2 who run it, and the rest all obedient sheep , agreeing with them by vote , have destroyed so many lives and careers by their underhanded methods. SHAMEFUL ! The most unfair and biased bunch ever witnessed.
    Wonder how McCormies likes reading about herself in a negative way, like she has done and a part of a corrupt BON to so many nurses . Don’t be fooled by any titles. Her boss and the school is supported by BYU. Shame on all of them .
    The believes and opinions here are that of the writer and observer, if anyone wants more information contact this site. This information is designed to info the public what is really going on, and nurses that their license in AZ is in jeopardy at all times and if someone wants to retaliate and submit anonymous , fiction of complaints , it happens a lot that you will be ordered psych eval , probation of many years , and lose your license which will affect your entire life.


  2. MCCormies has had complaints from her co workers . She is just such a horrible cold calculated inhuman . Ruthless and callous . So many cases at the board of nursing the nurse is given the harshest punishment due to CAROLYN MCCORMIES. Somehow she seems to think she is the epitome of perfect. Never make mistakes . very messed up in her mind. And one thing for sure she cannot and will not shut her mouth. that MOUTH . Blah blah . Such a pretender, that she is not making the decisions. States some minor stupid matter that may or may not be true, then says to boards members , what do you think. She is not interested in what they think she is dragging them into her way of thinking and trying to get them involved in her nasty mind set. Anyone can see right through this. She’s a nobody at home so has to get her authority when ever she can . Such a NOBODY in real life but in her own world of self importance . Egotistical, and manipulator , detached from real humans , and life itself .


  3. While this “person” McCormies tries to make out that she is honest abe of nursing , she knows what she really made up of and is down right corrupt . She knows the cases are not about anything that may or may not have happened but 1) who turned in the complaint 2) who would be hurt by the complaint 3) what does the associate directors want 4) that more than likely the investigative report is laced with lies 5) that is she makes a ‘motion” which is always based on above, the rest of a dumb numskulls on the board will follow, 6) if she sucks everyone ass she will look good, ‘i will do anything to help you ” , no mccormies you BIG LIAR , you got on the board with a misguided notion that you would get your 5 minutes of spotlight, and add to your resume 7) you know exactly your tactics , your motions what they will cause, your bias, your not impartial, you are taking care of others that are part of your byu based school . Those poor nurses who are lied to by you, as if anyone cannot see through your bullsh*t . “Im really trying to help you “. How anyone with your dirty motives can mouth these words with a straight face , is the talk of a sociopath. SHAME ON YOU !! Never saw such a need for LONG term counseling , “we’re only trying to help you , when we say this ” . And falsely thinking you are protected . Your scheme may work in Safford , but believe us when we say , you are not well liked in many circles and you fool no one . Especially the co worker you dissed , and got in trouble with your dirty connections .


  4. This may give you an indication on why board members will never honor anyone who tells the truth. Lying is encouraged, here is a quote from one of their own (former ) . “”Served a mission and never lied in a worthiness interview. However… that only led to excommunication and suffering. I didn’t realize people could lie in those interviews!””
    The lawyers will say , ‘don’t lie to the board ” . But , we have seen it over and over, if you tell the truth , you will be revoked . It all happens the same way . Ex.comm/ revoked.
    No one is rewarded by being an honest upstanding citizen with integrity. They are taught to lie and they will be ok.
    This is why they can bring in a line of liars and act on words , no proof of anything , just those willing to lie .
    Although they will act as they are mother Teresa , and no stink on them, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing .


    1. Carolyn McCormies is such a bossy nasty control freak. But watch how she operates , she says things, by asking a question ? She knows the answers but wants to ‘appear ‘ as though it is someone else’s idea . She asks the question , when someone else comments , she then TELLS them , as a matter of fact. Not to be mistaken with knowing more than others, she is just looking over her shoulder more than others ! a definite , back door approach type of sneaky one.
      Everyone was cleared from the nursing board meeting room , when McCormies says, “and do you think we should shut off the live stream too” . (yea your a real sly one. ask it as a question what the obvious is ) . Maybe a psych evaluation is in order for you to find out why you are playing games and want to put all blame on others , get others to speak for you (selectively ) .


  5. McCormies upbringing is different in many ways. A second class citizen from birth , when no penis was noted. Females are known to be obedient day in and day out , and to be breeders , the male is number one . Taught to believe that anyone who is not part of this cult has been lead astray . As if she has no sin, and done nothing wrong. Of course they focus on drinking, drugs, all the be no no’s to their kind. But McCormies can lie and twist the truth around , be a member of a board who are suppose to have integrity and honesty and deal with all nurses as equals . Not just the cult members , taking care of them by giving them a dismiss, loc , and stretching serious issues as nothing. Mostly by only bringing up things , that are the most serious, and giving them fines so it doesn’ t hurt their record. Again answering to a male , the church members who want that 10% , and if you hurt another cult member financially they church men wont like that . So she as dry as an arab’s fart when drinking is the subject. doesn’t smoke . But being dishonest and treating others so much differently is not a horrible thing. She should go to jail , just ignore an oath. The thought of someone taking such a position to have some worth in their lives , and take it out on non cult nurses is criminal .


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